February 7th, 2019 Release

5 min read

The early February release of OfficeRnD is a big one – we have focused on improving the meeting room experience, more multi-currency options, and many other new features and minor fixes you can read about in this blog post.

Booking Reminders and Required Check-in

Edit Booking Policy - OfficeRnD

Meeting rooms are in the core of every coworking space. Booked and not used rooms is one of the biggest pains of every Community Manager. With this release of OfficeRnD, you will have two new options helping greatly with situations like this – “Booking Reminders” and “Required Check-Ins”.

“Booking reminders” will allow you to send an email reminder set amount of minutes before each meeting to its organizer. In this way, members will be less likely to forget or miss a booking unintentionally.

If reminders alone are not enough for you, now you will be able to activate a “Required Check-In” option in the booking policies. Every booking created under the policy will need a member to manually check-in within a set amount of minutes after its start because otherwise the room will be released and set as “Available”. Members can check-in in a couple of ways:

  • Each booking owner will receive a booking reminder (if not disabled) set amount of minutes before the booking’s start. In this email, there will be options for “Check-in” or “Cancelation”. Standard cancelation policies apply after manual or automatic cancelation.
  • On the “RnD Rooms” App screen connected to the specific room, a “Check-in” button will appear after the start of each booking made with the required check-in.

In order to enable the “Booking Reminders” and/or “Required Check-In” policy you should go to Settings-> Platform -> Calendar&Bookings and Add or Edit a Booking policy

Set Default Currency per Member

Required Check-In

A couple of releases back we released the first multi-currency options in OfficeRnD. Since then we are constantly introducing improvements and new features on top of what we already have.

This release we are ready with something really interesting. Now you will be able to set a default currency for each member/company and when issuing financial documents for them (invoices, credit notes, etc.) they will be automatically generated with that preference in mind – no need to select the wanted currency every time.

To set the default currency for a specific member/company: firstly, make sure your organization has the Multi-Currency option enabled (Settings -> Billing), that you have added the currencies and the conversion rates you want to use and then you will find the option under “Edit” of Billing Details of specific member/company.

Members report

We are constantly trying to add new and new reports to our platform because we know how important they are for Coworking spaces. We are happy to say we have released one of the most highly requested reports – Members Report.


Member Report


The report has 5 sections, and each gives you useful information:

  • New members – shows you how many net new members you have in a specific month of the selected period
  • Lost members – shows you how many members moved to “Former” status in a specific month of the selected period
  • Active members – show you how many members with status “Active” there were during a specific month of the selected period. This data will also include members who have been “Active” for only a part of the month and then lost, meaning all Lost Members during a month will be also counted in the “Active members” pool of this month.
  • Net New/Churned Members – shows you the “New members” minus “Lost members.
  • Net Growth – show you the percentage difference of how many members you had in a specific month of the selected period compared to the previous to it month

Following is the list with all changes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • “Booking reminders” and “Required Check-Ins” for bookings
  • Default Currency per Member
  • New Members Report
  • Ability to disable the Billing tabs (as well as individual sub-tabs) in the Members Portal
  • Wider choice of “Period Start” and “Pay For” options when generating invoices through the “Add Invoice” dialog
  • Ability to add custom properties for one-off fees
  • Ability to fix the deposit amount (for all kinds of plans) to the plan’s price in the selected ratio
  • Beta version of native HubSpot integration (There will be more information on this in our next release)


  • Improvements in three of the Payment Gateway integrations –, Braintree, CardConnect


  • Booking credits were not restored when the “End Date” of membership is removed
  • Editing or Canceling recurrent booking that is synced with Google was throwing an error
  • When assigning a member with an existing membership to a Private office desk it was failing
  • Dashboard bookings report endpoint was throwing error 500
  • Center managers were not able to delete Benefits and How to Guides (everything under Collaboration menu)
  • Custom properties filter was not working if you have 2 select (multi-select) custom properties
  • Custom properties filter (select and multi-select properties) after an update was not showing the correct values
  • Updating a direct debit charge status was resulting in a failure when external services are missing
  • Value credits for memberships starting in the future were incorrectly generated until the start date of the membership
  • Re-accounting of recurrent booking that used hourly credits and value credits (coins) was not working as expected
  • Void Billing permission without Edit permission was not working
  • Custom permission was remaining to the Teammate after you downgrade his role to Viewer\Receptionist

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback.

