SlackSlack offers one of the best collaboration platforms that is very suitable for work. We love slack. You probably love slack too. That’s why we developed a direct integration with OfficeR&D. Your members can collaborate better with no effort on your side to set it up.

Slack – Where work* happens.

*Whatever work means for you, Slack brings all the pieces and people you need together so you can actually get things done.

This integration moves your community collaboration to the next level.

Post to Channel

The integration will post all posts (admin or member posts) to a slack channel. Different post types (Event, Info, Important) can be posted to different channels.

Sync Members

OfficeR&D will sync your members with Slack.

  • New members will be invited to your Slack organization as soon as they are invited in the Members Portal (an OfficeR&D User is enabled);
  • Existing members will be synced from OfficeR&D to Slack and connected based on their email;

Start a Chat

All connected Slack members will have a Slack icon next to their profile (both in the Admin and your Members Portal). This will allow you and your members to start a chat directly by clicking on the Slack icon in the Members’ card. The icon will open the right slack app on your desktop or mobile device.


To enable the integration, just go to Settings/ Integrations and click ‘Activate‘ on the slack box. The setup wizard will guide you how to connect and configure the integration. Easy, hey?