2018 Year in Review

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With 2018 almost coming to a close, we’d love to highlight some trends from the year and share all the amazing things that happened in the world of coworking & technology.

2018 was the best year for the global coworking and flexible workspace community. The term ‘coworking’ even made it to the official dictionaries! The coworking movement is real and is bigger than ever. More and more freelancers, startups, small and medium-size companies, and enterprise teams are joining the Office-as-a-Service movement. The demand for coworking is growing exponentially, and so is the supply. The competition is growing too which only makes the services and offerings better for all of us. From large scale coworking to small ones, from niche operators to major landlords, there’s a good space for everyone.

2018 was the best year for OfficeRnD too. We released  87+ major new versions (yep, that’s a new release every 4 days!) of the platform. We expanded our global footprint by adding more than 200 new customers. We are now serving more than 50 000 awesome members in 40+ countries. As a result, our team grew from 11 to 27 across London, Sofia, and New Zealand.


In order to provide a great software solution, you have to start with a great team. And we’re proud of how great our team is as we approach the end of the year! We care about each other and we care about the industry. The OfficeRnD team is willing to sacrifice long hours of hard work in order to provide world-class service and great software. Something that is key and is the ethos of the Coworking hospitality.

In 2018, 14 amazing people joined our team to support our growing coworking community. Thank you, Stoyan, Ivan, Deyan, Beni, Vini, Peter, Isi, Vlad, Mihaela, Yuki, Blago, Monika, Martin, and Rado. You are the best!

In 2018, we also visited 10s of coworking spaces on 4 continents, supported 4 coworking conferences and met in person with hundreds of coworking managers.


Having great team and vision plus an amazing industry were the key factors in driving OfficeRnD to become one of the best coworking management solutions on the market.

  • We released 87 new versions and updates to the platform;
  • We resolved more than 900 stories – new features, bug fixes, and improvements. That’s about 6000 code commits. There is not a single day without a ‘commit’ to make the platform better, faster and more feature rich.

But although we accomplished a lot, our best intentions to build the perfect solution for coworking spaces in a year and stretch ourselves to the maximum still couldn’t catch up with our ambition. Still, we built a bit more than half of everything we wanted to build, and we’re even more determined and ambitious about our plans next year.

Following is the updated roadmap – in dark green are items that we managed to nail, in lighter green are bits that we made progress on but still need more love:

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Coworking Management Platform – the biggest part of the effort we put was toward solidifying the backend and adding more capabilities to it:
    • Tentative Bookings, Cancelation policies and many other advanced booking policies were added
    • Monetary-value credits
    • Advanced Contract management – types, templates, and other advanced improvements
    • Admin Permission Customizations
    • Multilocation management – advanced billing setup, multi-currency
    • Processing Fees and Discounts
    • IronWifi integration
    • Several new Reports and Dashboards
    • Many UI/UX improvements across the board
  • Member Portal:
    • Localization
    • Improved Member self-service
    • First bits of user analytics
    • Many booking improvements
  • Meeting Room tablet displays
    • We made it a Native app
    • We made it more beautiful
    • Check-in feature and auto-cancelation (be on the lookout for those in our next release in early Jan)

We’re looking forward to 2019 more excited than ever. There’s so much more to do. We will revamp the members portal, the mobile app and of course, we’ll add many new features to the backend management.

With your help, we will make coworking a more social, more mobile, more user-friendly experience for the members, more automated and integrated for the managers and more data-driven for the stakeholders. Stay tuned for our official 2019 Roadmap!

Happy Holidays to all our friends in the flexible workspace community! May 2019 be our best year yet!

payments southeast asia officernd omise

Seamless Coworking Payments in Southeast Asia with OfficeRnD and Omise

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The Coworking Trend in Southeast Asia

Coworking is booming in Southeast Asia. As startups and small businesses flourish, demand for flexible workspaces increases.  

A recent report by JLL reveals tech businesses take up 15-20% of total gross office leasing volume in Southeast Asia, compared to just 5-10% three years ago.

In correlation, the same report states that flexible workspaces have grown by circa 40% CAGR in the last three years and now take up 2% of the office stock (up from 0.5 to 1.0% in 2015), with the largest stock of flexible workspace being in Singapore.

