April 19th, 2018 Release

The past few weeks on our side were absolutely busy as you have probably all noticed. We redesigned the layout and the navigation of the admin platform and we tried to create a more consistent behavior for you and your team mates.

With that, we also focused on improving the payment integrations behavior on the admin side of the system by exposing multi-location configuration options for the Stripe and Ezidebit integrations. This is why you can now connect each location in OfficeR&D to a separate Stripe and Ezidebit account.

I am also happy to say that we now support SEPA Stripe payments, which can easily be enabled under Settings/Integrations in the Stripe configuration settings.

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Here is what else we released today and over the past couple of weeks.


  • We redesigned the OfficeR&D platform one more time to make it easier to navigate.
  • You can connect multiple Payment gateway accounts to different locations (Stripe and Ezidebit for now, more to come soon).
  • You can start collecting SEPA Stripe payments.
  • You can search for members by their phone number under the Community/Members pages both on the members and admin sides of OfficeR&D.
  • You can also delete multiple fees in a bulk operation under Community/Fees.
  • We have also enabled better filtering in the Dashboard/Activity view where you can search for activity records based on operation type and collection (e.g. changes of type Add over the invoices, members or credits collections).
  • Reception‘ role teammates can now add and edit company and member profiles. This enables them to book meeting rooms for new members.
  • When creating a message under Collaboration/Messages, the system will respect the new lines added in the formatting of the message when it is transferred over email.
  • You can map Non-Current Liability Accounts from Xero in the Revenue Account mappings in the Xero integration configurations.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Revenue report discrepancy when a one-off fee and a membership both belong to the same account. Currently, the report displays the amount of the first one only.
  • In the Calendar module, the Floor drop-down list is not sorted.
  • Custom properties for member and company are nor exposed in the PDF for Invoices and Contracts.
  • Contract template type is not shown when editing the template.
  • Incorrect behavior when booking – in some cases, the validation fails during the re-accounting of bookings.
  • Checkin dialog for a single day pass shows more check-ins than it should.
  • Checking a member in through the admin does not set the team to the check-in.
  • Terminate contract changes the end date of the membership with the wrong date because of a 1-hour offset.
  • Incorrect grouping of recurring credit bags
  • Admins could add booking without end date from admin calendar which is not seen or accounted but member receive email with invalid date
  • Center managers are not able to delete memberships
  • Plans cannot be merged if there are extras for bookings with already invoiced fees
  • Resizing issues with Spaces and with the new menu
  • When you collapse the menu main vertical menu it doesn’t hide directly as the mouse is still over the menu.
  • Export floorplan doesn’t work for organizations with a lot of resources
  • Addendum of Contract is not shown on Contracs page
  • ACH account numbers dialog is limiting the number of digits to 12

Redesigning the OfficeR&D Platform

At OfficeR&D, we are taking big steps towards refining our interface in an effort to make the flexible workspace management easier and more productive. After a series of research, brainstorming sessions, and hard work, we are excited to share with the community the redesign of our platform’s navigation.

We did an overhaul of our admin portal navigation. We have switched from a top-level menu navigation to left-hand-side one:

The new menu will improve the navigation flow of the platform and open space for the most important content on each page.

Menu structure

The new navigation comes with several changes to our data structure and modules.

  • Dashboard – the unified dashboard and all module dashboards. Please, note that the reports are moved to a new dedicated section called Reports;
  • Community – Companies, Members, Users (used to be in Apps), Opportunities, Memberships, Contracts, Fees, Bookings, Visitors;
  • Collaboration – Events, Messages, Issues, Posts, Benefits (used to be in Apps), How to Guides (used to be in Apps);
  • Billing – Overview, Invoices, Plans, Resource Rates, Amenities (new), Discounts;
  • Space – Locations, Meeting Rooms, Private Offices, Desks, other resource types and Search Resources (new);
  • Calendar
  • Reports (new) – Occupancy, Bookings, Checkins, Balance, Revenue (all used to be in Dashboard)
  • Settings – restructuring the options to ensure easier setup:
    • My Account – General, Teammates, Billing Details, Subscription
    • Import, Integrations, Templates, Custom Properties, Resource Types, Forms, T&Cs
    • Billing – Invoicing, Accounts (used to be in Billing), Tax Rates (used to be in Billing)
    • Platform – Calendar, Community, Contracts, Space, Reports
    • Apps – used to be major Module, now under Settings – General, Public Pages, Member Pages, Theme, Localization, Custom Code

