Our goal is to make sure that you get setup as quick as possible. We’ll guide you through setting up your OfficeR&D account and getting started with the backend management, customise the members portal and setup all the necessary integrations. If at any point you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us directly at support@officernd.com or click the chat button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Understand the Admin Portal
  2. Understand the Members Portal
  3. Setup and Customizations

Understand the Admin Portal

OfficeR&D consists of several independent modules or products. They all work together to provide a completely integrated management experience. OfficeR&D connects all the dots between your members, payments, invoices, door-access, conference room bookings, contracts, etc.

Community management  / CRM

This module enables you to easily manage your members, companies, recurring memberships (subscriptions), billing details, etc.

Companies & Members

By default, your community members (also your customers) might be part of a company or could be individual users. It’s very easy to manage their contact details, billing & payment details, and etc with OfficeR&D. The platform should become the single source or truth about your members – all their details should be added here.

Members management


You can charge your customers on a recurring basis by assigning them Memberships (or Subscriptions). In order to do that, you would first need to setup the plans (Billing / Plans) that will be available to members in the space.

OfficeR&D supports 4 types of memberships:

  • Dedicated desk – fixed membership for full-time members. Assignable to dedicated desk on the floorplan.
  • Hot desk – flexible membership for part-time or full-time members. Not assignable to a specific desk.
  • Private office – fixed membership for full-time office rent.
  • Service – other memberships like Virtual Office and etc.

Once you setup your price plans , you can start assigning them to customers (teams & members).

NOTE: Every membership must have a start date. It may affect the billing as it will be automatically pro-rated.

Once created, if you have automated billing, on the next billing day, this membership will yield a line item in the customer’s invoice.

Every month, until the membership is cancelled, they will be charged automatically based on the Membership’s settings.

One-off Fees

You can charge your customers one-time (non-recurring) by adding a Fee to their profile.

*You can add a Product (One-off price plan) by going to Billing / Plans and click “Add Plan”. Choose for interval length ‘Once’. This will create a one-off plan – Product. You can then use this product to add one-off charges (fees) to your customers.


This module enables you to automate your entire billing – from invoice generation, to collect online payments, and sync it with your accounting software.

  1. Invoice template – we support two types of templating:
    1. Based on custom template in OfficeR&D
    2. Or based on the template of your preferred accounting software
  2. Payment gateway – in order to collect payments online, you need to setup payment gateway via the Integrations tab (Settings / Integrations)
  3. Accounting software – you can setup accounting software of your choice in Settings / Integrations. Once properly configured, all your invoices will be synced in real-time with your accounting.


Learn more about the available Integrations.

Meeting Rooms Booking (Calendar)

The calendar module enables you and your members to easily book conference rooms and pay for them if needed. You can keep track of the usage via extensible credit system, collect payments if needed, bill and send the invoices. In order to setup your calendar module, please follow these steps:

  1. Add Resource rates – go to Billing / Resource Rates and add the rates that you charge your members or external guest. Use the rates to assign them meeting rooms.
  2. Add Meeting rooms – go to Space / Meeting Rooms and manually add your meeting rooms or send us your floorplans and we will automatically import them for you.
  3. Setup credits system – you can manually add credits to your members or setup recurring credit system by adding credits to the base price plans.
  4. Discounts & Coupons – you can create discount code that  will apply a discount to certain rates if a member owns a specific plan. For example, “member” gives $10 discount to all members that are on Flexible Membership plan.


Space (Floorplans)

The space module enables you to easily manage your floorplans, desks, private offices, resource availability, occupancy, and more.

  1. Floorplans – send us your floorplans at support@officernd.com and we will automatically import them for you.
  2. Set targets – set your preferred target plan to each resource using our interactive floorplan tool. This will help you get a better overview of your space target revenue and cash occupancy.



The integrations module is probably one of the most important ones. In order to enjoy complete automation of your day-to-day management tasks, you need to first properly setup the integrations and connect OfficeR&D with other systems.

  1. Accounting Software – by integrating your accounting software, you will achieve 100% synced invoices, payment and customer information between the two systems. This will ease your accounting and reduce all errors caused by manual import / export.
  2. Payment gateway – in order to receive money online, you need to first setup your preferred payment gateway.
  3. Door access – by integrating your door access control system, automatically control the access to your space based on various information, like price plan, location, floor, desk number, etc.
  4. Google Calendar – you can fully sync both ways any meeting room in OfficeR&D with a resource in Google
  5. WiFi access – integrating wifi management system allows you to be more flexible in configuring your network. By connecting OfficeR&D, you can control if a member has access to the wifi based on certain membership plans, etc.
  6. CRM – you can connect OfficeR&D to various Sales CRM systems and sync your contacts in the two systems.
  7. Zapier – by integrating Zapier with OfficeR&D, you can achieve multiple integration scenarios based on If-This-Than-That integration statements.

Read more about the available integrations here.

Understand the Members Portal

The members portal is our beautiful, fully white-labeled web application built specifically for your members. It is the internal online directory, where your members can:

  • Signup online and pay;
  • Book meeting rooms;
  • Explore the community;
  • Buy additional services and memberships;
  • Collaborate;
  • Learn more about the space, upcoming events, benefits program and important information;
  • Manage their profile, billing details, invoices and etc.


Your members portal comes out of the box with your OfficeR&D. You can access it by going to the Apps tab and click on ‘Visit site‘ link.

  1. Enable your portal – go to Portal and click on Enable.
  2. Customize and white-label it – set up your preferred look and feel in the Theme tab or customise the menu labels.
  3. Setup a Signup page in the Features tab.
  4. Setup your How to guides, Benefits program, Terms & Conditions, etc.
  5. Invite your community – go to Apps / Users and invite individual members or all in one batch. Please, don’t forget to setup your email templates first on Settings / Templates.

Members Portal

For any additional question, please send us a ticket or write at support@officernd.com. We’d love to help you setup your space.