Aug 4, 2017 Release

3 min read

‘Pay Now’ Available To Members

Have your members been complaining about being automatically charged for their invoices? Have they asked for the ability to pay their invoices through the portal? The Pay Now functionality available in the Billing section of the portal will give your members the freedom to decide when to pay their invoices.

FireShot Capture 14 - Coworking Home - https___coworking-home.officernd.com_billing_invoices


‘Send Feedback’ Available To Members

To further improve your members experience in the portal, we are also providing them with a feedback form to quickly submit a question, suggestion or report an issue to your email address without leaving the portal. Enable this functionality from the Apps/Features section.

Feedback Form


Enable Members to Request a Membership Cancellation

With this release, we’re enabling an Allow Cancellation option as part of the Portal settings of every billing plan. When enabled, this functionality will enable your members to request a membership cancellation via the members portal from the Membership section.

Cancel Membership


Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release.


  • We’re introducing an Automated Billing Operations summary on top of the Settings/Invoicing section to provide you with an overview of the automated billing operations configuration. You will also find the company and individuals profile pages Overview extended with a summary of the automated billing operations specific to them.
  • Members can create recurring bookings that repeat on a monthly basis.
  • Members are notified of the cancellation policy applied to the room when booking a time slot.
  • When a member books a meeting room via the public calendar, the space administrators receive a notification email.
  • You will see multiple optimizations on the members’ profile pages in the admin portal of OfficeR&D. We’ve filtered more information out to create a better experience while reviewing companies with multiple members and long history.
  • You can now add the date and the price of a one-off product in the invoice item template for one-offs available under Settings/Invoicing.
  • The invoices exported CSV now contains information about the document type to differentiate invoices from credit notes and it also lists the allocations – the relationship between invoices and credit notes.


  • The Revenue report under Dashboard is broken.
  • When the issue date of an invoice is changed the minimum date of the due date field is not updated.
  • When the plan period is updated (month, once) the icon is not updated.
  • When granting members access via Kisi, the timezone of the space is not taken into consideration.
  • The Memberships report under Dashboard is not showing correct membership prices.
  • The amounts in the invoice documents (PDFs) aren’t properly formatted when using a currency code instead of a currency symbol.
  • Used credits in the Portal are showing 0(zero) even when the member has used them.
  • When a plan has a setup fee, it displays the default deposit as an optional setup fee, when creating a membership.
  • When creating a new plan, the prorate option seems deselected.
  • Accounting software sync is available even when a sync operation is running in the background thus enabling the duplication of invoices.

July 18, 2017 Release

3 min read

Paid Recurring Bookings

Are you or your members struggling to book recurring meetings? No more! The revamped recurring booking functionality enables members to pay for recurring bookings based on the number of occurrences. The new booking summary shows how the recurring booking will be accounted in the next 2 months and how much each occurrence will cost. Members can cancel a recurrence from a specific point onward and they can update a recurring meeting without affecting the past occurrences.

Recurring Bookings

Member Posts

We’re also excited for your members to see the improved members portal and start creating conversations. Yes, the Dashboard section now contains a News Feed where members can post. You can also add posts, label them as informational or important and pin them to the top. To give it a try, navigate to Apps/Feature, enable News Feed and Member Posts and create the first posts from Community/Posts.

Portal Posts

Shop & eCommerce

And that is not all. The e-commerce section on the members portal is also improved – it is simplified and focused on shopping. To make it even better, you can edit your public plans and add images to them to make their appearance on the portal even more appealing.

Shop / eCommerce

Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release.


  • Your customers billing details include a PO Number field. When your customer provides you with their PO number, you can add it in OfficeR&D and the system will associate it with your customer’s subscriptions and will display it in all their invoices.
  • You can define a Reference number when creating an invoice.
  • You can see the team member who created an invoice and the invoice creation date in the invoice view.
  • You can create contracts for all types of plans – hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices and services. You can also set the plan to be fixed-term when it shouldn’t roll over.
  • You can configure door access systems (Kisi and Salto) to map your private offices to specific door access groups.
  • Space owners can receive weekly occupancy reports. You can enable this feature from the Settings/Reports section.
  • You can create multi-component tax rates to break down the tax in the invoices into multiple parts.
  • You can apply a location to resource rates as well as filter them out by location.
  • You can define a target revenue per location.
  • You can search for cross-location one-off fees created by members outside their default space. You can also export all one-off fees available under Community/Fees.


