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August 16th, 2018 Release

6 min read

Someone would’ve thought that the summer should be quieter. Well, not for the OfficeRnD team. We did another 3 major and 10+ smaller releases since mid-July. We rolled out 20 new features and improvements and 25+ bug fixes. Let’s have a look.

Utilization Dashboard & Report

You can now monitor your in-depth utilization report and dashboard that will show you the performance of your Meeting Rooms (or other bookable by the hour resource types). Some of the key performance indicators that the report will highlight are:

  • Total number of bookings and duration for the month
  • Utilization % – the total duration of all bookings vs. the total available duration assuming the business hours of the space
  • Average bookings duration

You can also see the data in more detail in the Reports / Resource Utilization table or export the data to excel.

Value-based Credits (coins)

You can now grant value based credits to your members – as part of their memberships or granted manually. The idea behind the value credit is simple, if you grant $100 worth of coins to a member, they can then decide whether to book 1h in the boardroom (for $50) and few hours in a small meeting room or another configuration.

The value credits are more flexible than the hourly credits as they give different options and variations for members to book resources. They can also be used for booking Hotdesks, Parking or any other bookable resource.

The value-based credits are available simultaneously with hourly credits so you can mix them up to your preferences.

The new credit system also comes with a much nicer and easier to use accounting and transaction log infrastructure. You will be able to easily see the Account Ledger (Transaction log) of all credit related transactions and easily report on the balance of each member.

Member Portal Product Pages

Your members will be able to open a product/plan in a separate page where they can see all the details about the plan before purchasing it. The new product pages are available both on the Signup page as well as in the internal member portal Shop page.

You can also send a deep link to a plan to any potential or existing member.

Native Meeting Rooms Display App

The waiting is over! Our native meeting room display app is finally available for download in both – Apple app store and Google Play.

RnD Rooms will allow you to easily display the current availability of the room and soon to book directly or check-in. You only need to mount an iPad or Android tablets in front of your meeting rooms and install the app. After initially signing up with your OfficeRnD credentials, the meeting rooms will load up and you only need to choose the room. Once connected to a room, the app will take care to lock the tablet and display the availability in full screen.

We’ll be pushing a lot of updates to the app and will add many new features over the next months as we’re very much dedicated to providing the best digital experience for your members.

Following are all changes in greater deatail:


  • Resource (meeting rooms & desks) utilization dashboard
  • Resource (meeting room & desks) utilization report
  • RnD Rooms App – publish an official meeting room booking displays app in the Apple app store and Google Play.
  • Value-based credits – create a setup where you can set value credits that can be used to book resources based on their rate.
  • Booking policies – allow setting different options depending on member vs. non-member basis, such as ‘Require approval’, ‘Max booking duration’, or ‘Enable Recurring bookings’.
  • Ability to define invoice export pre-sets, for example for Yardi finance or Sage.
  • Enable the ‘require approval’ feature for one-off plans.
  • Member portal product pages – allow opening more information page about the plan/product on the Signup page and in the internal Shop.
  • Member portal improved multi-location support – Members, Posts, Events, Shop.
  • Invoice Safe mode – Add an option to allow/disallow deleting/editing paid, voided and sent invoices.
  • Membership Invoices History – Add a new view where you can track the membership invoice history in detail.


  • Custom properties view and filter on Companies/Members pages.
  • Improve contract length approval rule to allow NO MORE comparison.
  • Allow setting Due Date before the Issue date – Xero and QB support that scenario.
  • Purchase flow (signup and public booking) – allow requiring credit card without issuing an invoice.
  • Signup Page improvements – separate Payment Details in another tab.
  • Admins are allowed to cancel intersecting bookings caused by Google Sync.
  • Export Credit Notes with minus sign.
  • Improve PT-X Charge handler error handling to provide meaningful messages