Note: You can collapse the new Menu from the bottom-left ‘<<‘ icon to make more space for your content.

New locations filter and more

The top menu was also redesigned to make it smaller, more beautiful, and easier to use.

In a multi-location or multi-organization environment, you can select a location from the menu to filter your data for this location or change between spaces/organizations.

We also moved the Announcements, Setup Guide, and Your Profile to the bottom left corner of the vertical menu for easier navigation.

The Company/Member pages are significantly improved – we added limit in height with separate scrolling to all data grids in order to navigate more easily through the page.

We changed the font as well, to make the entire platform nicer.

New contextual help and chat

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our support, we’re also rolling out a new system that features:

  • Direct search in the OfficeR&D Knowledge Base from within the platform;
  • New chat channel;
  • New customer support portal to track your tickets;

Continuing to iterate

We are excited to share our progress with the community and even more excited that this is just the beginning. There are a number of improvements that we are working on in order to further improve our navigation and user experience. A few of these features include:

  • Redesigning the Company/Member pages;
  • Redesigning the Grid pages – such as Invoices, Contracts, etc;
  • Redesigning the Dashboards;
  • Adding new Setup Guide;

Soon after that, we’re planning big UI/UX improvements on the member portal and all member facing tools.

Try it yourself

We know that a UI change as large as a navigation redesign can be disruptive to workflow and habits but we hope that you will find OfficeR&D much easier to navigate!

Please, note that the new user interface will go live on Tuesday/Wednesday, April 10th, 2018.

Additional feedback

After several rounds of UX research and taking into account the feedback received from the community, we believe we have a UX solution that greatly improves navigating OfficeR&D. In addition to the rollout, we have created a trello item on our roadmap to collect, track, and act upon further feedback from you. We would love to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below, on the item or via support!

March 26th, 2018 Release

This time, for a change, we pushed a few smaller releases and focused our efforts on addressing issues you reported and improving the stability and usability of the platform. There is more to come on that front, and although I don’t want to spoil the surprise, I’ll just mention – better navigation, new chat channel, direct search in the OfficeR&D Knowledge Base from within the admin portal, and more…

We’re also improving the Members Portal and we’re cooking up a localization feature so that you can run the portal in your native language (if that’s not English I mean).

Until those are available, here are the highlights of this release:

Search Resource

Quickly find resources by type, floor they are located on and availability dates in the new Search Resources page under Space.

Plan Privacy on the Members Portal

Control if a plan can be purchased by a Contact Person or all team members on the members portal using the new setting available in Portal tab of every plan editor.

Here is the complete list of new features and fixes shipped in this release.


  • The Meeting Rooms calendar on the admin and members portals now displays a scroller when the number of meeting rooms on the view is larger.
  • We exposed a new property in the Contract and Invoice templates called locationId. This property allows you to add different bank details or addresses on the invoice and contract documents based on the location of the member the document is targeting.
  • We have also improved the Settings/Import view to be simplified and guide you through the import process more seamlessly.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Cannot add an existing member who has invoices to an existing company.
  • Cannot detach line items from Voided invoices.
  • Occupancy report shows zeros for the revenue and shows incorrect period dates in some cases.
  • Cannot book a paid meeting room from the Members Portal if you don’t have payment details as the system doesn’t allow you to add your payment details in the booking form.
  • Cannot cancel an instance of a recurring booking from the Members Portal in some cases.
  • Cannot export private offices, desks and custom resources in a CSV file from the Space module.
  • Paid recurring bookings don’t get accounted properly when invoiced in some cases.
  • The size, deposit and plan price does not change in contracts when the initially selected office or plan is changed.
  • When the Payment Method of an invoice is Auto, the invoice PDF always displays Bank Transfer. It should instead display Auto.
  • OfficeDesk occupancy report is not correct.
  • Meeting rooms were sometimes not being displayed on the members and admin portals.
  • The summary of a canceled recurring booking is displaying misleading information.
  • When you filter members in Apps/Users and select all, the system doesn’t select just the filtered members but all existing members.
  • The QuickBooks integration settings for the Private Note and Statement Memo names are outdated.
  • Disable adding negative one-off fees.

