Freckle Dashboard – A Cool Tool to Bring Value To Your Community

You know that feeling when you walk into a coworking space; a space that has a vibrant community? You can feel the vibe in the air. The spirit of a true community. Hard to define, but easy to spot when done right.

Something we see a lot of success with is experimenting with new techniques and trying new tools that bring value to your community.

This leads to the main suspect that inspired this post – CoWork Me, a client of ours who’s sole purpose is to connect people – professionally and personally – for the greater good! One of their most recent (and most successful) experiments is introducing the Freckle Dashboard, which we’d like to spotlight for you, our lovely audience…

We sat down to interview Tim Sullivan, Business Specialist at Freckle Dashboards, with the hope that more spaces will benefit from this cool piece of technology that can make the idea of a real-time members dashboard a reality.

Here it is, read below:


How would you describe the value of the ‘Freckle Dashboards’ for both coworking members and coworking space operators?

The Freckle Dashboard strengthens member connections within coworking spaces.

As a Coworking space operator, not only do you want your space occupied at full capacity but you want everyone to feel part of something bigger. By putting important community info on display, members can engage with activities, events, and club news whilst also have a direct connection to the vibe of your space. With the easy visual display of Freckle dashboards, members can have their finger on the pulse of your community and be in sync with what other members in the building are all about, who does what and how you can contact them. The dashboard is fully customisable, so you can choose what your members should be informed about. There are many opportunities to add a bit of fun to it, including live updates of the Spotify track which is being played at that moment in the space or the option to ask engaging questions such as ‘Star Wars or Star Trek?’ and watch the live replies on the screen.

As a member, you can get a quick glance overview of the coworking space that gives you enough information to feel empowered within your community. You can also have your 5-minutes of fame on the screen showcasing and promoting your brand, which can be a great conversation starter if you’re the new kid on the block.

Whether it is a motivational quote, upcoming seminar or images of member’s dogs on a slideshow, it is a sure way to keep everyone engaged.

What is the technology behind it and how easy is it to install?

Freckle uses custom hardware which is accessible remotely. Once the software is deployed, you just have to plug it in, connect to your local wifi and set up remote access. Our solution allows remote access to turn on and off TV monitors and update the visuals and content from anywhere in the world.


Can you customise what content and information are being exposed? How easy is it to do so?

Yes, you can customise what is exposed either via OfficeRnD (through the integration we’ve developed) or the systems you currently use, depending on the needs of your space and our configuration that is based on them. Need to put up a promotion? Simply add an image to your promotion area. Need to add an event? Just add it to your Google calendar and it will show up. We’re also aware that companies change their priorities daily, so our whole team is ready to help with any upgrades or changes.

What does the integration with OfficeRnD entail and what are its capabilities? What can be exposed on the members’ dashboard?

Freckle has worked closely with OfficeRnD to make sure that anything you see on the OfficeRnD portal can be displayed on our screens. We custom design every plugin to look beautiful on every screen, whether it is a 100-inch TV, or your smartphone. Some examples of the Freckle Dashboard capabilities include displaying member’s profiles, upcoming events, business promotions, and perks.

What is the price?

Freckle plans start from $20 a week. Price depends on how many custom systems you’d like to plugin to your displays. Additional Freckle players can be purchased for $200, these will be displaying the same content on multiple screens. If you require a completely different screen for a different area we will bundle in packages to make it work for you.

Want to give it a try?

If you want to get more details on the Freckle Dashboards, go to and check it out.

Bonus tip: There is a discount waiting for everybody that mentions they learned about Freckle from OfficeRnD.

Our GCUC Conference Free Ticket Giveaway is ON

Hello there!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be giving away a ticket to this year’s GCUC (juicy) conference in New York!



If you don’t know about the marvelous GCUC conference, then get yourself over their website and take a look around. It’s a fun, inspiring and all around awesome conference aimed exclusively at the Coworking and Flexible Office industry. It’s amazing, trust us.

