OfficeR&D integrates deeply with some of the most popular CRM solutions, such as Capsule and MS Dynamics.

It’s our top priority to provide a complete, fully-integrated and automated sync between your Sales CRM and OfficeR&D.

Following is the list of possible integration points that you may consider using from the easiest to the most advanced.

Sync Contacts

You can easily sync contacts from your CRM to OfficeR&D or the other way around. The idea is to not add the same data to different platforms.

  • OfficeR&D Integration – it will work out-of-the-box;
  • Zapier – easy to sync almost all CRM systems;
  • CRM Workflow – it’s easy to sync contacts based on user action in the CRM, such as a button called ‘Conver to Member’, that’s closing the Deal/Opportunity in CRM and is sending the contact information to OfficeR&D via our API

Sync Deals

Syncing deals is a great idea from both Operations and Reporting point of view. Usually, the deal object contains information such as Contact (Client), Deal Size (money and number of members), Interested in (Resources – such as Office, Desks).

  • OfficeR&D Integration – it will work out-of-the-box;
  • Zapier – that’s a bit harder but is possible for some CRM systems – they need to provide Zapier enabled API for exposing Deal objects which can be synced to OfficeR&D.
  • CRM Workflow – similar to syncing contacts, the workflow can create contact + deal.

Here is how it looks on the Floorplan when an office has an Interest from Open Opportunity.


From a reporting point of view, the Deals and opportunities can give a better clarity when combined with the existing members and confirmed revenue:

Opportunities - Reports

Create Contract Workflow

Another typical use-case is to create a workflow in your CRM to directly create a contract in OfficeR&D. This is on the stage when a customer agreed to a proposal and you want to send them a Contract (License Agreement), so the flow will send the Contract data to OfficeR&D where the contact will be created with the right products and customer data, printed and you can send it to the customer. When signed, all the membership and billing information will be already in OfficeR&D so their billing will start smoothly.