Oct 5, 2017 Release

3 min read

Happy October!

We’re kicking off the month with some great new features and fixes. Read more below for the details:

RSVP for events is now available. Members can accept or reject an event invitation, they can also indicate an interest in the event and you can limit the number of members that can attend. This release also focuses on some house-keeping improvements – you can now quickly find fees created in the past, that are not yet invoiced. The system will also warn you when creating a plan or a fee that needs to be manually invoiced. Make sure to check all new features and fixes below.



  • RSVP to events? Yes, your members can respond to an event and let you know if they will attend or if they are interested. Go ahead and create a new event under Community/Events and define how many members can attend. In the members portal when the member reviews the event, they will be able to respond to the invitation.
  • The system outlines not-invoiced fees created in the past that require attention and need to be manually invoiced. These can be reviewed under Community/Fees as well as under each member’s profile.
  • The system filters memberships by approval status and displays them in a new tab – Not approved, under Community/Memberships. If you don’t see the tab on your side, that means you don’t have any memberships awaiting approval.
  • The contract template is improved to provide better placeholder properties such as the location name.
  • The “Add fee” and “Add membership” dialogs show warnings when the bill run won’t be able to invoice the first months of the membership or the newly added fee.
  • You can now configure the OfficeR&D integration with Slack to post different post types to different channels.
  • The company profile information now includes links to all floorplan resources the company occupies.
  • One more option for export is available – the Billing/Resource Rates entries are available in a CSV exported format.
  • The billing person first name is exposed as a placeholder in the Invoice email template.
  • The Billings/Plans export is extended to provide the unique code, number of credits and number of day passes per plan.
  • The Activity section under Dashboard now lists changes in the Settings module.


  • The name of the Billing person of a company is not synced with the accounting software.
  • Draft invoices cannot be approved.
  • Non-member signup in the members portal, for users who don’t want to purchase a plan on signup, does not work when Stripe is enabled and the default payment is a credit card.
  • QuickBooks integration configuration is enabling mapping of OfficeR&D plans to QuickBooks categories, which later yields errors on sync.
  • When the billing cycle Segregation is set to Multiple under Settings/Invoicing, company members who are not marked as a billing person, are still asked to enter their payment details when booking meeting rooms.
  • The URL added to one-off plans configured as available extras when booking meeting rooms, is not displayed on the public calendar when booking.
  • The credit card (and debit) numbers are not visible in the payment details list.
  • Switching the global billing date from the membership start date to a specific date doesn’t update the customer profiles.
  • Cancelling a membership assigned to a desk or a private office doesn’t set an end date to the assignment on the floor plan.
  • Occupancy in the Summary report is not rounded.
  • Every time a member adds a visitor the time of the visit goes automatically to 12:00 and it can’t be changed.
  • Meeting Room Tablet View looks broken in portrait view on iPad.
  • Search is not working on the Company profile in the Members Portal.
  • Floorplan layers aren’t accounted during export.
  • [API] Expose API that enables developers to read and display the resource rates prices and find a resource rate by the resource it targets.
  • [Mobile App] The Meeting rooms list does not respect the privacy options of the rooms.

Sept 25, 2017 Release

3 min read

This is the most significant release of OfficeR&D ever. We introduced so many improvements that I struggle to summarize them in a single post. We built 2 new integrations, 4 major features and 10s of small improvements and bug fixes.

PayPal Integration

Members can now pay their bills through the members portal via PayPal. You can setup the integration to allow for both recurring and one-off transactions. Follow this tutorial to set it up in your OfficeR&D organization.

SaltoKS Integration

One year ago we introduced our advanced Salto on-premise integration. That was a significant step toward streamlining and optimizing the door-access management of your community.
The next step was to build an integration with SaltoKS, the cloud infrastructure of Salto. Similar to our other door-access integrations, you can now fully automate the member access, based on their memberships in OfficeR&D, Bookings, and assigned locations/resources.

Personal charges and bill run

It’s often that you may want to bill members for using personal services and products. Few examples are consuming items from the bar, parking, sports cards or everything that is not billed to the company.

With the latest version of OfficeR&D, you can easily add charges that will be billed to the member. In order to use the feature, you need to enable it under Settings / Invoicing. When enabled, you can navigate to a member, click ‘Add fee’ and select ‘Bill to member’. Then, you can either invoice the charges with your usual bill-run or you can let the platform generate them automatically.

As part this functionality, the members are also allowed to add ‘Personal’ credit card via the Members portal.