January 18th, 2019 Release

4 min read

2019 has already started and here at OfficeRnD, we are already working hard at adding new features and improving existing ones. The first release for the year brings many new and exciting things ranging from Overpayments syncing from Xero and New filter and utility functions in templates to minor fixes of the Weekly reports and the Memberships filters.

Sync Overpayments from Xero

Working closely with our clients showed in most cases Overpayments originate in the accounting systems and often Space Managers/Operators working in the OfficeRnD platform don’t understand such have been created.

In order to prevent mistakes and lost overpayments, we developed a sync between Xero and OfficeRnD where once every 6 hours OfficeRnD will pull new information about overpayments from Xero and if there are new/updated overpayments they will be also created/updated in the Billing -> Invoice section of OfficeRnD.

In order to enable Overpayments sync from Xero you should go to Settings -> Integrations -> Xero -> Configure and mark the checkbox of “Pull overpayments automatically” in the tab “General”.


Note: Overpayments originating from Xero will not be editable and voidable in OfficeRnD. Each Overpayment will have a “Source” property where users can see where the origin of the document is. 


“RnD Rooms” App Customizations

The ability to choose the colors for the “Available” and “Occupied” statuses in the RnD Rooms app is a very important part of the branding of each office space.

Now, if you use the “RnD Rooms” app, you will find the option to customize the “Available” and “Occupied” colors, the logo and whether you want to show or hide the room price in Settings -> Apps -> Theme under the “Meeting Rooms Tablet View” section.

RnD Meeting Rooms App Theme Settings


Status History of Members and Companies

Office RnD Company Status History

With this release, OfficeRnD Managers/Operators will have the ability to see the Status History of all companies and members in the system.

Next to the current status tag of each company and member, now a small clock-like-looking icon can be found. Clicking on this icon will open a pop-up with the Status History information which contains a line for each status change this entity has gone through specifying: the status, the time period for which this status was current and the activity which triggered the change to this status.



  • OfficeRnD is syncing overpayments originating from Xero
  • New filters and utility functions for templates
  • “RnD Rooms” App customizations
  • Ability to see the status history of Members and Companies
  • Re-accounting of bookings option when editing coins


  • Enabled editing and deleting coin seeds
  • Updated the IronWiFi integration to facilitate the latest API changes


  • Could not generate and export invoices with 100% discount/$0 value
  • Occupied Desks in Occupancy report respected only Private office size, and not the desks with parent Private Office
  • Deleting a member that is a Teammate leaves it as No Name/No Location in Teammates grid
  • Invoices with Total amount of $0 could not be downloaded
  • Resource deposit cannot be removed when the target plan has a deposit
  • Custom admin permissions were not allowing the admin to send receipts
  • Remove portal permissions when a member profile is deleted
  • Memberships filter by Plan Type was showing the type not the name of the Resource
  • Users/Check-ins dashboard list doesn’t get filtered by member status
  • Member portal – Benefit cards are not ordered ok when there is not enough space
  • Membership with invalid Plan (the plan is removed for that location) makes the Membership list not to load
  • All KPIs were missing for Draft locations
  • Weekly reports were not sent if there was an already deleted teammate
  • Member portal session was only 24 hours
  • Adding an opportunity to a team was not changing the member statuses accordingly
  • Filter by valid payment ID in the Public Charges API throws error 500

We are already working on many new key features and improvements related to ‘Multi-currency invoicing‘, ‘Members portal’, stability, performance, and many more.

Screenshot showcasing members apps on mobile devices

August 16th, 2018 Release

6 min read

Someone would’ve thought that the summer should be quieter. Well, not for the OfficeRnD team. We did another 3 major and 10+ smaller releases since mid-July. We rolled out 20 new features and improvements and 25+ bug fixes. Let’s have a look.

Utilization Dashboard & Report

You can now monitor your in-depth utilization report and dashboard that will show you the performance of your Meeting Rooms (or other bookable by the hour resource types). Some of the key performance indicators that the report will highlight are:

  • Total number of bookings and duration for the month
  • Utilization % – the total duration of all bookings vs. the total available duration assuming the business hours of the space
  • Average bookings duration

You can also see the data in more detail in the Reports / Resource Utilization table or export the data to excel.

Value-based Credits (coins)

You can now grant value based credits to your members – as part of their memberships or granted manually. The idea behind the value credit is simple, if you grant $100 worth of coins to a member, they can then decide whether to book 1h in the boardroom (for $50) and few hours in a small meeting room or another configuration.

The value credits are more flexible than the hourly credits as they give different options and variations for members to book resources. They can also be used for booking Hotdesks, Parking or any other bookable resource.