How can you snag yourself this golden ticket? Well, that’s the fun part! Read below for the details:

  1. We want to hear how OfficeR&D has impacted your business or community. This can be an overall insight, a case study, a specific story from your space/community or any topic that comes to mind when you think about your journey with OfficeR&D.
  2. The formatting is up to you!
    1. Send us a written submission with no less than 150 words
    2. Don’t like to write? Send us a video clip and please keep to under 5 mins.
    3. Teleport yourself to our offices in Bulgaria and do an in-person pantomime
  3. The deadline to send your submission is Sunday 11th March at 8 pm PST.
  4. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 13th March by 6 pm PST.
  5. Send your submissions to

Important things to know before you submit:

  1. You must be available to attend the conference. It runs from April 22-24 and will be held in New York, US. We’d hate to choose a winner and then have them not be available to travel.
  2. You must be a customer of OfficeR&D. That means you can be an employee, a manager, an operator, an owner – all entries are welcome. As long as your company is using OfficeR&D, then you’re all set!
  3. We’re giving away 1 free ticket to the conference – winner will pay for their own accommodation, travel, and expenses.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Jan 22nd, 2018 Release

Welcome to another set of improvements on the OfficeR&D side. Here are the highlights of this release.

Track the top 3 metrics of your space with OfficeR&D:

  • Active Users – users on active recurring memberships.
  • Capacity – the number of desks added to the floor plan.
  • Portal Users – users invited to the members portal.

Add Custom Templates and Custom Properties

You can now define your own custom templates for contract and invoice documents. You will find a new Add Template button available under Settings/Templates for the invoices and the contracts. What is more, we’ve created a Custom Properties section under Settings, where you can create multiple types of custom properties (including the long-anticipated Date property type) and apply them to contracts, invoices or resources.

See what else we’re enabling:


  • Every change of a contract status triggers an email to your team with details about the changed contract.
  • Define the category of each plan by editing its Portal settings and OfficeR&D will group and organize the Shop view in tabs on the Members Portal.
  • Define the category of each benefit and OfficeR&D will group and organize the benefits in tabs on the Members Portal.
  • Members requesting a meeting booking will now receive two emails – one confirming their request is submitted and one letting them know your team approved the request. Look for the Booking Requested templates under Settings/Templates/Emails if you’d like to customize the default wording. There is more to that – your team will also receive an email notification with details around the requested booking so they can respond in time.
  • Members can now RSVP to events directly from the Dashboard on the Members Portal. 
  • You can filter by a period on the Dashboard/Community page on the admin side of OfficeR&D.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Enable setting the billing person role from the Add Member and Edit Member dialogs.
  • Booking for 4th of December for a company shows an incorrect message stating that the booking will be accounted on a past date – e.g. 1st of December.
  • Update contracts and re-generated the pdf does not take into account the latest changes on the contract.
  • OfficeR&D allows you to create a contract that starts before the company start date – which leads to membership created without a start date.
  • When assigning a Private office desk from the floorplan, the resource is not selected and is not in the list.
  • The receptionist role cannot add One-off fees.
  • The labels overlap on the Billing chart for unpaid invoices.
  • The Public Checkout Page From and To dates do not respect Business hours setting.
  • Improve the Manual Bill-run period options.
  • When editing a membership, sometimes the system notifies you that you need to manually invoice the membership that is already invoiced.
  • When no Contract Approvers are set, Center Manager can see the Approve button.
  • On the Public Checkout Page, after changing the quantity of the requested resource, the system shows you resources that are not publicly available.

2017 in Review

2017 was the best year for the global coworking community by far. It continued to grow at a double-digit rate and reached the 1 million coworkers milestone. The coworking shift is real and is bigger than ever. More and more Freelancers, Startups, Small and Medium companies and Enterprise teams are joining the Coworking and Office-as-a-Service movement.