Direct Messages

Collaboration is a key element for coworking spaces. That’s why we build an entirely new feature that allows you and your members to send direct messages.

  • Admin -> Member(s): You can now send messages to individual members, or group of members, such as all ‘Active’ members or handpicked groups.
  • Member -> Member(s) / Admin(s): Your members will be able to message you or their fellow coworkers directly from the members portal.


Custom Pages

As part of the customization and white-labeling of the Members portal, we’re introducing more advanced custom page capabilities. You can now define a custom page that is based on a template, such as a Community Wall, or entirely new template where you define your own content, and for even more advanced use cases, extend the pages via code.


  • Personal Charges and bill-run – Members can now pay for services/fees/products separately from their company.
  • Contracts export – Contracts can now be exported.
  • Resource rate approval – if the rate of the room requires approval, the bookings will be created as ‘Tentative’ from the Public calendar as well as the Members portal.
  • Export Memberships
  • Add the payment date to the invoices export.
  • Allow users to set the from email address for all emails sent to their members.
  • Advanced Custom pages in the members portal.
  • Ability to add custom text to the booking dialog.
  • Ability to filter in the One-Fees by date range.
  • Ability to send in-app message (in email) in the members portal.
  • PayPal integration
  • SaltoKS integration
  • Improve how the logo is displayed in notification emails – you can customize the main email template (root template).
  • Add ‘invoiceDue’, ‘invoiceTotal’ and ‘invoicePeriod’ fields to invoice email template.


  • The exported end date of the Members export doesn’t update when a membership restarts.
  • Deleting a file doesn’t ask to confirm the operation.
  • Check-ins report / export respect location filters.
  • The LinkedIn link is not showing on the Member profile.
  • Adding payment details displays a broken UI that looks like an invalid operation.
  • Contract totals in the list should be with no tax.
  • Visitors and Shop menu items in the members portal are not editable.
  • Ability to choose date format when importing members.

Sept 7, 2017 Release

3 min read

Late August, early September is usually time for vacations and enjoying the last sunny days at the beach. But our team never rests. We are ready with the next set of improvements and fixes. We’ve dedicated this release to improve the contracts functionality and the QuickBooks Online integration.

Here are more details on what’s included in this week’s release:


  • Tax rates on OfficeR&D fees and memberships are now synced with QuickBooks Online for US-based accounts. We’ve also enabled you to remove the default multi-currency mode for the OfficeR&D integration with QuickBooks Online. This helps in the case where you’re using a QuickBooks Online account that doesn’t support multi-currency and you don’t want OfficeR&D to sync the currency information.
  • Navigate to Community/Contracts and you’ll find a new column with the contracts total value. Total values are also available in the Payment Schedule table in the generated contract PDF.
  • A new contracts approval is in place. To set it up go over Settings/Contracts and enable the Approval Process. It basically requires that all contracts are approved by the owners of the organization in OfficeR&D.
  • You can generate contracts for resources that are currently unavailable so that you can offer the same office to multiple prospects or create a contract for a resource that is not yet available but will become in the near future.
  • Maximum booking duration can now be applied per booking room. Navigate to Billing/Resource Rates and click on the resource rate the meeting room is using to change its maximum booking duration time.
  • Your members can specify start dates of any plan, product or membership they purchase from the members portal.
  • Contracts can target resources available during different periods. This enables you to create a contract for one company for multiple offices when the company wants to move into the first office in a month and into the other one 2 months later.
  • You can opt out of the support chat by navigating to your Profile page and disabling the Help Chat option.
  • Your members can see the meeting room details by clicking on the meeting room name from the calendar view in the members portal.
  • You can open the meeting room editor via the admin portal Calendar view by clicking on a room name.
  • Do you have a page on your marketing website that describes a plan or a product in details? If you do, you can now add that link to a plan in OfficeR&D and have it displayed to members and non-members reviewing the plan on the portal or sign-up page. To add a URL to a plan, navigate to Billing/Plans, edit a plan and add the link under the Portal tab.


  • Recipient didn’t show on invoices.
  • When a portal requires a credit card, bookings from members without payment details used to throw an error ‘Charge handler could not be found’.
  • The public calendar signup was not working when the OfficeR&D account didn’t have an integrated payment gateway.
  • When the credits were consumed they used to disappear from the members portal.
  • When deleting a resource rate that was associated with a bookable resource such as a desk or a private office, the warning dialog didn’t inform of the type of resource associated with the resource rate.

