Roadmap 2018

3 min read

R&D Roadmap 2018 is big. Localization, time passes, social & website integrations, improved issues, events, contracts, floorplans, billing & discounts. Improved mobile app – search & book, non-member view, shop and more. New front-desk table app for member & guest check-in and more.

Ideas Board and What’s coming in 2017

1 minute

We’re not short on ideas here at OfficeR&D. We also have awesome customers who aren’t short on ideas, either. Having many ideas is a great opportunity and also a huge responsibility. We need to ensure that we deliver the best ideas, quickly, on time and perfectly crafted. In order to do so, we want to introduce […]

What’s coming in 2016

2 min read

The next major update of OfficeR&D will come up with lots of improvements, new features, and many new integrations.