Feb 26th, 2018 Release

A new release is out and it also brings highly requested features. To start off, we are introducing the ability to apply discounts on contracts and recurring memberships. You can create plan discounts under Billing/Discounts and then use them when you create new or edit existing memberships. The new functionality allows you to define a percentage or value amount that will be taken off the monthly fee for the membership and the system automatically adds the discount to the member invoice as long as their discounted membership or contract is active. Read more. This is the first step of a larger discount story coming with the next releases – to allow members to signup or book resources with discount codes.

We are also introducing cancellation policies for bookings. When you navigate to Settings/Bookings & Calendar, you will find a list of Cancellation Policies which will replace the Cancellation Period that you were previously applying on resource rates. The cancellation policy enables you to define cancellation fees based on a multi-step condition set which can differ for active members and non-members. Make sure to check our documentation for more details.

Next, we’re expanding the list of invoice attributes that you can edit as long as the invoice is not yet updated. The editable items now include the DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity and Discount of every line item. You can review the full list of editable properties in this tutorial.

Here is the complete list of new features and fixes shipped in this release.


  • We’re introducing amenities within OfficeR&D. You can add new amenities to Billing/Amenities. The created amenities can be included in billing plans and resource rates. The amenities added to a billing plan are displayed on the portal and signup pages as part of the plan description. The amenities included in a resource rate are displayed as part of the description of those meeting rooms that are governed by the resource rate. Read more.
  • Improve the members’ select drop-down across the system to display the former members as well.
  • You can now download a presence report created over your members’ check-ins. Read more. 
  • Automatic Tentative Booking Cancellation property under Settings/Bookings&Calendar. You can use it to have the system automatically cancel tentative bookings that haven’t been confirmed. Read more.
  • Contract page improvements – add company and contract type fields on the contract page view.
  • We’re introducing a new chart under Dashboard/Revenue, named Revenue Distribution that splits/groups the revenue report by plan or plan type.
  • Show the values of Custom Properties of type Boolean as “YES|NO” instead of “true|false”.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Checking in from a WiFi network does not pick a day pass.
  • The Community/Memberships grid could not be sorted by any of the columns.
  • Revenue report prorates plans that are configured not to be prorated.
  • Improve the Add Invoice dialog to better describe how to create a personal vs. a company invoice when personal fees are enabled.
  • You could add a Contract without a member from the Community/Contracts page.
  • Admin notifications for tentative bookings don’t take into account the booking notification preference of the admin team.
  • Filtering by office/location does not work on the bookings page.
  • You could not buy something from the eShop when you have only DD payment provider and have “Ask the user to provide payment details” enabled.
  • You can’t set the Target property of Desk resources.
  • Editing multiple resources breaks them.
  • Custom Pages should be hidden for Drop-In and non-active members by default.

Roadmap 2018

2017 was an amazing year for OfficeR&D. We released a lot of great new features and improvements.

Of course, we have bigger plans for 2018. After lots of conversations, brainstorming sessions and customer discussions, we created the first version of our Roadmap for 2018:

You can connect with me at miro@officernd.com if you want to discuss our roadmap. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Every feature links to an item in our dynamic roadmap where you can subscribe for updates.

Member Tools

We are more committed than ever to providing the best and most complete digital user experience for your members. That’s why a big part of our Roadmap for 2018 is geared toward your Members.