Coworking and flexible workspace providers in Southeast Asia are aggressively opening more sites, leasing larger spaces, and expanding their foothold. And they are not going to stop – given the projections in the rising demand, the coworking industry is expected to grow between 10-15% annually.

OfficeRnD partnership with Omise, Coworking Payments Specialists

officernd omise

To help Southeast Asia’s coworking and shared workspace operators meet this demand, OfficeRnD partnered with Omise – a leading payment gateway which specializes in coworking payments. This partnership enables coworking spaces to automate the collection of payments in Singapore, Thailand, and Japan.

Through its integration with Omise, OfficeRnD now offers more convenient and seamless payment transactions. The goal is to simplify the member journey and remove friction when paying monthly rentals, or purchasing additional services like events or meeting room bookings on an ad-hoc basis. Omise also has the ability to save a member’s card securely for future payments.

coworking payment

“With Omise being live in Singapore, Thailand and Japan, OfficeRnD’s clients can enjoy local currency settlements and one dashboard to view charges and payouts in real-time. With the combination of OfficeRnD and Omise, coworking operators have the option to automatically charge the outstanding amounts owed each month. This results in fewer payment delays and improved working capital” said Nick Gan, Country Manager, Omise Singapore.

Setting up the OfficeRnD <> Omise Integration

The integration is available to all OfficeRnD users and is located in the usual place in the Admin panel in Settings>Integrations. Ping us at support@officernd.com if you need help with activating it, or at sales@officernd.com if you’d like to know more about how OfficeRnD and Omise help you automate the billing process in your coworking space.

OfficeRnD Community

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Community Management is a relatively nascent field, but one thing is clear: It’s playing a key strategic role in the Future of the Flexible Workspace. From landlords to workspace operators, companies are investing in ‘activating’ their buildings at a pace we’ve never seen before. With scale comes the need for strong leadership that understands the excitement of the community, the needs of a business and the issues of the real estate. Managing coworking / flexible workspace is a complicated matter. It’s a rare combination of skills.

Unlike engineering or many other domains, there’s no class or degree that helps us master the art and science of building communities and managing a shared workspace.

It’s hard to convey the business value of community when many business leaders still think of community as “hosting events from time to time” or “offering free beer on tap”.

We’ll try to solve these problems, and more, with the OfficeRnD Online Community.

It’s funny that we’re introducing our Community platform, just now, after we’ve implemented our coworking community platform for hundreds of customers. Better late than never, right?

Why we’re doing it?

There are many reasons, but the most important ones are:

  • Help Each Other Grow – there are amazing, experienced coworking managers our there that would love to help those just starting out with Coworking and/or with tips tricks for using OfficeRnD.
  • Share Ideas – our industry is full of creative people with great ideas about Coworking, Technologies, The future of the workspace and everything in between.
  • Discuss Features – we’d love to hear all your crazy feature requests and build them. We feel great when we have 1000 items on our backlog.
  • Provide Better Support – the community forum is a big part of our strategy to improve our service and respond quickly to your requests.

OfficeRnD Community

It’s live and available today! You can head over to the OfficeRnD Community and say ‘Hi’ to the fellow coworking managers, space owners, and our team.

Please, also make sure to read our Community Guidelines.

Let’s shape the future of coworking and flexible workspace management together. Let’s share ideas and help each other grow.

OfficeRnD Support

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Managing coworking and flexible workspaces is complicated. A typical coworking business model is very advanced with many variables which makes executing it a challenging process. As a result, management platforms can easily become complicated too. Although we work hard to make everything straightforward and easy to use, you will still often need help and to talk to real person. That’s why we are extremely focused on providing great, down to earth Support.

Following is what we did in 2018 to improve our support and provide a better service:

  • We grew our awesome support team
  • We implemented a new support system
  • We visited 40+ customers on site in 2018 (and it’s only July)
  • We started building a community

OfficeRnD Support Team

While we are growing very quickly in terms of customers using our platform, we also work hard to ‘catch up’ and grow our amazing support team.

