OfficeRnD Support

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Managing coworking and flexible workspaces is complicated. A typical coworking business model is very advanced with many variables which makes executing it a challenging process. As a result, management platforms can easily become complicated too. Although we work hard to make everything straightforward and easy to use, you will still often need help and to talk to real person. That’s why we are extremely focused on providing great, down to earth Support.

Following is what we did in 2018 to improve our support and provide a better service:

  • We grew our awesome support team
  • We implemented a new support system
  • We visited 40+ customers on site in 2018 (and it’s only July)
  • We started building a community

OfficeRnD Support Team

While we are growing very quickly in terms of customers using our platform, we also work hard to ‘catch up’ and grow our amazing support team.

You may come across most of our team but if you haven’t, let me introduce them:

  • Tina, Support & Onboarding Lead. One of the very few people I’ve seen with such a great empathy and care for others.
  • Jessica, Onboarding & Customer Success. An ex-community manager and coworking pioneer. Coworking changed her life and now she’s changing the world of Coworking.
  • Andrew, Customer Success Lead. An ex-software engineer and tech person with an attention to detail that only engineers have.
  • Alex, Customer Support. One of the nicest, friendliest and knowledgeable people on Earth – according to many of our customers!
  • Albena, Onboarding. The person who will ensure your onboarding experience is as smooth as possible and your data is always in perfect shape.
  • Vini, Customer Support. Our newest and nicest addition to the support team who loves people and floorplans (interesting combination, right?)

In case you wonder what customers say about them:

I am continually impressed by quality of OfficeRnD’s software and team, they are a dream to work with and I highly recommend them to all of my friends and peers in Co-working!

James Findlay, Systems Lead – Hub Australia

I’m glad we at Greenhouse decided to work with you. OfficeR&D’s team handled the entire onboarding process professionally and in a prompt manner. The best customer support I have experienced on a SaaS product! Thank you, keep on rocking.

Viktor Kyosev, General Manager – Greenhouse

Support System

OfficeRnD Support Portal

In 2018 we also implemented new support system which allowed us to better track all customer requests. It also, allows you to track them via the Customer Portal. You can go ahead, log in and click on ‘View my support requests‘ which will bring all your support requests.

Even more, you can Follow help articles, topics, and community posts. Wait? Did you say Community posts?

Sure! Here’s the announcement…

OfficeRnD Around the Globe

OfficeRnD at Alley, Washington D.C. U.S.

We visited an enormous range of customers in 2018. From Auckland & Wellington in New Zealand, Sydney & Melbourne in Australia, through Singapore, London & Manchester in the UK to New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Portland, Kansas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles in the United States.

The list will continue to grow as we plan to visit a big part of Europe, as well as another exciting trip in the US.

Staying close to you helps us to not only provide better service but also helps us understand your needs and provide the right software solutions for the coworking world.

Tell us what you think about our Support system and team. We’d love to hear your feedback and how we can improve! Also, we’d love to visit you. Drop us a line and we’ll get it organized. 🙂

GCUC Canada Coworking Conference 2017

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“Coworking is not about desks, WiFi or Coffee. It’s about people.” – Ashley Proctor, GCUC Canada 2017

Day 1: Conference

This was my first GCUC Canada Conference and I was very, very excited. Coworking conferences are the place where I get inspiration and connection, where we can hang out with like-minded people and geek out about Coworking for 3 days straight. This Coworking thing is growing, maturing and it’s here to stay. We’re seeing Coworking pop up in lots of different forms and we got to hear about these at the conference;  

  • Coworking with Childcare
  • Coworking in Shopping Malls
  • Rural ‘Outpost’ Coworking
  • MakerSpaces are on the rise
  • Coworking in Airports

Basically, Coworking is aiming for world domination.