2017 was the best year for OfficeR&D too. We released  20+ major and 100+ minor new versions of the platform, expanded our global footprint by reaching more than 140 customers, having 20 000+ coworking members, 10 000 active users in the portal in 30+ countries and raised a $1M of a seed round funding. As a result, our team grew from 6 people to 13 across London, Sofia, and New Zealand to support our growing coworking community.


In order to provide a great software solution, you have to start with a great team. You need people that actually care about others and care about the industry. People with high emotional intelligence who are willing to sacrifice their comfort for their customers. Something that is key and is the ethos of the Coworking hospitality – members and customers comfort comes first.

In 2017, 7 amazing people joined our team to support our awesome growing coworking community. Thank you, Tina, Deyan, Bancho, Alex, Yosif, Chil, and Milko. You are the best!

In 2017, we also visited 25+ coworking spaces, attended 3 coworking conferences and met in person 100+ community managers.


We changed our slogan to “Coworking Management platform that makes members happy”. We did it because we believe that ‘success is making those who believed in you look brilliant’. As your partner, we want to help you grow and look more ‘digitally’ awesome.

Our customers, partners, and community have believed in OfficeR&D since day one; your tremendous growth this past year is a testament to how far we, as a company and as a coworking movement, have come.


Having great team and vision plus an amazing industry were all key factors in driving our game-changing moment of 2017 in terms of Product.

  • We delivered 2 new product lines:
    • Mobile App, including a white-label version;
    • Meeting Room Tablet View – a beautiful booking view that you can install in front of your rooms;
  • We released more than 100 new versions and updates to the platform;
  • We developed 10 new integrations – QuickBooks Online,, PayDock, Braintree, Worldpay, Ezidebit, PayPal, PT-X, SaltoKS and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • We deployed more than 900 stories – new features, bug fixes and improvements;
    • That’s about 6000 code commits. Funny or not, there is not a single day without a ‘commit’ to make the platform better, faster and more feature rich.

Some of the stories we started and gave life this year are:

  • Mobile App – everybody loves apps! Well, we too…
  • Meeting Room Table View – a good looking meeting room tablet view will show each room’s availability and bookings;
  • Member Portal:
    • Collaboration Story – messages & posts;
    • Events Story – RSVP and more;
    • Issues Tracking – ability to receive feedback from your members;
    • Booking of Different Resources – now your members can book everything;
    • Public Calendar & Checkout Pages – ability to expose pages where new members can self-signup, book resources and pay online;
  • Admin Platform
    • Contracts – advanced contracting mechanism with step deals;
    • Custom Resource Types – ability to define resource types, such as parking, assign them, book them and report on them;
    • Improved Billing, Accounting & Payments – more reliable, robust and stable billing and payment options;
    • Improved Meeting Room Bookings – another 10s of new features and improvements;
    • Improved Reports & Analytics – several new reports and dashboards;

We’re looking forward to 2018 and we are more committed than ever. There’s so much more to do. With your help, we will make coworking a more Social, more Mobile, more User-friendly experience for the members, more Automated and Integrated for the managers and more Data-driven for the owners.

Stay tuned for our official 2018 Roadmap.

OfficeR&D raises $1 million seed funding

  • Funding round is led by LAUNCHub Ventures, the co-founders of Telerik, and Constant Tedder, the co-creator of Runescape
  • Funding will be used to make OfficeR&D the market leader in the flexible workspace management software solutions
  • OfficeR&D is a graduate of London-based property tech VC Pi Labs’ pre-seed programme

London, 16 November 2017: OfficeR&D, the London and Bulgaria-based coworking space management platform, today announces the completion of its $1 million seed funding round. The capital investment was led by LAUNCHub Ventures, the founders of Telerik, a leading Bulgarian software company, and Constant Tedder, the co-creator of Runescape. The investment will be used to triple the size of the OfficeR&D team and advance OfficeR&D’s product development to keep pace with demand in the rapidly growing coworking industry, while also adding new functionality for real estate and property management.