You may come across most of our team but if you haven’t, let me introduce them:

  • Tina, Support & Onboarding Lead. One of the very few people I’ve seen with such a great empathy and care for others.
  • Jessica, Onboarding & Customer Success. An ex-community manager and coworking pioneer. Coworking changed her life and now she’s changing the world of Coworking.
  • Andrew, Customer Success Lead. An ex-software engineer and tech person with an attention to detail that only engineers have.
  • Alex, Customer Support. One of the nicest, friendliest and knowledgeable people on Earth – according to many of our customers!
  • Albena, Onboarding. The person who will ensure your onboarding experience is as smooth as possible and your data is always in perfect shape.
  • Vini, Customer Support. Our newest and nicest addition to the support team who loves people and floorplans (interesting combination, right?)

In case you wonder what customers say about them:

I am continually impressed by quality of OfficeRnD’s software and team, they are a dream to work with and I highly recommend them to all of my friends and peers in Co-working!

James Findlay, Systems Lead – Hub Australia

I’m glad we at Greenhouse decided to work with you. OfficeR&D’s team handled the entire onboarding process professionally and in a prompt manner. The best customer support I have experienced on a SaaS product! Thank you, keep on rocking.

Viktor Kyosev, General Manager – Greenhouse

Support System

OfficeRnD Support Portal

In 2018 we also implemented new support system which allowed us to better track all customer requests. It also, allows you to track them via the Customer Portal. You can go ahead, log in and click on ‘View my support requests‘ which will bring all your support requests.

Even more, you can Follow help articles, topics, and community posts. Wait? Did you say Community posts?

Sure! Here’s the announcement…

OfficeRnD Around the Globe

OfficeRnD at Alley, Washington D.C. U.S.

We visited an enormous range of customers in 2018. From Auckland & Wellington in New Zealand, Sydney & Melbourne in Australia, through Singapore, London & Manchester in the UK to New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Portland, Kansas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles in the United States.

The list will continue to grow as we plan to visit a big part of Europe, as well as another exciting trip in the US.

Staying close to you helps us to not only provide better service but also helps us understand your needs and provide the right software solutions for the coworking world.

Tell us what you think about our Support system and team. We’d love to hear your feedback and how we can improve! Also, we’d love to visit you. Drop us a line and we’ll get it organized. 🙂

Corporate Turns Coworking – Campus X & OfficeRnD

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OfficeRnD was born in late 2014 when we, together with another Miro, started working on a software for space management. Both of us were managing software teams at Telerik, one of the leading software companies for developer tools. We were facing an interesting challenge ‘How to make sure our teams are productive and our teammates are happy and healthy in an office that’s constantly changing due to the dynamic nature of the software business.’

As software engineers, of course, we were sure the solution must be Software. Let’s develop a platform that streamlines the management of the office space – improve the occupancy and utilization while maintaining well-balanced, well-planned thus healthy, collaborative and productive office environment.

We were still trying to conceptualize our idea when Telerik was acquired by Progress Software. It was a big success for an amazing startup. These events served us as a further motivation to leave the security of our well-paid jobs and start our own venture.

The World of Coworking

Early on, PiLabs, the first #proptech accelerator in Europe invited us to join their program in London. The office was based in the beautiful coworking space called SecondHome in Shoreditch. It quickly became our ‘first home’ as we were coding 16h / day. That’s how we discovered the amazing world of Coworking. A shared workspace with extreme focus on community and collaboration, good sense of hospitality and beautiful, productive layout and design. That was it!

SecondHome and the Coworking spaces we’ve seen were exactly what we thought the office should be:

  • Collaborative offices with great communities
  • Green, healthy and stimulating environments
  • Dynamic, flexible and evolving spaces

The World of Coworking Software

Only 3 months after we started we decided to focus entirely on making the best software for coworking spaces. Although we started with the ‘space’ module and built beautiful interactive floor plans, we quickly developed a billing module, accounting integrations and started working on our first version of the community portal.

To be honest, most of our early-stage investors weren’t very excited about the coworking industry. It was small, very niche market that on the surface seemed like a really tiny opportunity for a tech startup. One of the Telerik founders, also our very first investor, was joking with us about how we managed to pick such a small industry.

Campus X

Fast forward two years and there was an interesting plot twist in our story. While OfficeRnD was growing fast and adding more and more awesome coworking customers, the Telerik founders decided to take on their next challenge – building the largest incubator for tech
companies and talent in South-East Europe, Campus X.

Thanks to their vision and understanding of the startup community Campus X is turning into one of the most vibrant flexible workspace/tech hubs in the regions. After the final phase of the project, the campus will span across approximately 18 000 sq.m. of office space, hosting more than 1000 members.