This year GCUC was held at 312 Main in downtown Vancouver. The building (the former Vancouver Police headquarters) is still under construction, and while we sat in an unfinished, raw space, it was welcoming and cozy. This set the tone for the following two days. When 312 Main is completed it’s going to be incredible, I mean, it already is, but holy moly I’ve never heard or seen or heard of anything like it. 100,000 square feet of community-driven, inclusive, beautiful and carefully thought out space. Hats off to the team working on this project. I had the pleasure of touring the space myself on day 3 of the conference, which was led by the dynamic and inspiring Ashley Proctor. We walked through floors of former holding cells, shooting ranges and marveled at the transformation taking place. If you like coworking or just cool stuff in general, check out the project for yourself!     

Day one of the conference was the usual conference fare of icebreakers, awesome panels, and generally inspiring talks. Carsten from Deskmag gave us the rundown on members behavior and what trends we’re seeing. Read more about it here. Fun fact – 41% of our communities are made up of Freelancers! The Women Who Cowork made their debut by honoring and highlighting female pioneers in the Coworking industry. We also saw vibrant panel discussions on The Future of Work as well as a panel on Coworking spaces across Canada. We got to hear some unique insights when members of local coworking spaces were invited to speak on a panel. We don’t often hear from the members at these conferences and this was an interesting and unique perspective. It’s great to hear how coworking is affecting the lives and businesses of those who are joining our spaces. It’s what pushes the industry to keep growing and also spreads awareness. We rounded out the day with happy hour at Vancouver’s revolving restaurant. Coworking people + happy hour = a very, very happy, happy hour!   

Happy Hour!

Day 2: Unconference.

I’ve participated many coworking unconferences, but this was different. It was a whole room of people showing up, being vulnerable and working on topics together. As you sat in the room, you could hear snippets of conversation popping up and there was a lot of “how can I help you with that?” and “What do you need to make this work?” We had 5 sessions over the course of the day. There were so many great and varied topics covered and the highlights (for me) were talking with the Women in Coworking group, hearing feedback about Technology for coworking spaces and learning that smaller town (or commuter) Coworking is on the rise. The great thing about participating in these conferences is the chance to sit and listen and hear where we’re going as an industry. We learn so much about what our coworking operators and owners are looking for, and then we have the opportunity to turn that into something practical that’s reflected in our technology. We do our best work when we listen.

Thank you to the GCUC team for putting together another conference, can’t wait for the next!

Coworking, Community and Collaboration.

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I really like people and I really like building community. I didn’t know this would put me on the path to my dream job, but, it did. In a way that I never expected.

After working as an Executive Assistant for seven years I was looking for a change but I didn’t know how to break out of the kind of work I was doing. I also had no clue what I would do next…until I interviewed for a position as a Community Manager at a coworking space in Los Angeles. I didn’t even really understand the concept of coworking, but, walking into the space for the first time was kind of like falling down the rabbit hole. What was this place? What were all these people doing? Is that a kitchen stocked with snacks and coffee? Why is everyone so happy? I didn’t really understand what this place was but I wanted in. Big time.

Long story short, I got the job and my journey into Coworking began…

It became clear early on that the community were going to become my colleagues, friends, and mentors. These relationships began to shape the way I thought about my work and my life. I was collaborating on projects that I was passionate about and working with people who had left the stable and mundane for the unknown. It was infectious and inspiring. A lightbulb went off; collaboration within a community is one of the building blocks of coworking, and it was awesome! I was hooked. Still am. 

Now, you don’t get coworking, community, and collaboration without a lot of work behind the scenes. There is a lot to think about  – payment processing, community management, space layout, location, community events, promotions, sales, partnerships. This list goes on…and on and on. It’s kinda messy but it’s also kinda awesome. I spent a lot of time putting really solid systems in place so I could streamline my work and keep it as simple as possible. This was imperative because if that was in place, then I could get back to the part of the job I loved; hangin’ with my community and focussing on the bigger picture.  

There are a lot of components in building a coworking space and worrying about the back-end should be the least of your worries. My advice to anyone managing a space or anyone starting out – get solid systems in place and get feedback from your trusted community members about what they think is working, they will be your best (and most honest) allies. 

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
– Henry Ford