Meet eZeep

eZeep is a cloud-based solution for managing printing in shared workspaces. In less than 15 minutes you can make your printers available to your members and guests. While doing so you are benefiting from:

  • Printers being available on any device without driver installation or configuration
  • Setting printing limits and charging for printed pages
  • Providing secure printing without additional hardware or ID cards for any printer


OfficeR&D and eZeep

The integration between eZeep and OfficeR&D lets you automate all printing related operations in your coworking or shared workspace.

It’s easy. You just have to:

  • Connect eZeep to your OfficeR&D account
  • Complete the configuration by choosing whether or not:
    • you want automatic eZeep member management or not
    • you want fees to be generated for each printing session your members initiate
  • Enjoy seamless printing integration in your space

Want to connect eZeep with Office R&D? Get started here.
Find out more about eZeep here.