Interestingly enough, Campus X premises in fact span across the same office buildings we wanted to build space management software for 3 years ago in the then ‘corporate’ environment. They are now converted to beautiful flexible workspaces that serve as a home base for Campus X’s amazing community. Turns out that in the end, we did build software for the buildings we envisioned 4 years ago, however not in the corporate environment we originally thought.

Today, Campus X workspaces management is powered by the OfficeRnD software platform. Automating the operations allowed them to focus on the important bits, such as growing the community and making their facilities great and hospitable. OfficeRnD is helping them with a number of elements, such as:

  • Automated billing;
  • Easy to use contracts & memberships management;
  • Integrated door access;
  • Connected community through a beautiful web portal and mobile app;
  • Easy to use bookings, and;
  • Interactive space management (yes, this is where we started)

This is just the beginning for us. We’re ready to do so much more for the world of Coworking and Flexible workspaces.

If you want to join the coworking industry, check out our careers page or drop us a line at info@officernd.com. We are growing and looking for JavaScript Developers and Quality Assurance Engineer for our beautiful office in Campus X, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Redesigning the OfficeRnD Platform

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At OfficeR&D, we are taking big steps towards refining our interface in an effort to make the flexible workspace management easier and more productive. After a series of research, brainstorming sessions, and hard work, we are excited to share with the community the redesign of our platform’s navigation.

We did an overhaul of our admin portal navigation. We have switched from a top-level menu navigation to left-hand-side one:

The new menu will improve the navigation flow of the platform and open space for the most important content on each page.

Menu structure

The new navigation comes with several changes to our data structure and modules.

  • Dashboard – the unified dashboard and all module dashboards. Please, note that the reports are moved to a new dedicated section called Reports;
  • Community – Companies, Members, Users (used to be in Apps), Opportunities, Memberships, Contracts, Fees, Bookings, Visitors;
  • Collaboration – Events, Messages, Issues, Posts, Benefits (used to be in Apps), How to Guides (used to be in Apps);
  • Billing – Overview, Invoices, Plans, Resource Rates, Amenities (new), Discounts;
  • Space – Locations, Meeting Rooms, Private Offices, Desks, other resource types and Search Resources (new);
  • Calendar
  • Reports (new) – Occupancy, Bookings, Checkins, Balance, Revenue (all used to be in Dashboard)
  • Settings – restructuring the options to ensure easier setup:
    • My Account – General, Teammates, Billing Details, Subscription
    • Import, Integrations, Templates, Custom Properties, Resource Types, Forms, T&Cs
    • Billing – Invoicing, Accounts (used to be in Billing), Tax Rates (used to be in Billing)
    • Platform – Calendar, Community, Contracts, Space, Reports
    • Apps – used to be major Module, now under Settings – General, Public Pages, Member Pages, Theme, Localization, Custom Code

Note: You can collapse the new Menu from the bottom-left ‘<<‘ icon to make more space for your content.

New locations filter and more

The top menu was also redesigned to make it smaller, more beautiful, and easier to use.

In a multi-location or multi-organization environment, you can select a location from the menu to filter your data for this location or change between spaces/organizations.

We also moved the Announcements, Setup Guide, and Your Profile to the bottom left corner of the vertical menu for easier navigation.

The Company/Member pages are significantly improved – we added limit in height with separate scrolling to all data grids in order to navigate more easily through the page.

We changed the font as well, to make the entire platform nicer.

New contextual help and chat

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our support, we’re also rolling out a new system that features:

  • Direct search in the OfficeR&D Knowledge Base from within the platform;
  • New chat channel;
  • New customer support portal to track your tickets;

Continuing to iterate

We are excited to share our progress with the community and even more excited that this is just the beginning. There are a number of improvements that we are working on in order to further improve our navigation and user experience. A few of these features include:

  • Redesigning the Company/Member pages;
  • Redesigning the Grid pages – such as Invoices, Contracts, etc;
  • Redesigning the Dashboards;
  • Adding new Setup Guide;

Soon after that, we’re planning big UI/UX improvements on the member portal and all member facing tools.

Try it yourself

We know that a UI change as large as a navigation redesign can be disruptive to workflow and habits but we hope that you will find OfficeR&D much easier to navigate!

