April 2017 Release

3 min read

Jeff Haden says the two words that define success are ‘Work Hard‘. We surely agree. So we work very hard. And because we love coworking too, we say that the true path to success is ‘Cowork Hard‘. That is adding another layer on top of the working hard ethos – the community and sharing part of working hard.

April was a month full of hard coworking for us. We’re hitting the gas on our development effort as much as we can. It’s very hard to sum up all the goodies that got into the platform with our latest release but let me try.

Members Portal

  • Welcome Wizzard – enable a welcome page for new members
  • Connect Social profiles – your members can now connect their Twitter & LinkedIn profiles which will collect their Bio and Photo. Their profile will also be shown on their profile card.
  • Meeting rooms info panel – the meeting room page has now a panel on the right that shows more info about the room like price, pictures, info, etc.
  • New Member cards and various other UI improvements

Admin Portal


  • New options for adding contact, logo, addendum, and more;
  • Ability to change the resource deposit when creating a contract
  • Ability to edit non-signed contracts

Billing Improvements

  • Editing discounts – now you can edit existing discounts;
  • Ability to tick off one-off fees and membership fees when creating an invoice manually;
  • Ability to tick off customers/invoices when making a manual bill-run;
  • Improved reliability of the invoice sending – we worked hard to ensure more robust and reliable invoice sending procedure;
  • Credit notes improvements – PDF generation, accounting software sync, better presentation in the Portal and more;
  • Alternative proration algorithm – now you can prorate on both Average Month Length and Current Month Length
  • Improved Xero & QuickBooks sync;

Checkin / Day passes Improvements

  • Checkins report – first and very basic overview of your members checkins by month;
  • Multiple improvements to ensure more reliable checkin infrastructure and day-passes management

Space Management Improvements

  • Performance improvement – we did several improvements on the loading time and the floorplan management;
  • Assigning desks – the desk assigning dialog is now easier to use;
  • Office info – when you select an office on the floorplan, you’ll see the full details for it;
  • Various fixes – past memberships not showing location, availability of offices in the future, and more;

Meeting Room Bookings

  • Booking extras as separate products – now the extras are defined as separate products so you can add accounts, different price options and more;
  • New email template for inviting guests;
  • New email template for non-members booking from the public calendar;

Reports & Other

  • Occupancy report – lots of improvements and new bits on our advanced occupancy report
  • Checkins report – as described above;
  • More multi-location options – ability to set different email to receive notifications from the system
  • Fees page – an overview page where you can filter all one-off charges of selected type for specific month




We partnered with the Australian company PayDock and integrated a range of new payment options in OfficeR&D through their platform. Through PayDock, you can connect OfficeR&D to various options like PayPall, Braintree, Ezidebit, Westpac (PayWay), Authorize.Net, WorldPay, eWay, Nab, and more.

Here’s a bit more info for Pay Dock:

PayDock is a smart payments platform connecting to your e-commerce or online payments solution/gateway.
We enable you to add multiple payment gateways instantly, access new payment methods and manage all payments data from one place.

Stay tuned for information on the PayDock integration.

QuickBooks & Xero

  • Multiple Xero/QuickBooks accounts into a single OfficeR&D organization – we expanded our multi-location support further by allowing you to connect multiple accounting integrations in one account. This way, you can keep your location bills in separate Xero/QB accounts but still keep all your members, spaces, locations, invoices, and all in between in single OfficeR&D space.

Mobile App

We’re also working hard on getting our white-labeled/dedicated mobile app out. If you’re interested in joining our Beta-testing program, please get in touch at support@officernd.com.

In case you’re at GCUC today, say Hi to Miro or Jessica from our team. We’d love to chat about Software, Apps, Coworking, and all in between.


March 2017 Release

3 min read

March has been huge for OfficeR&D in terms of new customers, new features, and new team members.

We’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the new license agreement and event management modules while working on a major new feature: OfficeR&D now has the capability to run Multiple Xero and QuickBook accounts in a single OfficeR&D account. We also gave the community portal a facelift, rolled out a sophisticated new Occupancy Report and added a new hotdesk booking system!

Multiple Xero & QuickBooks accounts

From the very beginning, we designed OfficeR&D to be well suited for multi-site organizations. Keeping that goal in mind, we have now extended our accounting integrations to support multiple accounts, connected to the same space. For example, if you have 3 locations that are accounted into 2 different Xero / QB organizations, you can now easily set this up in OfficeR&D. Members being assigned to a location in OfficeR&D will be invoiced through the corresponding accounting organization.