Members Web Portal

Mobile App

Management Tools

We’ll continue to innovate and create better management capabilities, more automation, and better integrated and connected flexible workspace.

Management Platform

Possible Third-party Integrations

Please, note that these are direct integrations we’re planning to work on over the next months but we can’t commit that they will all fit into 2018.

Add-ons & Extensions

In 2018, we’ll be aiming to connect more and more points of your shared workspace.

Meeting Room Tablet App

  • Check in/Check out – add an option to require members to check-in, otherwise the room might be released; Also, provide check-out to release the room if you finish early;
  • Direct bookings – allow members to book directly from the tablet;

Front-desk Tablet App (NEW)

Of course, a huge part of our planned work for 2018 is to continue improving all the existing functionality, integrations and better support you and your growing businesses.

Even more, we’re already working on massive User Interface & Experience face-lift that will span through all our products, from the Management platform, to the Mobile app, Member portal, and all Extensions. It is going to be Great!

These are a lot of items, right? Sure, they are. But our growing team and drive to completely connect your flexible workspace motivate us even more to continue our amazing product journey. ?

You can connect with me at miro@officernd.com if you want to discuss our roadmap. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Have a look at the roadmap board and let us know your thoughts.

Feb 9th, 2018 Release

With OfficeR&D you can now create Membership, License and Lease Agreements each coming with a pre-set template, stepped pricing and its own specific contract entities. Navigate to Settings/Contracts to enable all three or read more here about the new functionality.

We are also exposing a functionality to terminate contracts so that you can manage the legal side of the relationship with your customers in a more structured way. Head over to the brand new Contracts section on our documentation portal to learn more.

We are also exposing a set of options to configure different purchase flows for members and non-members. Go ahead and read more about the new settings available under Apps/Signup & Public Calendar.

You’ll also find a few new menu options on the admin side of OfficeR&D. We’ve moved all collaboration options under the new Collaboration tab. We also added a Forms configuration page under Settings and you can use it to customize the address and billing details fields that members have to fill on signup or when they complete their members portal profiles.

See what else is available with this release:


  • Detach line items of voided and credit noted invoices and make them available for invoicing in a new invoice. Read more.
  • Expose Liability accounts in the Xero integration on the OfficeR&D side.
  • You can now enable creating invoices with $0.00 total amount. The option is available under Settings/Invoicing.
  • Display and edit the plan deposit when creating and editing a contract.
  • Add buttons for ‘Add’ & ‘Add & Approve’ when creating contracts.
  • Expose the ‘team.vatId’ property in the Contract template.
  • Improve the Dashboard/Your Space layout.
  • Change redirect parameters for PT-X Onboarding.
  • Enable Kisi to always send welcome emails when access is granted to a member.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • It is possible to delete the only step in a contract.
  • When signing up or booking though the public calendar an invoice is send with confusing text.
  • Creating a new organization with the same slug as an existing company throws error 500.
  • Validate contract steps.
  • Contract dates pickers are not working well.
  • Initial load of the member directory in the members portal is not loading past the first page.
  • You should not be able to delete contracts when there are invoices for the memberships associated with it.
  • In some cases the Invoice number is not sent to Stripe – for instance when it is part of a paid booking.
  • Set Credit note status to Voided – the Voided status is not synced with Xero.
  • Contracted Memberships are locked but you can still delete them.
  • You should be able to edit the name of a contract membership.
  • Editing a resource from the Floorplan has no effect then on the resource all around the app.
  • The ‘required’ checkbox is not working for fields connected to custom properties of type ‘select’ and ‘multi-select’.
  • Email templates for ‘Booking Created – Public’ is not updated and also some properties are not listed in the available properties for usage in the template, e.g. {{resourceTypeTitle}}.
  • You can create organization with same slug as another.
  • Welcome email is sent twice.
  • ‘Multi-select’ type of properties don’t shown on the signup page.
  • Charge fails when it is triggered after a sign up from the members portal with enabled accounting integration and WorldPay PG. There are also issued with the invoice number in this scenario. The invoice number should be generated from the accounting software.
  • The Facebook integration is broken.
  • After detaching a line item (only for one-offs) you need to refresh the browser to invoice those items.