Please, note that the new user interface will go live on Tuesday/Wednesday, April 10th, 2018.

Additional feedback

After several rounds of UX research and taking into account the feedback received from the community, we believe we have a UX solution that greatly improves navigating OfficeR&D. In addition to the rollout, we have created a trello item on our roadmap to collect, track, and act upon further feedback from you. We would love to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below, on the item or via support!

Roadmap 2018

3 min read

2017 was an amazing year for OfficeR&D. We released a lot of great new features and improvements.

Of course, we have bigger plans for 2018. After lots of conversations, brainstorming sessions and customer discussions, we created the first version of our Roadmap for 2018:

You can connect with me at miro@officernd.com if you want to discuss our roadmap. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Every feature links to an item in our dynamic roadmap where you can subscribe for updates.

Member Tools

We are more committed than ever to providing the best and most complete digital user experience for your members. That’s why a big part of our Roadmap for 2018 is geared toward your Members.

Members Web Portal

Mobile App

Management Tools

We’ll continue to innovate and create better management capabilities, more automation, and better integrated and connected flexible workspace.

Management Platform

Possible Third-party Integrations

Please, note that these are direct integrations we’re planning to work on over the next months but we can’t commit that they will all fit into 2018.

Add-ons & Extensions

In 2018, we’ll be aiming to connect more and more points of your shared workspace.

Meeting Room Tablet App

  • Check in/Check out – add an option to require members to check-in, otherwise the room might be released; Also, provide check-out to release the room if you finish early;
  • Direct bookings – allow members to book directly from the tablet;

Front-desk Tablet App (NEW)

Of course, a huge part of our planned work for 2018 is to continue improving all the existing functionality, integrations and better support you and your growing businesses.

Even more, we’re already working on massive User Interface & Experience face-lift that will span through all our products, from the Management platform, to the Mobile app, Member portal, and all Extensions. It is going to be Great!

These are a lot of items, right? Sure, they are. But our growing team and drive to completely connect your flexible workspace motivate us even more to continue our amazing product journey. ?

You can connect with me at miro@officernd.com if you want to discuss our roadmap. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Have a look at the roadmap board and let us know your thoughts.

2017 in Review

4 min read

2017 was the best year for the global coworking community by far. It continued to grow at a double-digit rate and reached the 1 million coworkers milestone. The coworking shift is real and is bigger than ever. More and more Freelancers, Startups, Small and Medium companies and Enterprise teams are joining the Coworking and Office-as-a-Service movement.

2017 was the best year for OfficeR&D too. We released  20+ major and 100+ minor new versions of the platform, expanded our global footprint by reaching more than 140 customers, having 20 000+ coworking members, 10 000 active users in the portal in 30+ countries and raised a $1M of a seed round funding. As a result, our team grew from 6 people to 13 across London, Sofia, and New Zealand to support our growing coworking community.


In order to provide a great software solution, you have to start with a great team. You need people that actually care about others and care about the industry. People with high emotional intelligence who are willing to sacrifice their comfort for their customers. Something that is key and is the ethos of the Coworking hospitality – members and customers comfort comes first.

In 2017, 7 amazing people joined our team to support our awesome growing coworking community. Thank you, Tina, Deyan, Bancho, Alex, Yosif, Chil, and Milko. You are the best!

In 2017, we also visited 25+ coworking spaces, attended 3 coworking conferences and met in person 100+ community managers.


We changed our slogan to “Coworking Management platform that makes members happy”. We did it because we believe that ‘success is making those who believed in you look brilliant’. As your partner, we want to help you grow and look more ‘digitally’ awesome.

Our customers, partners, and community have believed in OfficeR&D since day one; your tremendous growth this past year is a testament to how far we, as a company and as a coworking movement, have come.


Having great team and vision plus an amazing industry were all key factors in driving our game-changing moment of 2017 in terms of Product.

  • We delivered 2 new product lines:
    • Mobile App, including a white-label version;
    • Meeting Room Tablet View – a beautiful booking view that you can install in front of your rooms;
  • We released more than 100 new versions and updates to the platform;
  • We developed 10 new integrations – QuickBooks Online, Auhtorize.net, PayDock, Braintree, Worldpay, Ezidebit, PayPal, PT-X, SaltoKS and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • We deployed more than 900 stories – new features, bug fixes and improvements;
    • That’s about 6000 code commits. Funny or not, there is not a single day without a ‘commit’ to make the platform better, faster and more feature rich.