  • Invoices with Awaiting payment status are not calculated either as Paid or as Not Paid.
  • Items with the same text in a credit note/invoice are selected/deselected together when one is clicked.
  • Credit note of assigned one-off is added to the member instead of the company.
  • MRR is not calculated properly on Space/Locations page.
  • Desk count in Space/Desks is not correct – “Showing XXX desks from YYY” is not always accurate.
  • You can update a booking to span on more than the allowed maximum booking hours in some cases.
  • Re-allow editing an invoice’s Issue Date and Number.
  • When an invoice has no location the sync with Xero/QB doesn’t display an error message.
  • Custom domain name with cookie expiration results in being unable to open member’s portal until you close the browser.
  • Booking guests do not receive emails in some cases.
  • Bookings in the portal could be edited past the business hours if the times are typed in (rather than chosen by the pickers).
  • Members API returns 500 when the ID is invalid or missing.
  • The KPIs are wrong in some cases and not respecting the space (and location) time zone.
  • When exporting Bookings, the “Resource” field is not populated in some cases.
  • Members Portal item image is cut on left and right.
  • Cancel bookings emails are not sent to members in some cases.
  • Add Direct debit from the member’s portal is not working for Individual members.
  • There is a way to add members with non-normalised emails.
  • Automatic checkout with IronWiFi doesn’t work in some cases.
  • Non-primary resources should not affect the Total Capacity (KPI) in the Space Growth chart
  • When only one membership is Personal it still groups them together if more than 1 and marks them all as Personal.
  • Editing memberships do not allow changing plans when there is a deposit.
  • Fix UI glitches of the custom properties filter.
  • Order summary does not have scroll and if you add more items you do not see Buy/Request button on small resolutions.

While we work on the next release, you can enjoy the holiday season and collected as much as possible sunshine, vibes, frape and good books on the beach. 🙂

July 13th, 2018 Release

3 min read

Friday the 13th is the perfect day for another big release, isn’t it? Well, as long as you’re not superstitious…

Salto ProAccess

Let’s start with the big one – we’re releasing a new version of our “Salto ProAccess SPACE” integration. It’s a big step for us to fully automate the access control of your flexible workspace. The integration will take care to sync your members’ and grant them access to the correct group based on their membership type, contract (office assignment) and bookings data. Please, get in touch with our awesome support team ( to help you set up the integration for you.

Another improvement of our access control story is that now you’ll be able to see directly in the OfficeRnD member’s profile the access group this member is mapped to. This feature will work also with KISI, SaltoKS and Salto ProAccess.

Personal Memberships

Personal Memberships is the next big new feature. It’s been a long-awaited improvement that so many of you requested and I’m extremely happy to announce it today. It will allow you to add memberships (not just fees as before) that will be billed to the member (and not the company) and charged to the member’s personal payment details. For example, if a member has a car park space that is not covered by the company, you can now charge them directly from OfficeRnD.

Payment Receipts

You can also start sending Payment Receipts. You can set up the system to send them automatically when payment is successfully received through either Credit Card or Direct Debit or you can manually send them when you add payment from the platform. You can go ahead and enable the feature from Settings / Billing / Invoicing.

Read more about all improvements and fixes we introduced today:


  • Personal memberships – allow charging members separately from the company for recurring personal memberships.
  • Invoice Receipts – allow for sending receipts to members when they pay their invoice.
  • Salto ProAccess SPACE integration – automate the sync between OfficeRnD and your access control system.


  • Show notification that there are members that require attention – for example, have not invoiced memberships & fees. Read more here.
  • Door access integrations should show which member has access to where on each member profile.
  • Allow creating multiple memberships of the same type and price.
  • Show Interest (opportunities) in the search resources view.
  • Remove the auto-charge limit (used to be 5000 units).


  • Disable adding custom form fields without picking a custom property.
  • Improve the system message when deleting membership / terminating it with credits that are already used.
  • Direct Debit mandate is not working because of Stripe configuration in a multi-location organization.
  • SaltoKS automatic check-ins don’t work if a user doesn’t have email.
  • OfficeRnD users without emails are not synced with SaltoKS
  • Fix how we send the member name fields in Braintree.
  • Create an invoice check/uncheck as personal does not work as expected in some cases.
  • The last login KPIs are not calculated correctly in some timezones.
  • Some special characters do not render properly on PDF documents.
  • Add invoice from customer page freeze in some cases.
  • Automatic checkout with a combination with IronWifi does not work in some cases.
  • Signup with Authorize.Net creates payment profiles in a single member profile.
  • Adding personal direct debit mandate add it to the team in some cases.

We’re already working on a big list of new features and improvements. Some of the more exciting ones are the Monetary-value credits (e-wallet), iterative improvements on the member portal public pages – signup and calendars, and many more.