Jan 22nd, 2018 Release

Welcome to another set of improvements on the OfficeR&D side. Here are the highlights of this release.

Track the top 3 metrics of your space with OfficeR&D:

  • Active Users – users on active recurring memberships.
  • Capacity – the number of desks added to the floor plan.
  • Portal Users – users invited to the members portal.

Add Custom Templates and Custom Properties

You can now define your own custom templates for contract and invoice documents. You will find a new Add Template button available under Settings/Templates for the invoices and the contracts. What is more, we’ve created a Custom Properties section under Settings, where you can create multiple types of custom properties (including the long-anticipated Date property type) and apply them to contracts, invoices or resources.

See what else we’re enabling:


  • Every change of a contract status triggers an email to your team with details about the changed contract.
  • Define the category of each plan by editing its Portal settings and OfficeR&D will group and organize the Shop view in tabs on the Members Portal.
  • Define the category of each benefit and OfficeR&D will group and organize the benefits in tabs on the Members Portal.
  • Members requesting a meeting booking will now receive two emails – one confirming their request is submitted and one letting them know your team approved the request. Look for the Booking Requested templates under Settings/Templates/Emails if you’d like to customize the default wording. There is more to that – your team will also receive an email notification with details around the requested booking so they can respond in time.
  • Members can now RSVP to events directly from the Dashboard on the Members Portal. 
  • You can filter by a period on the Dashboard/Community page on the admin side of OfficeR&D.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Enable setting the billing person role from the Add Member and Edit Member dialogs.
  • Booking for 4th of December for a company shows an incorrect message stating that the booking will be accounted on a past date – e.g. 1st of December.
  • Update contracts and re-generated the pdf does not take into account the latest changes on the contract.
  • OfficeR&D allows you to create a contract that starts before the company start date – which leads to membership created without a start date.
  • When assigning a Private office desk from the floorplan, the resource is not selected and is not in the list.
  • The receptionist role cannot add One-off fees.
  • The labels overlap on the Billing chart for unpaid invoices.
  • The Public Checkout Page From and To dates do not respect Business hours setting.
  • Improve the Manual Bill-run period options.
  • When editing a membership, sometimes the system notifies you that you need to manually invoice the membership that is already invoiced.
  • When no Contract Approvers are set, Center Manager can see the Approve button.
  • On the Public Checkout Page, after changing the quantity of the requested resource, the system shows you resources that are not publicly available.

Jan 5th, 2018 Release

Happy New Year!

We wish you lots of happy members and great coworking experiences in 2018.

Happy First Release for 2018 too. Here’s what it includes.


We’re introducing our first cloud printing integration – eZeep! Yes, it’s a big deal. The integration between eZeep and OfficeR&D lets you automate the printing operations in your coworking or shared workspace. Read more here

Public Checkout/Booking page

We’re also adding a new Public Checkout/Booking page that allows non-members to search and book any resource you’re offering – from Meeting Rooms to Coliving Rooms, Hotdesks or Parking spots, in a unified and nicer way. The flow is the same standard checkout flow you already know – users are asked to create an account, confirm and pay for the booking. The difference is that they can now book a time slot not just for the usage of a meeting room. When a user books a resource on this new page, they will be listed as a Drop-in member in your companies/members list.


See what else is available with this release.


  • eZeep cloud printing integration
  • Public Checkout/Booking Page and admins can configure which resources are available for booking on it. In order to enable this page, navigate to Apps/Signup & Public calendar and enable the Booking Checkout Page feature.
  • Ability to filter meeting rooms by the floor they are located on, in the calendar available in the admin portal of OfficeR&D.
  • Ability to mark meeting rooms as Unavailable (out of exploitation) in the admin portal of OfficeR&D.
  • We’re introducing improvements in the opportunity UI and functionality.
  • There is a new batch of contract improvements which include showing deposits already held and allowing to change the number of desks.
  • You will now find a ‘missed fees section’ on the member profile even when no auto billing is enabled. This way you can more easily keep track of the fees you need to collect from your members.