Some of the stories we started and gave life this year are:

  • Mobile App – everybody loves apps! Well, we too…
  • Meeting Room Table View – a good looking meeting room tablet view will show each room’s availability and bookings;
  • Member Portal:
    • Collaboration Story – messages & posts;
    • Events Story – RSVP and more;
    • Issues Tracking – ability to receive feedback from your members;
    • Booking of Different Resources – now your members can book everything;
    • Public Calendar & Checkout Pages – ability to expose pages where new members can self-signup, book resources and pay online;
  • Admin Platform
    • Contracts – advanced contracting mechanism with step deals;
    • Custom Resource Types – ability to define resource types, such as parking, assign them, book them and report on them;
    • Improved Billing, Accounting & Payments – more reliable, robust and stable billing and payment options;
    • Improved Meeting Room Bookings – another 10s of new features and improvements;
    • Improved Reports & Analytics – several new reports and dashboards;

We’re looking forward to 2018 and we are more committed than ever. There’s so much more to do. With your help, we will make coworking a more Social, more Mobile, more User-friendly experience for the members, more Automated and Integrated for the managers and more Data-driven for the owners.

Stay tuned for our official 2018 Roadmap.

What’s Wrong with Coworking Software

3 min read

And what we’re doing about it.

Coworking Europe Conference 2017, Dublin – one of the unconference topics was ‘What’s wrong with the coworking software?’ – hosted by Hector Kolonas from included.co.

‘It’s over-complicated, not integrated and really not good enough.’ said the crowd.

It’s true and of course, there’s a range of reasons for it.

Software Needs Big Investment

Building software is the best but also, the worst thing you can do. It’s expensive. It’s very expensive. It’s more expensive than you can imagine. Why’s that? Because software engineers are very expensive. Then you need to document it, you need to support it, you need to ensure its high quality, you need to extend it. Yes, the more you add, the more your users will demand. Building software is a never-ending process. If it ends and you stop pouring money into it, then it’s dead.

Coworking as a business used to be small, niche market. Which resulted in been unattractive to software companies, investors, and tech startups. So the first coworking management tools had to deal with it by themselves with the resources they have.

On the other side, you have sophisticated users – the coworking manager. People, who are used to work with advanced, professional tools built by big software companies and startups, such as Slack, Xero, QuickBooks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Intercom, and so on. The standard for Software is higher than ever. We all have big expectations and little patience and tolerance because we’re used to using great software. But behind these great software solutions, there are big companies with hundreds of engineers, support, QAs working on them and millions of dollars in investment.

That’s why we raised $1M. You can’t build great software with 2 engineers sitting in their coworking space.

Lack of Product and UX Vision

Some of the first coworking management solutions were built with a complete lack of product and user experience vision. In today’s world, UX is key. If the software looks bad, feels out-dated and is hard to use, there’s no way to be successful, of course. As mentioned, users have very high expectations for software and the user experience is one of the first bits that all of us see.

That’s why, we emphasize the user experience, both for managers and members. 
Software Development - How it works

Lack of Speed

Others are too slow. They have a vision and drive their product well, considering the user interface and the user experience but they have no speed. The coworking management solutions are very complicated platforms. It’s a business critical type of software – ERP as it’s known in the traditional business world, or PMS in the Hotels world. It is a HUGE piece of software. The amount of functionality, integrations, and reliability that’s required is massive. In order, to build a great coworking management software you need speed. You need speed and dedication from your product development team.

That’s why we invest all resources in Product Development. We release new functionality and updates weekly and the number of changes is great. Check out our Release history.

Lack of Good Support and Integrity

In order to provide a great software solution, you have to start with good support and a great team. You need people that actually care about others and care about the industry. People with high emotional intelligence who are willing to sacrifice their comfort for their customers. Something that is key and is the ethos of Coworking – members and customers comfort is first.

Building great software also requires integrity which is not present in some of the vendors. One of our competitors tried to hack us. Others are using nasty marketing techniques and paid Google ads containing ‘OfficeR&D’ to get you to their misleading comparison pages. Not sure if this will bring them any good opportunities. I’m only sure that investing in their product will bring more value to their customers.