July 4th, 2018 Release

2 min read

While the 4th of July celebrations are heating up (Happy Independence Day to all our American friends), we did another big release of our platform.

Let’s start with the big user interface improvement of the Member portal signup, public calendar, checkout pages as well the internal member shop:

How do you like those changes? Go ahead and add images and categories to your public billing plans to make them more appealing to users. And let us know what you think of the new styling and layout!

Another exciting news is that we’re releasing a private beta of a new way of integrating your radius-enabled network into OfficeRnD which will allow for real-time presence tracking. More on this soon.

We also continue adding new reports and this time we are introducing the much awaited Invoiced Revenue Report. It shows all monthly invoices, credit notes, and due (overdue) amounts. You can go ahead and check it out under Reports / Invoiced Revenue.

Read more about all other improvements and fixes we introduced today:


  • Monthly Invoice Revenue report.
  • Ability to Import resources, such as Desks and Private Offices and Meeting Rooms under Settings/Import/Resources.
  • New member portal Design – Shop, Calendar, Checkout, Signup.
  • A beta version of the Radius-based WiFi Checkin integration – authentication & presence tracking


  • Enable changing image and name of the app that posts to Slack
  • Filter by resource size in Search Resources view
  • The Contract link in the Draft contract email needs to point to the Contract page
  • Allow editing admin email templates
  • Allow terminating contract on a date earlier than today
  • Expose deal size property in Zapier Opportunities request
  • Allow center managers to delete events


  • Deleting invoice/credit note should navigate to the invoices list
  • Draft invoices allow Send and Void and Credit Note commands
  • Adding custom line items picks incorrect tax in some cases
  • RSVP event title is clickable and used to open the link of the Event but now it is not working
  • Facebook connect account does not work on dedicated environments
  • Exporting Teams/Companies does not work in some cases
  • Add plan set all existing legal documents as plan terms and you might miss it
  • Recurring bookings are expanded only for a year in some cases
  • Disconnecting QB integration from QuickBooks doesn’t let the user reconnect it
  • Improve the wording of the invoice template numbering
  • T&C checkbox consent name does not update for members that are added from the admin
  • Improved google calendar sync

June 20th, 2018 Release

4 min read

We feel so good when we release a new version of OfficeRnD that we want to shout out all the new features. Then we usually don’t do it as we’re already focused on the new release and the new improvements we’re already working on. Before we move on, here’s what we worked on during the last 2 weeks.

Let’s start with the user tracking in the members portal – now you can see when your members last logged in the portal in the Community / Users section. The number of active portal users will also be visible in the Space Growth dashboard, so don’t forget to check it out.

We also worked on Contracts to allow you to create a more advanced approval process. We called it ‘Contract conditional approving‘ – this feature will allow your sales teams to get contracts automatically approved if they meet the business criteria set by a business owner.

We’re also releasing new versions of our Invoice and Contracts templates – they look much nicer, simpler and cleaner. If you are already using the previous templates and want to update to the new ones, you can go to Settings / Templates / Invoice and click ‘Revert’ which will update the template.

We know that all of you would like to use some custom workflows that integrate with OfficeRnD. That’s why we submitted our Zapier app to the official marketplace. We’ve also added more Triggers and Actions as well as several predefined templates. You can read more about it here.


  • Publish Zapier application & integration improvements – we’ve added more triggers and actions
  • User Management – track when users log in. Aggregate the data and show it on the Space Growth dashboard.
  • New Invoice template
  • Conditional contracts approval
  • Ability to separate the charge items during bill-run by more types such as, license fees, service (ancillary) fees, one-off fees, etc.


  • Fix the Membership sorting and improve the UI of grouped memberships
  • Contract templates UI/UX improvements
  • Allow edit/ canceling memberships (services/plans) which are part of a contract
  • Contract Generate PDF button & dialog should be visible for everyone (Preview) but the actual generation should be only available for Approvers
  • Show the deposit field when creating a membership for a recurring plan with a default deposit of 0.
  • Multiple performance improvements
    • We’re loading less data on different screens to speed the load time
    • We improved the server infrastructure to speed up the platform