  • Cannot check-in member when the Day Pass does not have a value for the validTo property.
  • Editing an invoiced and paid booking, can show a misleading summary of the fee if the resource rate if the room is changed.
  • The total amount in the invoice list is calculating refunded and voided invoices.
  • Credit notes are accounted in the Billing/Dashboard chart.
  • Occupancy report is not correct when a team in an office uses two membership in a single month.
  • Occupancy report exports incorrect start and end dates.


Jun 29, 2017 Release

2 min read

Portal tab becomes Apps! Why? Because OfficeR&D is introducing two more member applications – a mobile app and a meeting room tablet view. The Apps tab accommodates the configuration options for all OfficeR&D member applications.

We’re excited to introduce the first version of the OfficeR&D mobile app as well as enable you to display each meeting room availability on a mobile device.

But that is not all we’ve done this week…

Tentative bookings are another important bit that we were missing. Now, if a member calls you up to reserve a meeting room, you can create a tentative booking, which can later be confirmed or discarded.

Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release.


  • Meeting rooms tablet view – One of the most requested features until today. A meeting room view, which you can run on a tablet and display on each meeting room door so your visitors can see the availability right there on the spot. Isn’t that cool?

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 17.17.40

  • Tentative bookings – Admins can now create tentative bookings. These are unconfirmed bookings which you can later discard or issue a fee for. You can create such bookings by checking the Tentative checkbox in the booking dialog.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 16.24.53

  • You can configure automated emails to remind members of overdue invoices.
  • Space owners can now disable teammates to access to certain modules.
  • Checkins report is now available for companies and members.
  • Events and notifications support multi-line text.
  • Teammates grid is now sortable.
  • Invoices can be filtered by billing period.
  • Desks under Space/Desks can be filtered by ‘not on the floorplan’.
  • A locations summary information is available under Space/Locations.
  • The Receptionist role is now able to add one-off fees.
  • Booking dialog UI is optimized for better booking experience.
  • You can now define the order in which plans are displayed on the sign-up page in the Members Portal.
  • You can use rich text to add billing plan description.
  • Booking credits are aligned with the calendar month and grouped by type and period.


  • Refunded invoices are counted as Unpaid in the Portal.
  • Individuals are unable to book meeting rooms.
  • Credits are applicable to all resources instead of meeting rooms only.
  • Timezone issue when displaying bookings in the portal.
  • Location selector UI glitches in the Portal.
  • Multiple fixes on passes and checkins and how those are calculated.

Jun 21, 2017 Release

2 min read

We’re overhauling the way we think about resource rates. We’re excited about the direction of this new functionality and what’s coming up over the next releases. Without giving too much away, there will be the capability to book resources such as offices and desks on hourly,  daily, weekly and monthly basis.

This week we’re introducing the ability to specify how many hours in advance members can change and cancel a booking. We’re also expanding the balance report to provide more detailed data and let admins configure its target period. Here’s what else is coming up in this weeks release.


  • Cancellation period is now available in resource rates. It enables admins to specify how many hours in advance members can change and cancel bookings.


  • Admins can specify resource rates per half day, per week, per month.


  • Balance Report in Billing/Balance Report is significantly improved and enhanced to list deposits, fees, memberships, total revenue and invoiced amounts per company. Admins can now set a target period for the report.
  • Locations menu is re-positioned to the upper left-side part of the screen to make it more visible and user friendly to access.
  • Admins can merge two companies together using the new Merge button available in the company profile page. The operation merges the following properties in the resulting company :
    • Members
    • Memberships and One-Off Fees
    • Payment Details
    • Invoices
    • Bookings
    • Booking Credits
    • Opportunities
    • Day Passes
    • Attached Files
    • Contracts
    • Comments
  • When setting a membership end date, the default end date is now set to the end of the next month.
  • Bookings can now be changed and cancelled, when they have a generated but not invoiced fee.
  • Admins can filter desks of type HotDesk under Space/Desks.
  • Under Space/Desks, desks that are not associated with a shape on the floor plan are tagged as “No shape”.