OfficeR&D is a flexible workspace management solution to help new and existing coworking and serviced offices maximise their revenue and use of space, improve customer online and mobile experience and bring clarity to their fast-growing businesses. OfficeR&D is a full-service white-label solution which brings together all office space and member data into one platform, and boasts integrations with dozens of popular business tools.


With offices in London and Bulgaria, OfficeR&D’s platform is used by more than 100 coworking spaces and serviced offices across 30 countries, and a combined 10,000 members use the OfficeR&D portal every day. OfficeR&D began life at Pi Labs, the London-based property tech venture capital firm, where it was a member of the first cohort of Pi Labs’ pre-seed programme. Pi Labs was also an early investor in the company.


Miroslav Miroslavov, co-founder and CEO of OfficeR&D, said: “We firmly believe that workspace-as-a-service will become the way of working for most if not all small and mid-sized businesses. For flexible workspace operators managing their space and growing communities brings significant challenges, particularly as they scale up or expand to new locations. Members have come to expect seamless service, and flawless automation is increasingly imperative for a workspace success. This funding round will ensure that we can continue to anticipate and address those challenges for our customers, allowing us to offer the best full-service solution for this dynamic and exciting market.”


Rumen Iliev, partner at LAUNCHub, said: “The distinctions between flexible, serviced and coworking spaces are blurring, and these spaces will all soon simply be known as ‘the office’. We believe that coworking spaces represent the future of the office, and the market shows no sign of slowing. Coworking space management has been an historically underserved market segment, and we’re delighted to be supporting OfficeR&D on their mission to improve outcomes and quality of service. OfficeR&D has a really beautiful product and Miroslav and his team have a sophisticated understanding of the modern coworking space, and we look forward to seeing OfficeR&D grow over the coming months and years.”

About OfficeR&D

OfficeR&D is a flexible workspace management solution to help new and existing coworking and serviced offices maximise their revenue and use of space, improve customer online and mobile experience and bring clarity to their fast-growing businesses. OfficeR&D was founded by Miroslav Miroslavov and Miroslav Nedyalkov in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2015, and completed Pi Labs’ property tech accelerator programme in London later that year. Since then, OfficeR&D has become one of the worldwide market leaders in flexible workspace management software, amassing over 100 coworking spaces and serviced offices across 30 countries. OfficeR&D’s customers include Central Working, Us&Co, Halkin, Dogpatch Labs, Centrl Office, Mesh Oslo, and many more.

About LAUNCHub Ventures

LAUNCHub Ventures is an early stage VC Fund, based in Sofia and investing in digital startups in the wider Southeastern Europe region. The fund’s portfolio companies are in the fields of SaaS, Enterprise Software, Health-tech, E-commerce, Mobile, IoT, but its investments are not limited only in these verticals. With €30m under total management LAUNCHub Ventures focuses on the seed space with investment ticket size in the range of €300K to 700K, expandable up to €1,5m per company.

GCUC Canada Coworking Conference 2017

“Coworking is not about desks, WiFi or Coffee. It’s about people.” – Ashley Proctor, GCUC Canada 2017

Day 1: Conference

This was my first GCUC Canada Conference and I was very, very excited. Coworking conferences are the place where I get inspiration and connection, where we can hang out with like-minded people and geek out about Coworking for 3 days straight. This Coworking thing is growing, maturing and it’s here to stay. We’re seeing Coworking pop up in lots of different forms and we got to hear about these at the conference;  

  • Coworking with Childcare
  • Coworking in Shopping Malls
  • Rural ‘Outpost’ Coworking
  • MakerSpaces are on the rise
  • Coworking in Airports

Basically, Coworking is aiming for world domination.