Hotdesk Booking

OfficeR&D now offers a specific hotdesk booking flow. For example, if a member has a day pass and wants to book a desk prior to showing up, they can now easily do this via their Members portal. To enable this feature, you need to:

  • Setup hotdesks in the Backend and set the privacy options;
  • Enable the Hotdesk Bookings feature from Portal / Features.
  • Go to your community portal page and check the Hotdesks tab in the menu.

Note: This is our MVP (minimum viable product). Stay tuned for more. Your feedback is more than welcomed.

Members Portal Dashboard

We released a significant facelift of our Dashboard along with few new and improved widgets. We’ll let the picture speak for itself.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Occupancy Report – the occupancy report shows the related members and periods for specific office;
  • Permissions – we changed the permissions and roles in OfficeR&D. You can read more here.
  • Invoice email attachment – you can now specify in Settings / Invoicing if the invoice pdf should be attached in the email along with the invoice link.
  • Membership Name – You can set a name when adding a membership. This is very handy when you have similar products at different prices, like Private Offices. You should create only one ‘Office plan’ and then when you make memberships, just change the name or relate it to an office, which will pull the office price.
  • Private Office Price / Deposit – as part of the previous change, you can now set a price and deposit directly on the Office.
  • Contract Improvements – you can now add services to the contracts.
  • Export – an export button was added on almost every screen so you can easily export all of your data in well designed CSV format.
  • Member Billing Date – you can now set individual billing dates.
  • Status improvements – we fixed how we calculate the default statuses based on the products your members have.
  • And many more smaller fixes and improvements.

In the next few weeks, you may expect multiple new updates and fixes. Check our roadmap to stay updated.

Managing a shared workspace shouldn’t be that hard. Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

February 2017 Release

3 min read

We’re starting the year strong. OfficeR&D is growing faster than ever before. We’re really excited about the state of our platform and where we’re heading.

Let’s start with our brand new Ideas Board which is also our Official Roadmap 2017. Well, it’s way more than a roadmap. It is a communication, ideas, brainstorming board, fully transparent and shared with you. Let’s use this board to channel our collaboration and build the best platform for flexible spaces together.

This month, we were busy doing our new License agreement module, Events management module, Meeting room booking improvements, User interface improvements, and more.

License Agreements

Long story short, we extended our Contracts module into something much bigger. It is still work in progress but it’s getting really well:

  1. Create new Contract with start date, renewal date, resources involved, etc.
  2. Print the PDF version.
  3. Once signed, confirm the contract and seal the deal. This will generate the memberships, assign the resources (offices, desks, etc) and everything else needed.
  4. Done, your new customer is ready to enjoy the flexibility.

Note: You can even manage multiple inquiries about the same office, print different offers and only confirm one. On our floorplan view, you will see the ‘inquiries’ turning the resources in different colors.  

Events Management

Events are probably the best marketing tool that you may use to boost your coworking space. Events management was a big missing of OfficeR&D. Well, not anymore. We shipped our first version of the events module (it’s toggled off for most customers, please get in touch if you’d like to have it ON for you).

  • Create simple events.
  • Link them to external event systems like Facebook and Eventbrite.
  • Have a nice Events board in the members portal as well as Events Widget on the Dashboard.

Note: This is our MVP (minimum viable product). Stay tuned for more.

New Design

You might notice, we changed the look and feel of the admin app. The menus are more convenient, more mobile friendly and most of all, look awesome. This comes with plenty of other little improvements here and there.


Meeting Room Bookings

As usual, we constantly improve our booking system. This month, we improved our recurring bookings and the way we account the credits. Now, you can book 2 months in advance, even with limited credits. Also, we improved the user interface and fixed several issues.

Integrations Improvements

We put a lot of effort on our best of breed integrations with Xero, QuickBooks, Stripe. With the latest release, you will see if the integration has any configuration errors or warnings that might cause problems. This will help you better understand the state of the integrations and will guide on how to properly configure them.

In the next few weeks, you may expect multiple new updates like Credit Notes and Refunds, new Collaboration capabilities, and more. Check our roadmap to stay updated.

Managing a coworking space is hard. Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

January 2017 Release

2 min read

Wishing you all a happy and a prosperous 2017. Let the Coworking Force be with you.

2016 was a strong year, full of new features but of course, we’re starting 2017 even stronger. Following is the list of changes and updates from the last few weeks.

Day passes and Check-ins

We did another iteration to improve our support for day passes.