Aug 28, 2017 Release

2 min read

Slack Integration

This is one of our most exciting integrations to date! This native integration will auto add new members when you’re onboarding them, allow your members to chat with each other – you can even push notifications right to a Slack Channels from the admin Community/Posts module (or Member posts). Head to the integrations page to check it out and enable for your community. Read more here.


Accounting Software Auto-sync

You can now enable nightly sync of charges back from your accounting software (Xero or Quickbooks Online) to OfficeR&D. This automation will auto mark your invoices as Paid and will record the payment information in OfficeR&D to help you see when members have paid. Enable the feature by clicking Configure on your Integration and tick the ‘Pull charges automatically‘.

Members Portal Custom Pages

You can create custom pages, grouped by tag or statuses – Do you have experts, mentors or maybe alumni board that you want to display to your community? Need an extra page to add into your members portal? Then enable this feature in your ‘Apps / Features’ dashboard.
Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release:


  • Direct Slack integration
  • Members portal custom pages
  • Implement “Important Links” per location
  • Display payment method for paid invoices in the Portal
  • Ask for confirmation when deleting files
  • The bill run can now be run by anyone with Center Manager permissions
  • Remove bookings section from the Member Portal when Meeting Room booking feature is switched off
  • Show a notification on plan update that existing memberships are not affected by the changes
  • Don’t allow plans that are used somewhere in the organisation to be deleted
  • Allow center managers to delete one-off fees that are not invoiced
  • Allow users to setup issue date and due date of the invoices created by the automated bill run
  • Multiple billing contacts
  • Accounting software nightly sync – Xero and QuickBooks
  • Show Xero tax rate name in the configuration window
  • ACH payments via CardConnect is now an option
  • Checkins report for daily member activity in the space
  • Add visitors export – filtered by date and location
  • Export locations and summary
  • Ability to export the bookings report
  • Add totals to the revenue report
  • Display booking extras in notification mails
  • Make exceptions to recurring bookings
  • Members portal UI, search fields and tag improvements
  • Admin tags page (Settings / Community / Tags)


  • Fix Credit note default issue to be today
  • Fix entering incorrect credit card in the public calendar used to break the application
  • Fix OfficeR&D invoice line item grouping and rounding – different than Xero’s
  • Fix incorrect data in the occupancy weekly report
  • Fix QuickBooks synchronization error

Aug 4, 2017 Release

3 min read

‘Pay Now’ Available To Members

Have your members been complaining about being automatically charged for their invoices? Have they asked for the ability to pay their invoices through the portal? The Pay Now functionality available in the Billing section of the portal will give your members the freedom to decide when to pay their invoices.

FireShot Capture 14 - Coworking Home - https___coworking-home.officernd.com_billing_invoices


‘Send Feedback’ Available To Members

To further improve your members experience in the portal, we are also providing them with a feedback form to quickly submit a question, suggestion or report an issue to your email address without leaving the portal. Enable this functionality from the Apps/Features section.

Feedback Form


Enable Members to Request a Membership Cancellation

With this release, we’re enabling an Allow Cancellation option as part of the Portal settings of every billing plan. When enabled, this functionality will enable your members to request a membership cancellation via the members portal from the Membership section.

Cancel Membership


Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release.


  • We’re introducing an Automated Billing Operations summary on top of the Settings/Invoicing section to provide you with an overview of the automated billing operations configuration. You will also find the company and individuals profile pages Overview extended with a summary of the automated billing operations specific to them.
  • Members can create recurring bookings that repeat on a monthly basis.
  • Members are notified of the cancellation policy applied to the room when booking a time slot.
  • When a member books a meeting room via the public calendar, the space administrators receive a notification email.
  • You will see multiple optimizations on the members’ profile pages in the admin portal of OfficeR&D. We’ve filtered more information out to create a better experience while reviewing companies with multiple members and long history.
  • You can now add the date and the price of a one-off product in the invoice item template for one-offs available under Settings/Invoicing.
  • The invoices exported CSV now contains information about the document type to differentiate invoices from credit notes and it also lists the allocations – the relationship between invoices and credit notes.


  • The Revenue report under Dashboard is broken.
  • When the issue date of an invoice is changed the minimum date of the due date field is not updated.
  • When the plan period is updated (month, once) the icon is not updated.
  • When granting members access via Kisi, the timezone of the space is not taken into consideration.
  • The Memberships report under Dashboard is not showing correct membership prices.
  • The amounts in the invoice documents (PDFs) aren’t properly formatted when using a currency code instead of a currency symbol.
  • Used credits in the Portal are showing 0(zero) even when the member has used them.
  • When a plan has a setup fee, it displays the default deposit as an optional setup fee, when creating a membership.
  • When creating a new plan, the prorate option seems deselected.
  • Accounting software sync is available even when a sync operation is running in the background thus enabling the duplication of invoices.