This year GCUC was held at 312 Main in downtown Vancouver. The building (the former Vancouver Police headquarters) is still under construction, and while we sat in an unfinished, raw space, it was welcoming and cozy. This set the tone for the following two days. When 312 Main is completed it’s going to be incredible, I mean, it already is, but holy moly I’ve never heard or seen or heard of anything like it. 100,000 square feet of community-driven, inclusive, beautiful and carefully thought out space. Hats off to the team working on this project. I had the pleasure of touring the space myself on day 3 of the conference, which was led by the dynamic and inspiring Ashley Proctor. We walked through floors of former holding cells, shooting ranges and marveled at the transformation taking place. If you like coworking or just cool stuff in general, check out the project for yourself!     

Day one of the conference was the usual conference fare of icebreakers, awesome panels, and generally inspiring talks. Carsten from Deskmag gave us the rundown on members behavior and what trends we’re seeing. Read more about it here. Fun fact – 41% of our communities are made up of Freelancers! The Women Who Cowork made their debut by honoring and highlighting female pioneers in the Coworking industry. We also saw vibrant panel discussions on The Future of Work as well as a panel on Coworking spaces across Canada. We got to hear some unique insights when members of local coworking spaces were invited to speak on a panel. We don’t often hear from the members at these conferences and this was an interesting and unique perspective. It’s great to hear how coworking is affecting the lives and businesses of those who are joining our spaces. It’s what pushes the industry to keep growing and also spreads awareness. We rounded out the day with happy hour at Vancouver’s revolving restaurant. Coworking people + happy hour = a very, very happy, happy hour!   

Happy Hour!

Day 2: Unconference.

I’ve participated many coworking unconferences, but this was different. It was a whole room of people showing up, being vulnerable and working on topics together. As you sat in the room, you could hear snippets of conversation popping up and there was a lot of “how can I help you with that?” and “What do you need to make this work?” We had 5 sessions over the course of the day. There were so many great and varied topics covered and the highlights (for me) were talking with the Women in Coworking group, hearing feedback about Technology for coworking spaces and learning that smaller town (or commuter) Coworking is on the rise. The great thing about participating in these conferences is the chance to sit and listen and hear where we’re going as an industry. We learn so much about what our coworking operators and owners are looking for, and then we have the opportunity to turn that into something practical that’s reflected in our technology. We do our best work when we listen.

Thank you to the GCUC team for putting together another conference, can’t wait for the next!

Coworking Space Website

A getting started guide for choosing the right platform for your coworking space website.

The coworking world is complicated. Among the community, facilities, sales, and operations, you need to deal with software challenges too. Building your web presence (and mobile) should be and probably is your number one priority when it comes to software.

We talk to a lot of coworking spaces, and we observe a lot of great websites and some that are not so great. Here are our observations and recommendations for setting up your Website and how you can integrate it with your chosen management system.

Marketing Website

The first and most important part of your web presence is building a beautiful marketing website. The purpose of the Marketing website is to convince new members that your space is great and it will solve their office problems. It has to increase the top of the sales funnel by bringing more leads and people knocking on your door.

You need great content and visuals that are laid out well in a logical way that conveys your message. Easier said than done.

Here are the key objectives you may consider when building your marketing website:

  • It has to be modern, beautiful and sleek.
  • It has to be easy to write and edit content.
  • It has to be extensible with themes, plugins, and widgets.
  • It has to be standard and well adopted so any web developer can support it.
  • Google must love it. SEO is key.

Based on these, there are several important points which you may consider when you choose a web platform for your website:

  • Popular Website builders are ok (such as Wix).
  • Standard CMS (Content Management System) is always better (such as WordPress and Squarespace).
  • Custom (not-standard) CMS has many flaws such as not easy to maintain, lack of extensibility and lack of general knowledge.
  • Custom built websites ‘from scratch’ is not a good option as well. It costs a lot to built a website from scratch, it is hard to maintain, it’s not extensible, SEO is hard to achieve, and has so many other problems.
  • Coworking Management platforms (or any other management platform) that offer built-in websites are the worst. The resulting website is not standard, not extensible, not easy to maintain, customize, the SEO won’t be good enough and also, it will always be outdated and not according to the latest UI/UX standards.