  • GoCardless doesn’t allow you to connect to Sandbox environment.
  • Check-in dialog squashes all check-ins into one.
  • When booking a hotdesk, members are charged for the booking, even though it should be free of charge.
  • Hotdesks target revenue is not visible on the floorplan.
  • Zapier action “Add Member” does not add a member in OfficeR&D.
  • The Accounts dashboard under Billing->Dashboard is incorrect.
  • Former memberships are displayed as leaving thus generating incorrect information on the dashboard.
  • Cannot sync a new invoice with QuickBooks for a company that has previously recorded sync errors.
  • Cannot change billing date per company.
  • Bookings export (Community/Bookings) does not calculate correct fee amount when the booking span is more than 1 hour.
  • Revenue report doesn’t take into account proper pro-rating settings.

May 19, 2017 Release

2 min read


  • Admins are now able to post notification messages to the Members portal
  • Address and Billing Details added to the Create Company dialog.

Address BillingDetails

  • Enabled direct debit setup with CardConnect ACH.
  • Address and Billing Details can be edited when creating a new contract.
  • Ability to set meeting room size. Displayed in both the members portal and the admin portal.


  • Improved visualization of custom properties in the members and companies profile pages.
  • Members and companies with assigned invoices can no longer be removed without first removing the invoices.
  • Enabled free recurring booking for meeting rooms with resource rate set.
  • Creating recurring bookings and adding guests is not allowed from the public calendar.
  • LinkedIn profile now properly update the bio details in the member description.
  • Improved check-ins history in the admin portal to remove duplicate entries.
  • Enable admins to associate day-passes when checking in active members.
  • Fixed send notification disabled functionality when updating recurring bookings.
  • Fixed Import bookings button navigation under Settings->Calendar.
  • Fixed export of floor plans.
  • Fixed merchants showing in the CardConnect configuration window.

May 12, 2017 Release

1 minute


  • Members portal load-up time is significantly improved.
  • Members Portal sign-up wizard is extended to:
    • Allow you to define a team size and provide the names and emails of all team members.
    • Allow you to purchase up to 30 memberships in a single sign-up.
  • Members Portal Events:
    • Event template displays the event location.
    • Event image and header are hyperlinks opening the event URL.
    • Events are sorted by date.


  • VAT amounts rounding for multi-line invoices is fixed to match accounting software rounding mechanism.
  • Send correctly grouped invoice lines to the accounting software for invoices with similar items.
  • During automated bill-runs, pro-rated invoices, generated as drafts, are no longer sent to customers.
  • The selection of a private office in the floor plan is now properly indicated.
  • The sign-up button is visible on the public calendar page only if public sign-ups are enabled.
  • Drop-in and non-members status is now properly applied when signing up through the Members Portal.
  • Small fixes in the day passes sharing mechanism.

April 2017 Release

3 min read

Jeff Haden says the two words that define success are ‘Work Hard‘. We surely agree. So we work very hard. And because we love coworking too, we say that the true path to success is ‘Cowork Hard‘. That is adding another layer on top of the working hard ethos – the community and sharing part of working hard.

April was a month full of hard coworking for us. We’re hitting the gas on our development effort as much as we can. It’s very hard to sum up all the goodies that got into the platform with our latest release but let me try.

Members Portal

  • Welcome Wizzard – enable a welcome page for new members
  • Connect Social profiles – your members can now connect their Twitter & LinkedIn profiles which will collect their Bio and Photo. Their profile will also be shown on their profile card.
  • Meeting rooms info panel – the meeting room page has now a panel on the right that shows more info about the room like price, pictures, info, etc.
  • New Member cards and various other UI improvements

Admin Portal


  • New options for adding contact, logo, addendum, and more;
  • Ability to change the resource deposit when creating a contract
  • Ability to edit non-signed contracts

Billing Improvements

  • Editing discounts – now you can edit existing discounts;
  • Ability to tick off one-off fees and membership fees when creating an invoice manually;
  • Ability to tick off customers/invoices when making a manual bill-run;
  • Improved reliability of the invoice sending – we worked hard to ensure more robust and reliable invoice sending procedure;
  • Credit notes improvements – PDF generation, accounting software sync, better presentation in the Portal and more;
  • Alternative proration algorithm – now you can prorate on both Average Month Length and Current Month Length
  • Improved Xero & QuickBooks sync;