Being nice usually helps. Having integrity also helps to build better software. We invest a lot in our team and the quality of support that we provide. 

We know what’s wrong with the Coworking software and we know how to solve it. We truly believe that investing more in our team and our product will take us a long way. We have a vision, we have a great team and amazing customers, we secured good investment, and we move fast. In a year or two, the coworking and flexible workspace management software will be different. We will make it different.

OfficeR&D raises $1 million seed funding

3 min read
  • Funding round is led by LAUNCHub Ventures, the co-founders of Telerik, and Constant Tedder, the co-creator of Runescape
  • Funding will be used to make OfficeR&D the market leader in the flexible workspace management software solutions
  • OfficeR&D is a graduate of London-based property tech VC Pi Labs’ pre-seed programme

London, 16 November 2017: OfficeR&D, the London and Bulgaria-based coworking space management platform, today announces the completion of its $1 million seed funding round. The capital investment was led by LAUNCHub Ventures, the founders of Telerik, a leading Bulgarian software company, and Constant Tedder, the co-creator of Runescape. The investment will be used to triple the size of the OfficeR&D team and advance OfficeR&D’s product development to keep pace with demand in the rapidly growing coworking industry, while also adding new functionality for real estate and property management.

OfficeR&D is a flexible workspace management solution to help new and existing coworking and serviced offices maximise their revenue and use of space, improve customer online and mobile experience and bring clarity to their fast-growing businesses. OfficeR&D is a full-service white-label solution which brings together all office space and member data into one platform, and boasts integrations with dozens of popular business tools.

With offices in London and Bulgaria, OfficeR&D’s platform is used by more than 100 coworking spaces and serviced offices across 30 countries, and a combined 10,000 members use the OfficeR&D portal every day. OfficeR&D began life at Pi Labs, the London-based property tech venture capital firm, where it was a member of the first cohort of Pi Labs’ pre-seed programme. Pi Labs was also an early investor in the company.

Miroslav Miroslavov, co-founder and CEO of OfficeR&D, said: “We firmly believe that workspace-as-a-service will become the way of working for most if not all small and mid-sized businesses. For flexible workspace operators managing their space and growing communities brings significant challenges, particularly as they scale up or expand to new locations. Members have come to expect seamless service, and flawless automation is increasingly imperative for a workspace success. This funding round will ensure that we can continue to anticipate and address those challenges for our customers, allowing us to offer the best full-service solution for this dynamic and exciting market.”

Rumen Iliev, partner at LAUNCHub, said: “The distinctions between flexible, serviced and coworking spaces are blurring, and these spaces will all soon simply be known as ‘the office’. We believe that coworking spaces represent the future of the office, and the market shows no sign of slowing. Coworking space management has been an historically underserved market segment, and we’re delighted to be supporting OfficeR&D on their mission to improve outcomes and quality of service. OfficeR&D has a really beautiful product and Miroslav and his team have a sophisticated understanding of the modern coworking space, and we look forward to seeing OfficeR&D grow over the coming months and years.”

About OfficeR&D

OfficeR&D is a flexible workspace management solution to help new and existing coworking and serviced offices maximise their revenue and use of space, improve customer online and mobile experience and bring clarity to their fast-growing businesses. OfficeR&D was founded by Miroslav Miroslavov and Miroslav Nedyalkov in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2015, and completed Pi Labs’ property tech accelerator programme in London later that year. Since then, OfficeR&D has become one of the worldwide market leaders in flexible workspace management software, amassing over 100 coworking spaces and serviced offices across 30 countries. OfficeR&D’s customers include Central Working, Us&Co, Halkin, Dogpatch Labs, Centrl Office, Mesh Oslo, Maria.io and many more.

About LAUNCHub Ventures

LAUNCHub Ventures is an early stage VC Fund, based in Sofia and investing in digital startups in the wider Southeastern Europe region. The fund’s portfolio companies are in the fields of SaaS, Enterprise Software, Health-tech, E-commerce, Mobile, IoT, but its investments are not limited only in these verticals. With €30m under total management LAUNCHub Ventures focuses on the seed space with investment ticket size in the range of €300K to 700K, expandable up to €1,5m per company.