July 18, 2017 Release

3 min read

Paid Recurring Bookings

Are you or your members struggling to book recurring meetings? No more! The revamped recurring booking functionality enables members to pay for recurring bookings based on the number of occurrences. The new booking summary shows how the recurring booking will be accounted in the next 2 months and how much each occurrence will cost. Members can cancel a recurrence from a specific point onward and they can update a recurring meeting without affecting the past occurrences.

Recurring Bookings

Member Posts

We’re also excited for your members to see the improved members portal and start creating conversations. Yes, the Dashboard section now contains a News Feed where members can post. You can also add posts, label them as informational or important and pin them to the top. To give it a try, navigate to Apps/Feature, enable News Feed and Member Posts and create the first posts from Community/Posts.

Portal Posts

Shop & eCommerce

And that is not all. The e-commerce section on the members portal is also improved – it is simplified and focused on shopping. To make it even better, you can edit your public plans and add images to them to make their appearance on the portal even more appealing.

Shop / eCommerce

Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release.


  • Your customers billing details include a PO Number field. When your customer provides you with their PO number, you can add it in OfficeR&D and the system will associate it with your customer’s subscriptions and will display it in all their invoices.
  • You can define a Reference number when creating an invoice.
  • You can see the team member who created an invoice and the invoice creation date in the invoice view.
  • You can create contracts for all types of plans – hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices and services. You can also set the plan to be fixed-term when it shouldn’t roll over.
  • You can configure door access systems (Kisi and Salto) to map your private offices to specific door access groups.
  • Space owners can receive weekly occupancy reports. You can enable this feature from the Settings/Reports section.
  • You can create multi-component tax rates to break down the tax in the invoices into multiple parts.
  • You can apply a location to resource rates as well as filter them out by location.
  • You can define a target revenue per location.
  • You can search for cross-location one-off fees created by members outside their default space. You can also export all one-off fees available under Community/Fees.


  • Cannot check-in member when the Day Pass does not have a value for the validTo property.
  • Editing an invoiced and paid booking, can show a misleading summary of the fee if the resource rate if the room is changed.
  • The total amount in the invoice list is calculating refunded and voided invoices.
  • Credit notes are accounted in the Billing/Dashboard chart.
  • Occupancy report is not correct when a team in an office uses two membership in a single month.
  • Occupancy report exports incorrect start and end dates.


Jun 29, 2017 Release

2 min read

Portal tab becomes Apps! Why? Because OfficeR&D is introducing two more member applications – a mobile app and a meeting room tablet view. The Apps tab accommodates the configuration options for all OfficeR&D member applications.

We’re excited to introduce the first version of the OfficeR&D mobile app as well as enable you to display each meeting room availability on a mobile device.

But that is not all we’ve done this week…

Tentative bookings are another important bit that we were missing. Now, if a member calls you up to reserve a meeting room, you can create a tentative booking, which can later be confirmed or discarded.

Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release.


  • Meeting rooms tablet view – One of the most requested features until today. A meeting room view, which you can run on a tablet and display on each meeting room door so your visitors can see the availability right there on the spot. Isn’t that cool?

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 17.17.40

  • Tentative bookings – Admins can now create tentative bookings. These are unconfirmed bookings which you can later discard or issue a fee for. You can create such bookings by checking the Tentative checkbox in the booking dialog.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 16.24.53

  • You can configure automated emails to remind members of overdue invoices.
  • Space owners can now disable teammates to access to certain modules.
  • Checkins report is now available for companies and members.
  • Events and notifications support multi-line text.
  • Teammates grid is now sortable.
  • Invoices can be filtered by billing period.
  • Desks under Space/Desks can be filtered by ‘not on the floorplan’.
  • A locations summary information is available under Space/Locations.
  • The Receptionist role is now able to add one-off fees.
  • Booking dialog UI is optimized for better booking experience.
  • You can now define the order in which plans are displayed on the sign-up page in the Members Portal.
  • You can use rich text to add billing plan description.
  • Booking credits are aligned with the calendar month and grouped by type and period.


  • Refunded invoices are counted as Unpaid in the Portal.
  • Individuals are unable to book meeting rooms.
  • Credits are applicable to all resources instead of meeting rooms only.
  • Timezone issue when displaying bookings in the portal.
  • Location selector UI glitches in the Portal.
  • Multiple fixes on passes and checkins and how those are calculated.