Checkin / Day passes Improvements

  • Checkins report – first and very basic overview of your members checkins by month;
  • Multiple improvements to ensure more reliable checkin infrastructure and day-passes management

Space Management Improvements

  • Performance improvement – we did several improvements on the loading time and the floorplan management;
  • Assigning desks – the desk assigning dialog is now easier to use;
  • Office info – when you select an office on the floorplan, you’ll see the full details for it;
  • Various fixes – past memberships not showing location, availability of offices in the future, and more;

Meeting Room Bookings

  • Booking extras as separate products – now the extras are defined as separate products so you can add accounts, different price options and more;
  • New email template for inviting guests;
  • New email template for non-members booking from the public calendar;

Reports & Other

  • Occupancy report – lots of improvements and new bits on our advanced occupancy report
  • Checkins report – as described above;
  • More multi-location options – ability to set different email to receive notifications from the system
  • Fees page – an overview page where you can filter all one-off charges of selected type for specific month




We partnered with the Australian company PayDock and integrated a range of new payment options in OfficeR&D through their platform. Through PayDock, you can connect OfficeR&D to various options like PayPall, Braintree, Ezidebit, Westpac (PayWay), Authorize.Net, WorldPay, eWay, Nab, and more.

Here’s a bit more info for Pay Dock:

PayDock is a smart payments platform connecting to your e-commerce or online payments solution/gateway.
We enable you to add multiple payment gateways instantly, access new payment methods and manage all payments data from one place.

Stay tuned for information on the PayDock integration.

QuickBooks & Xero

  • Multiple Xero/QuickBooks accounts into a single OfficeR&D organization – we expanded our multi-location support further by allowing you to connect multiple accounting integrations in one account. This way, you can keep your location bills in separate Xero/QB accounts but still keep all your members, spaces, locations, invoices, and all in between in single OfficeR&D space.

Mobile App

We’re also working hard on getting our white-labeled/dedicated mobile app out. If you’re interested in joining our Beta-testing program, please get in touch at

In case you’re at GCUC today, say Hi to Miro or Jessica from our team. We’d love to chat about Software, Apps, Coworking, and all in between.


March 2017 Release

3 min read

March has been huge for OfficeR&D in terms of new customers, new features, and new team members.

We’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the new license agreement and event management modules while working on a major new feature: OfficeR&D now has the capability to run Multiple Xero and QuickBook accounts in a single OfficeR&D account. We also gave the community portal a facelift, rolled out a sophisticated new Occupancy Report and added a new hotdesk booking system!

Multiple Xero & QuickBooks accounts

From the very beginning, we designed OfficeR&D to be well suited for multi-site organizations. Keeping that goal in mind, we have now extended our accounting integrations to support multiple accounts, connected to the same space. For example, if you have 3 locations that are accounted into 2 different Xero / QB organizations, you can now easily set this up in OfficeR&D. Members being assigned to a location in OfficeR&D will be invoiced through the corresponding accounting organization.

Hotdesk Booking

OfficeR&D now offers a specific hotdesk booking flow. For example, if a member has a day pass and wants to book a desk prior to showing up, they can now easily do this via their Members portal. To enable this feature, you need to:

  • Setup hotdesks in the Backend and set the privacy options;
  • Enable the Hotdesk Bookings feature from Portal / Features.
  • Go to your community portal page and check the Hotdesks tab in the menu.

Note: This is our MVP (minimum viable product). Stay tuned for more. Your feedback is more than welcomed.

Members Portal Dashboard

We released a significant facelift of our Dashboard along with few new and improved widgets. We’ll let the picture speak for itself.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Occupancy Report – the occupancy report shows the related members and periods for specific office;
  • Permissions – we changed the permissions and roles in OfficeR&D. You can read more here.
  • Invoice email attachment – you can now specify in Settings / Invoicing if the invoice pdf should be attached in the email along with the invoice link.
  • Membership Name – You can set a name when adding a membership. This is very handy when you have similar products at different prices, like Private Offices. You should create only one ‘Office plan’ and then when you make memberships, just change the name or relate it to an office, which will pull the office price.
  • Private Office Price / Deposit – as part of the previous change, you can now set a price and deposit directly on the Office.
  • Contract Improvements – you can now add services to the contracts.
  • Export – an export button was added on almost every screen so you can easily export all of your data in well designed CSV format.
  • Member Billing Date – you can now set individual billing dates.
  • Status improvements – we fixed how we calculate the default statuses based on the products your members have.
  • And many more smaller fixes and improvements.