The following issues, reported by you, are now fixed:

  • Adding a new Credit Card / ACH in CardConnect does not work in some cases.
  • Cannot add a bank account to a company with PayDock.
  • Occupancy dashboard total number of desks are missing for non-zone resource types.
  • A draft floorplan is all red. Can’t see assignments and pending coloring.
  • The total number of desks on the Dashboard/Occupancy is wrong in some cases.
  • Number of Desks taken from floorplan is not shown correctly on Contract.
  • You are not able to assign resource with 2 memberships with valid dates with status pending.
  • In tablet view when you hide the menu you could show it only with a page refresh.
  • Automated schedule for Contracts removes Served Notice status.
  • Cannot configure Google calendar integration.
  • Custom pages virtual scroll in Member portal does not work and when you have a page for former members you see only 16 of them.
  • Manually added credits for the future creates credits for the current month.
  • Credit bag for a removed resource displays “All meeting rooms” instead of “Invalid”.
  • Book meeting room in the future (more than 2 months from now) should be Not accounted.
  • Deleting a meeting room keeps all bookings but leaves them with no location.
  • Membership with credits created with start date in the future – credits are not shown in the credits grid replace existing.
  • The second click on Meeting room/Hotdesk menu item removes the filter in Members Portal.
  • Search results in the booking checkout flow are not cleared.
  • Assign desk and assign member buttons are shown for membership groups.
  • End date of membership is not taken into account when need to book a room for active members.
  • Name, description and meeting room size are not shown in tablet view for not public meeting rooms.
  • The search criteria at checkout is not respecting the booking mode (time/day).
  • ‘Fees from previous periods’ checkbox in the manual bill-run shows only fees from the current month.

Our next release is scheduled to go out in 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more updates and our official Roadmap for 2018.

Dec 14th, 2017 Release

With December almost over, we’ve got yet another set of improvements in OfficeR&D.

With this release, we’re introducing the lifecycle of a contract. The lifecycle starts with the contract creation – if you’d like to have a team of approvers for every created contract, make sure to trigger the Approval Process from Settings/Contracts. This way every created contract will remain in a Draft state until an approver reviews it. The other new stages of the contracts include Notice Served, Renewal Due, Renewal Overdue and Expired.

This release also includes a better accountability of refunds. In the rare cases when you need to refund an invoice, you will be able to issue a Credit Note for a paid invoice right from the paid invoice. In the Credit Note, you’ll find a Refunds section where you can record the refunded payment. This way the system will account for the return of services and any refunded amounts.

See what else is available with this release.


  • We have one more payment gateway enabled under Settings/IntegrationsBottom-Line PTX Direct Debit.
  • You can map Brand Themes in Xero to Locations in OfficeR&D in the integration configuration under Settings/Integrations.
  • You can configure email preferences for the notification emails the system sends for bookings under Settings/Calendar.
  • The members portal sign-up page shows the actual name of the tax when calculating the summary of the member’s purchases.
  • You’ll also find improvements in the desk resources multi-select options on the floorplan.


  • Disabled the option to add invoice with a total of 0.
  • Email validation is available for all email fields.
  • Resolved issues with calculated credits for the last occurrence of a recurring booking.
  • Resolved issues with the Capsule integration configuration not saving Office mappings.
  • 1-day bookings of Hotdesks made via the members portal are now displayed on the calendars on both the members and admin portals.
  • Updating membership dates in some cases used to create overlapping moves of a resource. This issue is now resolved.
  • The check-box “Fees from previous periods” in the manual BillRun now disables the Fees Period dates filter.
  • Individual member created from admin can now use the Pay Now functionality.
  • Name of the office (private office) and a number of desks is now properly printed in contracts and the tax is properly calculated.
  • Improved the way membership updates affect credits allocations.
  • Better validations of the custom resources and zone types.
  • Added all  OfficeR&D payment accounts in the accounting integration configurations.
  • Members can now use the Pay Now button in the portal for their personal invoices.
  • We resolved issues with private rooms that were available to all members on the portal despite their access settings on the admin side of OfficeR&D.