The value-based credits are available simultaneously with hourly credits so you can mix them up to your preferences.

The new credit system also comes with a much nicer and easier to use accounting and transaction log infrastructure. You will be able to easily see the Account Ledger (Transaction log) of all credit related transactions and easily report on the balance of each member.

Member Portal Product Pages

Your members will be able to open a product/plan in a separate page where they can see all the details about the plan before purchasing it. The new product pages are available both on the Signup page as well as in the internal member portal Shop page.

You can also send a deep link to a plan to any potential or existing member.

Native Meeting Rooms Display App

The waiting is over! Our native meeting room display app is finally available for download in both – Apple app store and Google Play.

RnD Rooms will allow you to easily display the current availability of the room and soon to book directly or check-in. You only need to mount an iPad or Android tablets in front of your meeting rooms and install the app. After initially signing up with your OfficeRnD credentials, the meeting rooms will load up and you only need to choose the room. Once connected to a room, the app will take care to lock the tablet and display the availability in full screen.

We’ll be pushing a lot of updates to the app and will add many new features over the next months as we’re very much dedicated to providing the best digital experience for your members.

Following are all changes in greater deatail:


  • Resource (meeting rooms & desks) utilization dashboard
  • Resource (meeting room & desks) utilization report
  • RnD Rooms App – publish an official meeting room booking displays app in the Apple app store and Google Play.
  • Value-based credits – create a setup where you can set value credits that can be used to book resources based on their rate.
  • Booking policies – allow setting different options depending on member vs. non-member basis, such as ‘Require approval’, ‘Max booking duration’, or ‘Enable Recurring bookings’.
  • Ability to define invoice export pre-sets, for example for Yardi finance or Sage.
  • Enable the ‘require approval’ feature for one-off plans.
  • Member portal product pages – allow opening more information page about the plan/product on the Signup page and in the internal Shop.
  • Member portal improved multi-location support – Members, Posts, Events, Shop.
  • Invoice Safe mode – Add an option to allow/disallow deleting/editing paid, voided and sent invoices.
  • Membership Invoices History – Add a new view where you can track the membership invoice history in detail.


  • Custom properties view and filter on Companies/Members pages.
  • Improve contract length approval rule to allow NO MORE comparison.
  • Allow setting Due Date before the Issue date – Xero and QB support that scenario.
  • Purchase flow (signup and public booking) – allow requiring credit card without issuing an invoice.
  • Signup Page improvements – separate Payment Details in another tab.
  • Admins are allowed to cancel intersecting bookings caused by Google Sync.
  • Export Credit Notes with minus sign.
  • Improve PT-X Charge handler error handling to provide meaningful messages


  • Invoices with Awaiting payment status are not calculated either as Paid or as Not Paid.
  • Items with the same text in a credit note/invoice are selected/deselected together when one is clicked.
  • Credit note of assigned one-off is added to the member instead of the company.
  • MRR is not calculated properly on Space/Locations page.
  • Desk count in Space/Desks is not correct – “Showing XXX desks from YYY” is not always accurate.
  • You can update a booking to span on more than the allowed maximum booking hours in some cases.
  • Re-allow editing an invoice’s Issue Date and Number.
  • When an invoice has no location the sync with Xero/QB doesn’t display an error message.
  • Custom domain name with cookie expiration results in being unable to open member’s portal until you close the browser.
  • Booking guests do not receive emails in some cases.
  • Bookings in the portal could be edited past the business hours if the times are typed in (rather than chosen by the pickers).
  • Members API returns 500 when the ID is invalid or missing.
  • The KPIs are wrong in some cases and not respecting the space (and location) time zone.
  • When exporting Bookings, the “Resource” field is not populated in some cases.
  • Members Portal item image is cut on left and right.
  • Cancel bookings emails are not sent to members in some cases.
  • Add Direct debit from the member’s portal is not working for Individual members.
  • There is a way to add members with non-normalised emails.
  • Automatic checkout with IronWiFi doesn’t work in some cases.
  • Non-primary resources should not affect the Total Capacity (KPI) in the Space Growth chart
  • When only one membership is Personal it still groups them together if more than 1 and marks them all as Personal.
  • Editing memberships do not allow changing plans when there is a deposit.
  • Fix UI glitches of the custom properties filter.
  • Order summary does not have scroll and if you add more items you do not see Buy/Request button on small resolutions.

While we work on the next release, you can enjoy the holiday season and collected as much as possible sunshine, vibes, frape and good books on the beach. 🙂