  • Updated User interface of Who’s in pages as well as the Checkin dialog in the Admin.
  • Checkin widget in the Members portal to let members check in / check out themselves.
  • New Day pass widget in the Members portal to show the used and remaining passes.

Admin portal

  • New status for Occasional users of your space called ‘Drop-in‘. These are members that use meeting rooms, day passes, and other one-off products. It’s calculated automatically.
  • Activity – track all events that are happening in the system. You can now see all changes as they happen on your Dashboard / Activity or on every item’s page.
  • Occupancy dashboard improvements.

Meeting Room Bookings

  • New Booking dialog in both Admin and Members portal – it’s slicker and better-structured interface.
  • Improved Recurring bookings interface.
  • New TimeZone options dropdown.
  • Improved Google sync.
  • Booking fees improvements – better template, and better booking accounting.

Members Portal

  • Signup page deep links – you can now set specific plans to be added to the shopping bag (specific plan page) from the URL or also point to specific locations. Read more here.
  • Signup page improvement – new locations chooser that is slicker and more beautiful.
  • Improved Members andBenefits cards


This is just to start off 2017. Stay tuned for our official roadmap and the hundreds of improvements and new features that are coming soon.

December 2016 Release

3 min read

We’re kicking things off by highlighting the new OfficeR&D features to close out 2016. In December, we released several new features and wrapped up some critical projects to help build a solid foundation for 2017. December is a great time of the year to spend time on deep engineering and developing new features for managing coworking spaces.

Who is in – Checkins / Day passes

As we all know, a big part of coworking is Flexible working a.k.a Hotdesking. Managing flexibility is not the easiest and most fun part of managing a space. That’s why we put a lot of effort to extend our support for managing day passes, keeping track of who is in the space, checking people in etc. Here are some of the bits n’ pieces that we added this month:

  • New ‘Who is in‘ page – we redesigned the page so you can get a better overview of your members that are in the space. It’s more visual, user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Automated Checkins based on your door access integration – this is usually the best way to check people in. They open the door, so you know they are in the space, if they use a day pass, it’s marked as used and it’s all done.
  • Automated Checkins based on WiFi – we significantly improved our integration with Medusa so it checks in your members seamlessly and works the same way as the other part of the checkins module.


Meeting Room Bookings

As usual, we work hard to make our booking system the best it can be.

  • We improved our Google Calendar integration – it works more quickly and it’s more secure.
  • We improved the booking performance and user experience.
  • Multiple small issue fixes and improvements related to booking charges, meeting room privacy options, email notifications and more.
  • Improved Guests & Visitors management.


We made several great improvements to the dashboard so you can better track your most important KPIs.

  • New Occupancy dashboard – we significantly improved our occupancy dashboard to better visualize your data. It’s more robust and unified and also crunches more data.
  • New Opportunity dashboard – we created a new dashboard page to highlight your opportunities data.
  • Improved Main dashboard – we added more data and rearranged some bits to make it easier to read.


Opportunities & Sales CRM

Along with the new dashboard we put a lot of effort to improve our Opportunities. We made them more robust, added more features and improved our integrations with other systems.

  • Extended Opportunity statuses
  • Improved Opportunity page
  • New Opportunity dashboard
  • Improved Capsule & MS Dynamics Integration

As usual, we made numerous improvements on our Billing system, our Space management platform and of course, our Members portal.


Keep in touch

We look forward to many new features and improvements we’ll be bringing you in 2017. Look out for the second December post, and, as always, if you have any requests for things you would like to see in OfficeR&D, drop us a line at support@officernd.com.

In the meantime, we will be working on making our Members portal more Social, more Mobile, more Collaborative and of course, our Admin portal more robust and easy to use.


November 2016 Release 2.0

3 min read

OfficeR&D is a second generation Coworking Management platform, or Coworking Management 2.0. We’re an extremely agile team. We develop quickly and release often, without compromising on quality. The time between requesting a feature to actually having it is reduced to a number of weeks or even days.

That’s why we thought we needed another big release in November, which we’ve affectionately named; November 2.0. To keep up with demand, this will become the norm for OfficeR&D. Every 2-weeks or less, we will roll-out an update with plenty of new features, improvements, and fixes.


We extended our leads (opportunities) management functionality but at the same time, we simplified it.  Now you can:

  • Create opportunity for new customers a.k.a. Leads;
  • Create opportunities (or deals) and attach them to existing customers;
  • Set more options like Company and Deal size;
  • Create your own statuses and probabilities;

We also improved our Sales CRM integrations.