Jun 21, 2017 Release

2 min read

We’re overhauling the way we think about resource rates. We’re excited about the direction of this new functionality and what’s coming up over the next releases. Without giving too much away, there will be the capability to book resources such as offices and desks on hourly,  daily, weekly and monthly basis.

This week we’re introducing the ability to specify how many hours in advance members can change and cancel a booking. We’re also expanding the balance report to provide more detailed data and let admins configure its target period. Here’s what else is coming up in this weeks release.


  • Cancellation period is now available in resource rates. It enables admins to specify how many hours in advance members can change and cancel bookings.


  • Admins can specify resource rates per half day, per week, per month.


  • Balance Report in Billing/Balance Report is significantly improved and enhanced to list deposits, fees, memberships, total revenue and invoiced amounts per company. Admins can now set a target period for the report.
  • Locations menu is re-positioned to the upper left-side part of the screen to make it more visible and user friendly to access.
  • Admins can merge two companies together using the new Merge button available in the company profile page. The operation merges the following properties in the resulting company :
    • Members
    • Memberships and One-Off Fees
    • Payment Details
    • Invoices
    • Bookings
    • Booking Credits
    • Opportunities
    • Day Passes
    • Attached Files
    • Contracts
    • Comments
  • When setting a membership end date, the default end date is now set to the end of the next month.
  • Bookings can now be changed and cancelled, when they have a generated but not invoiced fee.
  • Admins can filter desks of type HotDesk under Space/Desks.
  • Under Space/Desks, desks that are not associated with a shape on the floor plan are tagged as “No shape”.


  • GoCardless doesn’t allow you to connect to Sandbox environment.
  • Check-in dialog squashes all check-ins into one.
  • When booking a hotdesk, members are charged for the booking, even though it should be free of charge.
  • Hotdesks target revenue is not visible on the floorplan.
  • Zapier action “Add Member” does not add a member in OfficeR&D.
  • The Accounts dashboard under Billing->Dashboard is incorrect.
  • Former memberships are displayed as leaving thus generating incorrect information on the dashboard.
  • Cannot sync a new invoice with QuickBooks for a company that has previously recorded sync errors.
  • Cannot change billing date per company.
  • Bookings export (Community/Bookings) does not calculate correct fee amount when the booking span is more than 1 hour.
  • Revenue report doesn’t take into account proper pro-rating settings.

May 19, 2017 Release

2 min read


  • Admins are now able to post notification messages to the Members portal
  • Address and Billing Details added to the Create Company dialog.

Address BillingDetails

  • Enabled direct debit setup with CardConnect ACH.
  • Address and Billing Details can be edited when creating a new contract.
  • Ability to set meeting room size. Displayed in both the members portal and the admin portal.


  • Improved visualization of custom properties in the members and companies profile pages.
  • Members and companies with assigned invoices can no longer be removed without first removing the invoices.
  • Enabled free recurring booking for meeting rooms with resource rate set.
  • Creating recurring bookings and adding guests is not allowed from the public calendar.
  • LinkedIn profile now properly update the bio details in the member description.
  • Improved check-ins history in the admin portal to remove duplicate entries.
  • Enable admins to associate day-passes when checking in active members.
  • Fixed send notification disabled functionality when updating recurring bookings.
  • Fixed Import bookings button navigation under Settings->Calendar.
  • Fixed export of floor plans.
  • Fixed merchants showing in the CardConnect configuration window.

May 12, 2017 Release

1 minute


  • Members portal load-up time is significantly improved.
  • Members Portal sign-up wizard is extended to:
    • Allow you to define a team size and provide the names and emails of all team members.
    • Allow you to purchase up to 30 memberships in a single sign-up.
  • Members Portal Events:
    • Event template displays the event location.
    • Event image and header are hyperlinks opening the event URL.
    • Events are sorted by date.


  • VAT amounts rounding for multi-line invoices is fixed to match accounting software rounding mechanism.
  • Send correctly grouped invoice lines to the accounting software for invoices with similar items.
  • During automated bill-runs, pro-rated invoices, generated as drafts, are no longer sent to customers.
  • The selection of a private office in the floor plan is now properly indicated.
  • The sign-up button is visible on the public calendar page only if public sign-ups are enabled.
  • Drop-in and non-members status is now properly applied when signing up through the Members Portal.
  • Small fixes in the day passes sharing mechanism.