SALTO Keys as a Service (SALTO KS) is an access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully wired electronic product. All that is needed is an online device with an internet connection.

SALTO KS provides a smart access control solution for businesses, to define who goes where and when in a building. It is perfect for coworking and shared spaces, to grant designated access to members, staff, or even delivery or cleaning services whenever it’s appropriate for them to enter.


OfficeR&D and SALTO KS

The integration between SALTO KS and OfficeR&D lets you fully automate the access control for your coworking space or office based on plans, meeting room bookings, locations and day passes.

It’s easy, just:

  • Connect SALTO KS to your OfficeR&D account
  • Configure some or all of the entities above to map to SALTO KS access groups
  • Enjoy seamless door access control integration in your space

OfficeR&D will update your groups accordingly, and whenever there is a change in OfficeR&D SALTO KS gets a notification.

Integrate with SALTO KS!

Once installed use your mobile device to access any door at any time.

  • Assign or deny access to your space with one click
  • Manage your spaces and access groups effortlessly with SALTO KS
  • Instantly provide access with your phone, wherever you are

Want to connect SALTO KS with Office R&D? Learn more on how to do that here.
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