Comments & Notes

OfficeR&D now supports adding Notes (or Comments) to members, teams, leads, invoices, etc. Example – if you want to add a note to a customer profile or follow up on a conversation, then, you can! There are many different ways that you can use this function:

  • You can comment on various objects;
  • You can also resolve them;
  • Your teammates can also comment and post notes;

You will find the comments at the bottom of the members, companies, invoices pages.

Stay tuned for more improvements here.


Public Calendar

We released a public, beta version of our Public Calendar. It’s beautiful. It’s easy to customise. It’s easy to use. We bet your meeting room users will love it. You can turn it on for you space at Portal / Features / Public Calendar.

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Meeting Rooms

We’re constantly improving our Meeting room booking system and calendar. Here are the new features and improvements:

  • Post an optional description to a booking
  • Option to round charges at a certain period of time like 30 mins, 1 hour, etc.
  • Improved user interface – better presentation of the meeting room prices
  • Improved performance and other fixes

Members Portal

Probably our main focus at the moment is to make our Members portal the best software experience for your members. We’re constantly improving it, adding more features and polishing the user interface and experience.

  • Widgets mechanism – OfficeR&D now supports widgets mechanism which you can customise easily your dashboard
  • Twitter Feed – one of the new widgets that are available on the dashboard as well as on the members’ profile pages.
  • RSS Feed – you can also use our RSS feed widget
  • Improved Members wall – we improved the members’ wall to be sleeker and more user-friendly

Stay tuned for more features and updates.

Do you want to have an impact on our Product Roadmap and use the best coworking management platform? Join us now.

November 2016 Release

3 min read

Although this month we’ve been onboarding new customers like never before, we were still able to significantly improve our platform and make our biggest release ever.

We improved the mobile story of both members’ and admin sites. Our Members portal has become arguably the most beautiful portal for coworkers on every screen. We also implemented several new major features, improved the overall performance and security of the whole platform and we fixed a number of small issues.

Admin Portal

We invest a lot in making OfficeR&D Admin portal to be the most user-friendly, beautiful and feature rich Coworking management platform.


  • Plan codes – you can now set unique codes to every plan & product. This is then exported nicely to your invoices.
  • Mark fees as paid – you can explicitly mark one-off fees and deposits as paid to prevent double charging (in case, you’re just starting and the fees were paid before).
  • Payment notifications – you have new options to control the email notifications when payment fails.
  • Plan privacy options – you can now specify if a plan or product is available for purchase for new members, existing members or is it only available for admin users.
  • Item codes for deposits in Xero – you have the option to sync and control the item codes for deposits
  • Improved MRR calculation – changing the membership price now affects the MRR (monthly recurring revenue) of the member.

Members management

  • Add file attachments – you can now upload files and attach them to your members’ profiles. You can keep your signed contracts, IDs and all other files safely stored next to your memberships data.
  • New Companies view – the page is more mobile friendly, easier to find data, more sorting options and most of all, more beautiful.
  • Improved Custom properties – we extended and improved our custom properties (fields). You can make them public or private, add placeholder value and more.
  • Member statuses – now you can see on the Members page if a member has access to the Members portal. Their members portal Role is visible on the Members page.
  • Improved Former, Contacts and Leads views – all pages have been visually improved.

Meeting room bookings

  • Improved user interface – the booking template looks better and shows more data – the summary and the member’s name.
  • Bookings overview page – you have a new page where you can get the data for the Members’ usage of meeting rooms per month.
  • Improved email notifications – when changing a booking from the admin, the affected members will receive a proper notification. Also, the email template was improved.  
  • Add guests – now you can invite external or internal guests when booking a meeting from both the admin and the member sites.
  • Privacy settings – you can now configure if certain rooms are available for specific customers, or groups of customers (based on their membership type) or for all users of the space.
  • Calendar view improvements – the calendar user interface was improved in order on both mobile and desktop.

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Members portal

  • Improved Signup page – the user interface of Summary on the signup page was improved. Also, we improved the pro-rata calculations prompt.
  • Custom code – you can amend custom code in the members portal. This allows deeper customizations like inserting custom spreadsheet, adding tracking code for analytics, chat widgets and more.
  • Calendar improvements – the members’ portal calendar view was improved to work better on mobile and desktop.
  • Performance & security improvements – we’re constantly improving the performance and the security of our platform.
  • User interface improvements – we reworked the left sidebar menu to make it more beautiful on more mobile friendly.

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As always, your feedback is more than welcome. We won’t just listen to you, we will take notes and will implement your ideas faster than you can imagine.