See the comparison table for more information:

 ModernContent MngmtExtensibleStandardSEO
Website BuildersMaybe
Custom CMSMaybeMaybeMaybe
Custom WebsiteMaybe
Management PlatformMaybe

Clearly, the best option for building a marketing website is to choose a standard CMS system, such as WordPress.


For example, our marketing website is based on a standard CMS.

Members Portal

The second most important part of your web presence is the internal, members facing web application a.k.a. members web portal.

The key objectives of the members portal are:

  • Great UI – It has to be modern, beautiful and sleek.
  • Great UX – It has to be easy to use.
  • White-labeled – It has highlight your brand and not the vendor brand.
  • Useful/Feature-rich – It is your ‘product’ after all.
  • Connected – It has to be connected to the management platform.
  • Internal – SEO is not needed.

You can think of your members portal as an important part of your offering, your product.

If you take close look at most of the modern tech companies, you will notice a pattern of how their web presence is structured:

Home domain – – Your Marketing Website

The main/marketing website is the home domain –,,,, or any other tech company. The marketing website is always built using a standard CMS. It is owned and maintained by the marketing team and the main objectives are Design, Content, SEO and the ability to extend and change frequently.

Subdomain – – Your Web Product

The members portal, being your web product is best to live under a subdomain. For the tech companies, that’s usually,,,, etc. Some of the most important reasons why doing it this way is the so-called ‘Separation of concerns’, as known in the tech world. The product (it’s also called web application and not a website) has its own life. It has its own user interface and its own user experience. It serves a different purpose and it’s owned by a different team – the product team. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where your marketing website is down because the product team is deploying a new version. Or even worse, you need to deploy the product, because the marketing team needs to update a piece of content. There are a million reasons to keep these separate and the most important one is they serve different purposes.


An example internal/members portal (web application).

Connecting the Website with the Portal

Of course, these two worlds need to be connected and speak to each other. Few points that usually connect them in the Coworking world are:

  • Links on the Marketing website pointing to the Portal:
    • Login – login for existing members.
    • Signup – purchase a product and become a member.
    • Calendar – book a conference room and become a drop-in user.
  • Pages showing data from the Management platform:
    • Events page – showing your great events.
    • Members wall – showing your awesome community.
  • Forms on your Website:
    • Enquiry form – creates an opportunity in the management platform.
    • Booking form – any other form that may create different entities in the management platform.


Building a web presence for your workspace business is a complicated job. Not for us. We’re a tech company. We love complicated stuff. We love building a great user interface and user experience.

Choose your Website and Coworking Management platforms wisely and keep these separate.

Get in touch at or if you need help or advise with any of these.

Ideas Board and What’s coming in 2017

We’re not short on ideas here at OfficeR&D. We also have awesome customers who aren’t short on ideas, either. Having many ideas is a great opportunity and also a huge responsibility. We need to ensure that we deliver the best ideas, quickly, on time and perfectly crafted.


OfficeR&D Ideas board and Roadmap 2017

In order to do so, we want to introduce you to our Trello board for awesome ideas that happen to be our official roadmap too. ?

We will use the board to:

  • Communicate our development effort.
  • Organize and prioritize our work.
  • Collect your feedback.

Often the more ambitious features have to wait so we can get the essentials right. It’s exciting to imagine what the future looks like but hey, sometimes a billing bug might be more important and cause new feature delays.

In order to better understand how we work, we’d love to share our product development ethos:

  • Listen and understand you;
  • Move fast, break things;
  • Great user experience is great;
  • MVP (minimum viable product) every feature; 
  • Less is more.

Have a look at the board and let us know your thoughts.


