kisiOfficeR&D integration with Kisi lets you completely automate the door access control in your coworking space based on the actual memberships in OfficeR&D. All you need to do is:

  • Connect Kisi to OfficeR&D
  • Configure how different entities and memberships map to security groups in Kisi
  • Every time an entity changes in OfficeR&D it will automatically send updates to Kisi

As a result, from now on, you don’t have to worry about adding or removing people manually from a Kisi group anymore. OfficeR&D will do that for you!

What is Kisi?

Kisi provides software that is the dashboard for your doors. Once installed, Kisi allows everyone to access doors using their mobile device.

  • Instantly issue or revoke smartphone keys to your space
  • Easily group your members based on membership tier or time-based restrictions
  • Unlock your space remotely
  • Access rights for all your spaces can easily be controlled in the Kisi portal

Find out more about Kisi.

How to connect OfficeR&D and Kisi

Follow this link to easily connect OfficeR&D with Kisi.