In the next few weeks, you may expect multiple new updates and fixes. Check our roadmap to stay updated.

Managing a shared workspace shouldn’t be that hard. Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

February 2017 Release

3 min read

We’re starting the year strong. OfficeR&D is growing faster than ever before. We’re really excited about the state of our platform and where we’re heading.

Let’s start with our brand new Ideas Board which is also our Official Roadmap 2017. Well, it’s way more than a roadmap. It is a communication, ideas, brainstorming board, fully transparent and shared with you. Let’s use this board to channel our collaboration and build the best platform for flexible spaces together.

This month, we were busy doing our new License agreement module, Events management module, Meeting room booking improvements, User interface improvements, and more.

License Agreements

Long story short, we extended our Contracts module into something much bigger. It is still work in progress but it’s getting really well:

  1. Create new Contract with start date, renewal date, resources involved, etc.
  2. Print the PDF version.
  3. Once signed, confirm the contract and seal the deal. This will generate the memberships, assign the resources (offices, desks, etc) and everything else needed.
  4. Done, your new customer is ready to enjoy the flexibility.

Note: You can even manage multiple inquiries about the same office, print different offers and only confirm one. On our floorplan view, you will see the ‘inquiries’ turning the resources in different colors.  

Events Management

Events are probably the best marketing tool that you may use to boost your coworking space. Events management was a big missing of OfficeR&D. Well, not anymore. We shipped our first version of the events module (it’s toggled off for most customers, please get in touch if you’d like to have it ON for you).

  • Create simple events.
  • Link them to external event systems like Facebook and Eventbrite.
  • Have a nice Events board in the members portal as well as Events Widget on the Dashboard.

Note: This is our MVP (minimum viable product). Stay tuned for more.

New Design

You might notice, we changed the look and feel of the admin app. The menus are more convenient, more mobile friendly and most of all, look awesome. This comes with plenty of other little improvements here and there.


Meeting Room Bookings

As usual, we constantly improve our booking system. This month, we improved our recurring bookings and the way we account the credits. Now, you can book 2 months in advance, even with limited credits. Also, we improved the user interface and fixed several issues.

Integrations Improvements

We put a lot of effort on our best of breed integrations with Xero, QuickBooks, Stripe. With the latest release, you will see if the integration has any configuration errors or warnings that might cause problems. This will help you better understand the state of the integrations and will guide on how to properly configure them.

In the next few weeks, you may expect multiple new updates like Credit Notes and Refunds, new Collaboration capabilities, and more. Check our roadmap to stay updated.

Managing a coworking space is hard. Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

January 2017 Release

2 min read

Wishing you all a happy and a prosperous 2017. Let the Coworking Force be with you.

2016 was a strong year, full of new features but of course, we’re starting 2017 even stronger. Following is the list of changes and updates from the last few weeks.

Day passes and Check-ins

We did another iteration to improve our support for day passes.

  • Updated User interface of Who’s in pages as well as the Checkin dialog in the Admin.
  • Checkin widget in the Members portal to let members check in / check out themselves.
  • New Day pass widget in the Members portal to show the used and remaining passes.

Admin portal

  • New status for Occasional users of your space called ‘Drop-in‘. These are members that use meeting rooms, day passes, and other one-off products. It’s calculated automatically.
  • Activity – track all events that are happening in the system. You can now see all changes as they happen on your Dashboard / Activity or on every item’s page.
  • Occupancy dashboard improvements.

Meeting Room Bookings

  • New Booking dialog in both Admin and Members portal – it’s slicker and better-structured interface.
  • Improved Recurring bookings interface.
  • New TimeZone options dropdown.
  • Improved Google sync.
  • Booking fees improvements – better template, and better booking accounting.

Members Portal

  • Signup page deep links – you can now set specific plans to be added to the shopping bag (specific plan page) from the URL or also point to specific locations. Read more here.
  • Signup page improvement – new locations chooser that is slicker and more beautiful.
  • Improved Members andBenefits cards


This is just to start off 2017. Stay tuned for our official roadmap and the hundreds of improvements and new features that are coming soon.