December 20th, 2018 Release

2 min read

The holiday season is just around the corner and while we’re all looking forward to it, we are working hard to continue improving our platform. The main focus this week was on enabling multi-currency invoicing, improving how you manage desks and resources and fixing minor issues.

Multi-currency Invoicing

Often times you may have to issue an invoice to your international members in different from your main currency. With our latest update, you will be able to issue invoices in multiple currencies in your account.

In order to enable multi-currency billing, you can go to ‘Settings / Billing’ and check ‘Enable multi-currency mode’. Then you need to add the current conversion rates for your preferred currencies and save them. When you are done with setting up the rates, you can now go ahead and add an invoice in any of the newly added currencies.

Invoice issued in EUR in USD-based account.


  • If you have accounting integration enabled (such as Xero or QuickBooks), the integration will take care to sync the invoices with their respective currency with your accounting solution.
  • You need to manually update the exchange rates when needed. Previously issued invoices will keep their rates from the time of issuing. 

This is the first version of our multi-currency support. In the next iterations, we will add an option for automated currency rates, as well as being able to set preferred currency per client.


  • Multi-currency invoicing


  • Improve the desk/office assign dialog – allow assigning desks with status pending for the remaining available period.
  • Introduced Pending status filter in the members and companies lists. Now active status filters only the real active members and companies.


  • The number of members and companies on some pages are calculated differently and in some cases can result in different numbers.
  • Occupancy report is wrong when an office desk membership is relocated.
  • SaltoKS integration can get disconnected in some API edge cases.
  • Could not view and edit invoices in Manual Bill run when using custom permission role.
  • Custom permission roles cannot add company/member when there is a company/member with the same email or name (duplicate).
  • Add overpayment button should not add the overpayment with tax.
  • Terminated memberships cannot be assigned in some cases.
  • Terminated membership filter by Assign does not work as expected.

We are already working on many new key features and improvements related to ‘Meeting Room tablet display improvements‘, ‘New members report’, ‘Credit/Coins management‘, and many more.

December 13th, 2018 Release

3 min read

The holiday season is just around the corner and while we’re all looking forward to it, OfficeRnD releases must go on! The main focus this month is on improving our reports, data quality, bug improvements and enabling some new use cases, of course.

Main Dashboard additions

We updated the main dashboard of OfficeRnD, adding 3 new important KPIs, as well as we improved some of the existing cards.

  • New ‘Revenue Occupancy‘ card – showing ‘Revenue Occupancy’ and your targets compared to your recurring revenue
  • New ‘Revenue‘ card – showing your monthly revenue split by one-offs and recurring
  • New ‘Todays Bookings‘ card – showing ‘Tentative’, ‘Paid’ and ‘Total bookings’ for the day
  • New ‘Users‘ – showing ‘Total users’, ‘Active Member users’ and ‘Monthly active users’

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these, as well, as what else you’d like to see on the main dashboard.

Note: We’re also working on the ability to configure the dashboard – rearrange and chose which cards you’d like to keep. Stay tuned for more.

Half-day passes

As part of the Checkins and Passes story, we’re adding the ability to ‘cut’ your day passes in halves. In order to do so, you can go to Settings / Resource Types and open the ‘Hotdesk’ type. Then you need to set the option ‘Checkin in Mode’ to ‘Half day’. Once the option is set, when you or your members’ checkin / checkout, at the end of their presence the system will automatically account for either Half or full day based on the following formula: ‘If the duration of their stay is below 1/2 the business day, it’s a half day, if more than that, it will use an entire day pass’.

Note: This will change the previous logic of accounting the day passes at the time of checkin and now, the accounting happens at the time of checkout.

Following is the list with all changes and updates.


  • Main dashboard additions
  • Ability to manage half-day passes
  • Ability to set different business hours per location


  • Improved payment integrations sync contact and payment details sync
  • Mobile Keys story for Salto PRO Access – set the phone property when syncing
  • Ability to download all required information for when members accept the T&Cs
  • Back-to-back bookings user experience improvements
  • Link Memberships report to the Memberships list
  • Expose payments APIs


  • The status of the office is not correct if the children desks are reserved or available soon
  • Occupancy discrepancy in Private offices when you have partially occupied offices
  • Marking a private desk unavailable does not update the private office children count
  • You can assign a single membership to multiple desks for the same period in some cases
  • Custom roles do not see the ‘check in’ button and check in history button on member pages
  • The ‘teamName’ property is not available within the Admin ‘Member Booking’ email templates
  • Custom permission without dashboard view cannot check-in members
  • Members portal signing up as a non-member does not work in some cases
  • When changing the selected Contract from the ‘Add Invoice’ dialog, the Reference field is not updated
  • Opportunities from capsule are not synced when added for an existing company and setting for untagged companies is disabled
  • Capsule sync creates companies without location which could be a major issue after that
  • Capsule CRM sync doesn’t track activity properly in some cases
  • GoCardless payment stay pending until the expected payment date, even if they fail earlier
  • Preparation slot input is always visible when editing, no matter if the policy is enabled or not or if there is a non zero value
  • Weekly reports fail to send in some cases

We are already working on many new key features and improvements related to ‘Meeting Room tablet display improvements‘, ‘New members report’, ‘Multi-currency support‘, ‘Credit/Coins management‘, and many more.