2016 in Review

According to the Chinese Zodiac, it was the year of the Monkey. We here at OfficeR&D also believe that it was the Year of Coworking…according to the ancient Workspace calendar. Jokes aside, this isn’t far from the truth. The global coworking community is growing at a double digit rate and is just about to reach the 1 million coworkers milestone. These are large numbers and it’s just the beginning. The SMEs are still yet to join the Coworking 2.0 movement and this is going to be huge. Read more on this here.


Coworking Growth by the Coworking Survey from

OfficeR&D by the numbers

It was a great year for Coworking and it was a great year for OfficeR&D, too. We ran through the year at an (almost) sprint in order to deliver the best management experience for our customers and the best coworking experience for our fellow coworking members.

Here’s 2016 in numbers:

  • We on-boarded customers from 11 countries on 4 continents;
  • We grew from zero to thousands of members using our Members portal;
  • We released more than 400 new versions and updates to the platform;
  • We delivered 10 new integrations;
  • We deployed more than 500 stories – new featuresbug fixes and improvements;
    • That’s more than 5000 code commits. Funny or not, there is not a single day without a commit to make the platform better, faster and more feature rich.
  • We grew our team by 40% – thanks Jess and Andrew. 🙂

Our development pace. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

We’re looking forward to 2017 and we are more committed than ever. There’s so much more to do. We will make coworking a more Social, more Mobile, more User-friendly experience for the members and more Automated, Integrated and Connected for the managers.

Stay tuned for our official 2017 Roadmap. (Does OfficeR&D sound interesting? signup and join the other great spaces using OfficeR&D.)

November 2016 Release 2.0

OfficeR&D is a second generation Coworking Management platform, or Coworking Management 2.0. We’re an extremely agile team. We develop quickly and release often, without compromising on quality. The time between requesting a feature to actually having it is reduced to a number of weeks or even days.

That’s why we thought we needed another big release in November, which we’ve affectionately named; November 2.0. To keep up with demand, this will become the norm for OfficeR&D. Every 2-weeks or less, we will roll-out an update with plenty of new features, improvements, and fixes.


We extended our leads (opportunities) management functionality but at the same time, we simplified it.  Now you can:

  • Create opportunity for new customers a.k.a. Leads;
  • Create opportunities (or deals) and attach them to existing customers;
  • Set more options like Company and Deal size;
  • Create your own statuses and probabilities;

We also improved our Sales CRM integrations.


Comments & Notes

OfficeR&D now supports adding Notes (or Comments) to members, teams, leads, invoices, etc. Example – if you want to add a note to a customer profile or follow up on a conversation, then, you can! There are many different ways that you can use this function:

  • You can comment on various objects;
  • You can also resolve them;
  • Your teammates can also comment and post notes;

You will find the comments at the bottom of the members, companies, invoices pages.

Stay tuned for more improvements here.


Public Calendar

We released a public, beta version of our Public Calendar. It’s beautiful. It’s easy to customise. It’s easy to use. We bet your meeting room users will love it. You can turn it on for you space at Portal / Features / Public Calendar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meeting Rooms

We’re constantly improving our Meeting room booking system and calendar. Here are the new features and improvements:

  • Post an optional description to a booking
  • Option to round charges at a certain period of time like 30 mins, 1 hour, etc.
  • Improved user interface – better presentation of the meeting room prices
  • Improved performance and other fixes

Members Portal

Probably our main focus at the moment is to make our Members portal the best software experience for your members. We’re constantly improving it, adding more features and polishing the user interface and experience.

  • Widgets mechanism – OfficeR&D now supports widgets mechanism which you can customise easily your dashboard
  • Twitter Feed – one of the new widgets that are available on the dashboard as well as on the members’ profile pages.
  • RSS Feed – you can also use our RSS feed widget
  • Improved Members wall – we improved the members’ wall to be sleeker and more user-friendly

Stay tuned for more features and updates.

Do you want to have an impact on our Product Roadmap and use the best coworking management platform? Join us now.