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • The unpaid invoice banner on the bottom is blocking the full day button on the calendar
  • Connect to LinkedIn account with all browsers throws an error
  • Email custom domain is not taken into account from the location when sending Welcome email, reset password email, Messages email
  • Event link in RSVP dialog “Learn more” does not work in some cases
  • Custom property name with ‘dot’ character breaks the application in some cases and could not be saved
  • Locations that are not marked as Public are still shown on the locations dropdown in Public Calendar
  • The ‘Feedback’ menu item in the Portal is still visible even when the Feedback option is OFF
  • Office deposit is not added as refundable fee when creating a membership with a plan that does not have deposit set
  • Dedicated desk membership that is assigned to an office is not synced with SaltoKS
  • The default invoice filter by date does not default to the current month
  • Admins cannot delete canceled bookings
  • Member fees are not shown initially on the Member page – you need to reset the date filter
  • Canceled bookings are not accounted in the bookings report
  • Center Managers cannot delete invoices
  • Removing notification email doesn’t fall back to the general settings email
  • Transaction duration X days should be even or smaller not only even for PreCharge
  • Use Day passes for Active members option does not work for individual members
  • Users can sign one contract multiple times in some cases
  • Meeting room Privacy option Limited – when you set Members and then edit and set Plans – members are lost and you do not understand that
  • Signup email validation does not validate it properly if the email has ‘dot’ in it
  • The logo in the email template often looks huge and does not scale properly in the email.
  • Day passes are not used upon checking in when you have Terminated memberships without Parttime=true
  • Member status is not calculated as expected in some cases
  • Target plan is not visible on Hot desk resources
  • Some symbols in company name break exporting PDFs in some cases

As a continuation of improving the user experience of the platform, we also started working on new version of the Member Portal’s Shop, Calendars and Checkout pages. Here’re some preliminary design screens:

Tell us what you think in the comments below or get in touch with us to discuss our Releases and Roadmap.

June 5th, 2018 Release

2 min read

It’s always great to start the week with a new release. We worked hard on major new version of our Meeting Room Tablet Displays. They look so much better now, don’t they? Also, you can configure the interface in greater detail using the custom code options of the portal.

Note: In order to get the updated version, you need to manually refresh the tablets. This won’t be needed in the future as they will then get the new versions automatically.

What’s coming next here is to make these native iOS and Android apps as well as adding some more functionality, such as ‘End Meeting Early / Extend’, ‘Book Now’ as well as ‘Check-in / Check-out’ so you can autorelease if not checked in a certain timeframe.

Another big improvement is related to the Payments – now you can configure some integrations to send the invoices for collection ‘X number of days’ before the Due date so they can clear up by the Due date. This is especially important for Direct Debit providers as they need at least few days in order to collect the payments. The new option is available under the Integrations’ specific configuration, for example, GoCardless or Bottom-line PTX.

We also continued the effort to improve the electronic terms acceptance, now you can specify if you want all terms to be split into separate checkboxes.

We introduced new Payment Gateway option too, called Omise. It is another great option to collect automated payments in Asia.

Here is what else we released today:


  • New look and feel of the meeting room displays
  • Improve invoice numbering template
  • Ability to send invoices for charge X days before the Due Date (important for Direct Debit)
  • Revenue report by location – the ability to group the revenue report not by account but also by location
  • Terminated contracts should show the Termination date and reason
  • Allow charging memberships for more than one month during checkout
  • Integrate with Omise Payment Gateway
  • Ability to separate some legal documents into separate checkboxes during sign up


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • When creating a new invoice, the custom properties are lost if you select/change company or change invoice Period after you put value in the field – we should preserve value of custom properties
  • Import Fees doesn’t update the discounted price of Fees when the price is taken from the CSV
  • Occupancy Interval report does not respect individual office desk assignments
  • Meeting Room Tablet App doesn’t respect the Booking privacy setting in Calendar & Bookings
  • Filtering by office / location does not work in the opportunities page
  • Importing bookings triggers email notifications
  • Change language drop-down in members portal and click Update profile – reset the language to the previous value of the drop-down
  • When updating fees without a plan the dialog gets broken in some cases
  • Custom Member Wall Pages get incorrectly filtered on the portal in some cases
  • Available rooms are not displayed in the checkout flow when they have recurring bookings
  • Automated checkins from Kisi are failing in some cases

May 23rd, 2018 Release

2 min read

Another release went out today and it continues the legal documents story by allowing you to create different versions of your ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘House Rules’. It is important to note that as soon as you bump the version of your legal documents targeting members on the portal, all members will be prompted to accept the revised version of your terms the next time that they log in. (If you’re affected by the GDPR this would be the perfect time to update your legal documents targeting members to address the GDPR requirements, I’m just saying).