Dec 1st, 2017 Release

Another release is out and the improvements keep rolling in. With this one, we’ve got custom resources. Navigate to Settings/Space and add your own custom resources – doggy day passes and parking slots are just a couple of examples that are now a reality in OfficeR&D. This new feature covers all aspects of the resource lifecycle – define your own resource, add it to the floorplan, create a billing plan targeting only it, assign it to members and then assign them to the resource on the floorplan and enable members to book the resource through a calendar.


We’re also introducing:

  • Better private offices traceability by exposing an availability period per private office. This will enable you to keep track of the occupancy levels within the exploitation period of each office. If you have 2 private offices but you’d like to remodel and merge them into one, OfficeR&D can now keep a record of the old private offices’ occupancy levels while letting you mark them as unavailable in the future and creating a new bigger office with its own brand new availability period.
  • Multiple calendar pages on the Members Portal. Head over to Apps/Pages/Custom Pages and add a custom page that displays a calendar of any existing resource – private office, parking lot, dedicated desk. What is more, the calendars – both on the admin and member portals, can display 24-hour long bookings. There is an all-day-view displayed as the top line of the calendar where similarly to how Google Calendar shows you all-day events, you can keep track of those in OfficeR&D as well.
  • Charge multiple invoices in a bulk operation. Want to give it a try? Head over to Settings/Invoices and select multiple invoices to see the Charge button appear. Make sure you have a payment provider integrated as otherwise, this feature will be disabled.

Check out what else we improved and fixed in this release.


  • Contracts under Community/Contracts can be filtered based on their signed, created and start dates.
  • We change the look and feel of the sign-up form view that lists the available locations. You can also define which locations you’d like to display on the sign-up page via the new Portal tab available when you edit a location under Space/Locations.
  • The Occupancy Interval report available under Space/Occupancy Interval Report can now be exported. The Occupancy Report export is also extended and it now lists the member occupying the office, their move-in and move-out dates in separate columns.
  • If you’d like to customize the look and feel of the meeting rooms tablet app, you can add your own custom styling via the Apps/Custom Code section.
  • The QuickBooks integration is also extended to enable the mapping of the default OfficeR&D accounts to products or services in QuickBooks. This way you can map one-off line items that are manually added to an invoice in OfficeR&D to a specific product in QuickBooks.


  • When editing a contract the plan’s price no longer defaults to the original price of the plan and you can customize it.
  • The issues with after-hours bookings not being displayed on the calendar are resolved.
  • The red line that indicates the current time in the calendar is now properly aligned even when there are meeting rooms in different time zones.
  • The summary under Space/Locations now provides the correct occupancy information.
  • The accounts and tax rates are now resolved in the contracts.
  • When there are more than 15 lines in the invoice template, the last row no longer overlaps with the header.
  • The system validates that all offices have target plans when creating a contract.
  • The Draft label status of the locations under Space/Locations is changed to red.
  • The issue with booking more hours than the limit from the admin calendar is now resolved.
  • Don’t allow meeting rooms with bookings to be deleted.
  • Deleting a contract now deletes all associated entities.
  • Recurrent bookings are now displayed in Day view in the Meeting room calendar.
  • Billing chart numbers are now accurately calculated on the dashboard in the admin portal.
  • Google login redirects you to app.officernd.com after a successful login.
  • The custom pages filter by status is addressed to properly display the members.
  • The system now prevents deleting resource rates with related credits and resources.
  • The “Resend Invitation” functionality available under Apps/Users now properly adds an access token for the member portal.