As a quick heads up, with our next release, we will make customising our Members portal a piece of cake.

October 2016 Release

2 min read

We implemented a lot of new features in the last month, which are aligned with core values here at OfficeR&D.

  • Achieve operational excellence by automating more repetitive tasks;
  • Make data-driven decisions based on real, fresh data that is accessible and easy to read;
  • Create a more engaged community network.

In the last month, we improved our integration with Xero, added another awesome accounting integration – QuickBooks online, enhanced the members portal with an e-commerce module to enable your members to purchase products and more.

Admin Portalquickbooks

  • Quick Books Online – we’re very committed to providing completely automated solution for our customers. A big part of this is to have your accounting synchronised to your management system. So, we developed a full-fledged integration with QuickBooks Online. You can read more about it here.
  • Billing & Accounting Improvements
    • Tax Rates – you can define multiple Tax Rates, apply them to different products, customers and sync them with your accounting solution.
    • Discounts – a new, advanced way to create discounts, coupons and apply them to different customers and/or plans.
    • Pro Rata – control if you want to pro-rate the first or the second member invoice.
  • Integrations Improvements – we worked with our partners from KISI, GoCardless, Capsule, Stripe and Xero to improve our existing integrations. Read more here.
  • Meeting Room Bookings Improvements – we now support more sophisticated ways to define prices and rates:
    • Members vs. non-members;
    • Discounts based on membership plan;
    • Daily vs. hourly rates, etc.
    • Improved our booking system to be faster, more reliable and feature rich.
  • Performance & Security Improvements – we made some upgrades so OfficeR&D is quicker and more reliable.

Members Portal

  • E-Commerce– enable your members to purchase new membership plans, products, services and more. Collect the payments online or add them to the members’ next invoice.
  • New Design & Options
    • Members Dashboard – members can now enjoy a new Welcome dashboard where they can access various useful links and information
    • New Members Wall – we redesigned our members’ wall. It’s much faster, looks better, has more information and options.
  • Performance & Security Improvements – we also improved many internal bits & pieces to make the portal more robust, better looking and faster.



August 2016 Release

2 min read

The summer is the best time to work hard on your product. This is exactly what we’re doing at OfficeR&D. For the last two weeks, we improved our Dashboard, Billing module, Members portal, enhanced our Integrations, and more.

Admin Portal

  • Chart of Accounts / Sales Accounts – group your revenue streams by account. You can create unlimited accounts or use our default ones. Then you only need to map your plans, products and services to your accounts and you will be able to see very meaningful reports on your revenue streams.
  • Xero Integration improvements – you can also map your accounts to Xero accounts.
  • Billing Cycles – OfficeR&D supports now 3 types of billing cycles – single, separate and multiple. This option controls how the members will be charged. You can read more here.
  • Visitors Management – you can now manage your coworking space visitors. Members can add visitors, that can be synced with your intercom system, your door access, etc.
  • Dashboard Improvements – we’ve added more KPIs and views to more easily read your data.


Members Portal

  • UI Improvements – OfficeR&D members portal is getting more and more beautiful with every release.
  • Custom Domains – have your members portal under your domain.
  • Visitors – enable your members to add visitors from the portal.


July 2016 Release

2 min read

Members Portal

OfficeR&D Members portal gets more and more beautiful. With the latest release, we’ve added so much more customization capabilities, improved user interface, new features and more.

  • Menu customization – rename and customize the titles of the main menu.
  • Important links – create multiple important links (like ‘Printer Setup’, ‘House Rules’, etc) and have them nicely presented in the members portal.
  • Edit/Cancel Recurring bookings – cancel or edit recurring bookings now are handled properly.
  • UI / UX improvements – multiple improvements on the user interface and user experience.

Launch22 Benefits

Admin Portal

OfficeR&D admin portal becomes more and more powerful. With our latest releases, we introduced we dashboard, improved the billing, introduced new labeling mechanism and more.

  • Dashboard – get very deep KPIs and real-time analytics data with our latest dashboard. It is beautifully arranged in verticals so you can easily find the data you need. Click on any number to navigate and find the details about it.
  • Labels – easily find new, leaving or overdue customers and payments.
  • Filters – drill down and filter the customers, payments, and etc that you need by status, labels, names, etc.
  • Multiple improvements – various improvements on the billing, members, membership management and more.


Stay tuned for more coworking awesomeness with OfficeR&D.

If you’re still managing your coworking space with Spreadsheets and To-do lists? It’s time to change now and work with us.