You can also associate different terms and conditions with the different plans you expose to members:

We’re also localizing the members portal! We support Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese. Let us know if your language is not on this list because we would need your help to add it there!

Here is what else we released today:


  • Add Accept Terms and Conditions as part of the welcome/signup flow.
  • ‘Revenue Report’ improvements
  • Improve the Booking cancellation flow in the Member portal for Free bookings
  • Ability to set resource price to all resource types that are ‘can assign’ true
  • The R&D icon should not point to ‘’ – open menu to open ‘Admin


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • The unavailable offices should not be calculated and present in the Occupancy Report.
  • An occupied office desk from a private office does not mark the office occupied in the Reports/Occupancy Report as expected.
  • Meeting rooms are color-coded in green as available on the floorplan but they should be color-coded in the meeting rooms resource color.
  • The bookingSummaryDisclaimer is not displayed to admin team members when booking rooms on the admin portal although it is displayed to members on the Members Portal.
  • Disable changing the booking credit interval length from ‘month’ to ‘once’ and vice versa.
  • Can’t assign an office desk plan on the floorplan.
  • We fixed some performance issues when deleting and terminating contracts.
  • Pro-rata calculation is not correct in some cases for the Current month length.
  • User permissions help link in Settings/MyAccount/Teammates is leading to the wrong documentation article.

May 9th, 2018 Release

3 min read

Although team OfficeR&D was big on GCUC our engineers were busy crafting another big update of our products.

You can now create multiple legal documents, such as ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘House Rules’ and enforce all new members to agree on them before signing up or signing a contract.

Another big improvement is around Invoices export – now you have more options – such as exporting invoice summaries, invoice custom fields or export them in a format that is suitable for importing into Sage.

We also improved the automated check-ins via SaltoKS and Kisi door access control systems. As usual, we worked on the Member portal and added better Meeting room booking experience by allowing your members to search for rooms by floor, amenities or size of the conference room.

Here is what else we released today:


  • Enable the creation of multiple terms and conditions (legal documents)
  • Add plan option to allow checking in members to always use their available day passes
  • Download/Export invoices improvement
  • Add the plan code to the invoice template in the items collection
  • Implement SaltoKS automatic check-ins
  • Link the membership to the contract it is bound to
  • Member Portal – Allow for a more fine-grain meeting room filtering in the Portal – filter by floor, amenities, size, etc.
  • Member Portal – Move the Forgot Password link in the sign-in box
  • Member Portal – UI improvements when you have multiple languages


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Kisi integration should not remove access of members that were granted access manually in KISI
  • Charging an invoice via card on file triggers an automated sync even if the accounting integration is set to manual sync
  • Connect to LinkedIn account with all browsers throws an error in some cases
  • SaltoKS authentication issue in some cases
  • Custom properties with a name that contains space/symbols for team/member could not be shown in invoice/contracts templates
  • ‘Base total label’ is confusing on the invoice template
  • One-off Fees sorting by date doesn’t work for newly added fees
  • When the tax rate is set to Not Selected – create invoice is not working as expected
  • The floor selection box looks broken when location name is too large
  • Approve contract does not refresh companies page and the contract is not seen on the company’s page
  • When you sign contract from Contract page company’s pages is not refreshed and you do not see the new membership – the same is when you Terminate contract (you do not see the Membership end date until you refresh)
  • Occupancy report amount for an office is counted twice when prorating
  • Invoice export to CSV – Address, ZIP, City is not exported when billing address is the same
  • Saving an invoice while in ‘Manual bill-run’ process does not close the window and does not notify for successful operation
  • The bill-run summary is wrong when having missed memberships – it shows $0 amount
  • Export private offices fail if there is an individual moved into some of the offices
  • When change membership end date – Day Passes failed to end in KISI Integrated Space
  • Terminate a contract for contract without end date (membership and lease) – throws an error in some cases
  • Member Portal – date format is not respected in the create booking dialogs
  • Member Portal Checkout UI – From and To filter does not work when the resource is CanBook & Time

Our next release is scheduled in 2 weeks time and will be awesome. We have another set of great new features and improvements lined up for it already.

April 19th, 2018 Release

3 min read

The past few weeks on our side were absolutely busy as you have probably all noticed. We redesigned the layout and the navigation of the admin platform and we tried to create a more consistent behavior for you and your team mates.

With that, we also focused on improving the payment integrations behavior on the admin side of the system by exposing multi-location configuration options for the Stripe and Ezidebit integrations. This is why you can now connect each location in OfficeR&D to a separate Stripe and Ezidebit account.

I am also happy to say that we now support SEPA Stripe payments, which can easily be enabled under Settings/Integrations in the Stripe configuration settings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is what else we released today and over the past couple of weeks.


  • We redesigned the OfficeR&D platform one more time to make it easier to navigate.
  • You can connect multiple Payment gateway accounts to different locations (Stripe and Ezidebit for now, more to come soon).
  • You can start collecting SEPA Stripe payments.
  • You can search for members by their phone number under the Community/Members pages both on the members and admin sides of OfficeR&D.
  • You can also delete multiple fees in a bulk operation under Community/Fees.
  • We have also enabled better filtering in the Dashboard/Activity view where you can search for activity records based on operation type and collection (e.g. changes of type Add over the invoices, members or credits collections).
  • Reception‘ role teammates can now add and edit company and member profiles. This enables them to book meeting rooms for new members.
  • When creating a message under Collaboration/Messages, the system will respect the new lines added in the formatting of the message when it is transferred over email.
  • You can map Non-Current Liability Accounts from Xero in the Revenue Account mappings in the Xero integration configurations.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Revenue report discrepancy when a one-off fee and a membership both belong to the same account. Currently, the report displays the amount of the first one only.
  • In the Calendar module, the Floor drop-down list is not sorted.
  • Custom properties for member and company are nor exposed in the PDF for Invoices and Contracts.
  • Contract template type is not shown when editing the template.
  • Incorrect behavior when booking – in some cases, the validation fails during the re-accounting of bookings.
  • Checkin dialog for a single day pass shows more check-ins than it should.
  • Checking a member in through the admin does not set the team to the check-in.
  • Terminate contract changes the end date of the membership with the wrong date because of a 1-hour offset.
  • Incorrect grouping of recurring credit bags
  • Admins could add booking without end date from admin calendar which is not seen or accounted but member receive email with invalid date
  • Center managers are not able to delete memberships
  • Plans cannot be merged if there are extras for bookings with already invoiced fees
  • Resizing issues with Spaces and with the new menu
  • When you collapse the menu main vertical menu it doesn’t hide directly as the mouse is still over the menu.
  • Export floorplan doesn’t work for organizations with a lot of resources
  • Addendum of Contract is not shown on Contracs page
  • ACH account numbers dialog is limiting the number of digits to 12

Redesigning the OfficeRnD Platform

4 min read

At OfficeR&D, we are taking big steps towards refining our interface in an effort to make the flexible workspace management easier and more productive. After a series of research, brainstorming sessions, and hard work, we are excited to share with the community the redesign of our platform’s navigation.

We did an overhaul of our admin portal navigation. We have switched from a top-level menu navigation to left-hand-side one:

The new menu will improve the navigation flow of the platform and open space for the most important content on each page.

Menu structure

The new navigation comes with several changes to our data structure and modules.

  • Dashboard – the unified dashboard and all module dashboards. Please, note that the reports are moved to a new dedicated section called Reports;
  • Community – Companies, Members, Users (used to be in Apps), Opportunities, Memberships, Contracts, Fees, Bookings, Visitors;
  • Collaboration – Events, Messages, Issues, Posts, Benefits (used to be in Apps), How to Guides (used to be in Apps);
  • Billing – Overview, Invoices, Plans, Resource Rates, Amenities (new), Discounts;
  • Space – Locations, Meeting Rooms, Private Offices, Desks, other resource types and Search Resources (new);
  • Calendar
  • Reports (new) – Occupancy, Bookings, Checkins, Balance, Revenue (all used to be in Dashboard)
  • Settings – restructuring the options to ensure easier setup:
    • My Account – General, Teammates, Billing Details, Subscription
    • Import, Integrations, Templates, Custom Properties, Resource Types, Forms, T&Cs
    • Billing – Invoicing, Accounts (used to be in Billing), Tax Rates (used to be in Billing)
    • Platform – Calendar, Community, Contracts, Space, Reports
    • Apps – used to be major Module, now under Settings – General, Public Pages, Member Pages, Theme, Localization, Custom Code

Note: You can collapse the new Menu from the bottom-left ‘<<‘ icon to make more space for your content.

New locations filter and more

The top menu was also redesigned to make it smaller, more beautiful, and easier to use.

In a multi-location or multi-organization environment, you can select a location from the menu to filter your data for this location or change between spaces/organizations.

We also moved the Announcements, Setup Guide, and Your Profile to the bottom left corner of the vertical menu for easier navigation.

The Company/Member pages are significantly improved – we added limit in height with separate scrolling to all data grids in order to navigate more easily through the page.

We changed the font as well, to make the entire platform nicer.

New contextual help and chat

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our support, we’re also rolling out a new system that features:

  • Direct search in the OfficeR&D Knowledge Base from within the platform;
  • New chat channel;
  • New customer support portal to track your tickets;

Continuing to iterate

We are excited to share our progress with the community and even more excited that this is just the beginning. There are a number of improvements that we are working on in order to further improve our navigation and user experience. A few of these features include:

  • Redesigning the Company/Member pages;
  • Redesigning the Grid pages – such as Invoices, Contracts, etc;
  • Redesigning the Dashboards;
  • Adding new Setup Guide;

Soon after that, we’re planning big UI/UX improvements on the member portal and all member facing tools.

Try it yourself

We know that a UI change as large as a navigation redesign can be disruptive to workflow and habits but we hope that you will find OfficeR&D much easier to navigate!

Please, note that the new user interface will go live on Tuesday/Wednesday, April 10th, 2018.

Additional feedback

After several rounds of UX research and taking into account the feedback received from the community, we believe we have a UX solution that greatly improves navigating OfficeR&D. In addition to the rollout, we have created a trello item on our roadmap to collect, track, and act upon further feedback from you. We would love to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below, on the item or via support!

March 26th, 2018 Release

3 min read

This time, for a change, we pushed a few smaller releases and focused our efforts on addressing issues you reported and improving the stability and usability of the platform. There is more to come on that front, and although I don’t want to spoil the surprise, I’ll just mention – better navigation, new chat channel, direct search in the OfficeR&D Knowledge Base from within the admin portal, and more…

We’re also improving the Members Portal and we’re cooking up a localization feature so that you can run the portal in your native language (if that’s not English I mean).

Until those are available, here are the highlights of this release:

Search Resource

Quickly find resources by type, floor they are located on and availability dates in the new Search Resources page under Space.

Plan Privacy on the Members Portal

Control if a plan can be purchased by a Contact Person or all team members on the members portal using the new setting available in Portal tab of every plan editor.

Here is the complete list of new features and fixes shipped in this release.


  • The Meeting Rooms calendar on the admin and members portals now displays a scroller when the number of meeting rooms on the view is larger.
  • We exposed a new property in the Contract and Invoice templates called locationId. This property allows you to add different bank details or addresses on the invoice and contract documents based on the location of the member the document is targeting.
  • We have also improved the Settings/Import view to be simplified and guide you through the import process more seamlessly.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Cannot add an existing member who has invoices to an existing company.
  • Cannot detach line items from Voided invoices.
  • Occupancy report shows zeros for the revenue and shows incorrect period dates in some cases.
  • Cannot book a paid meeting room from the Members Portal if you don’t have payment details as the system doesn’t allow you to add your payment details in the booking form.
  • Cannot cancel an instance of a recurring booking from the Members Portal in some cases.
  • Cannot export private offices, desks and custom resources in a CSV file from the Space module.
  • Paid recurring bookings don’t get accounted properly when invoiced in some cases.
  • The size, deposit and plan price does not change in contracts when the initially selected office or plan is changed.
  • When the Payment Method of an invoice is Auto, the invoice PDF always displays Bank Transfer. It should instead display Auto.
  • OfficeDesk occupancy report is not correct.
  • Meeting rooms were sometimes not being displayed on the members and admin portals.
  • The summary of a canceled recurring booking is displaying misleading information.
  • When you filter members in Apps/Users and select all, the system doesn’t select just the filtered members but all existing members.
  • The QuickBooks integration settings for the Private Note and Statement Memo names are outdated.
  • Disable adding negative one-off fees.